Legal Clarification

Between Shmuel Zohar Yanay and between the Customer and/or the Patient .

It should be noted that the treatment and/or the consultation which Shmuel Zohar Yanay provides is not in place of any medical and/or psychological treatment and/or any other conventional treatment . The treatment and consultation which Shmuel Zohar Yanay provides are solely according to his personal knowledge! Therefore, be informed that the customer is solely responsible for the desired result of the treatment. For the removal of doubt: Shmuel Zohar Yanay is not responsible at all for the results of the treatment and/or the results of the use of the products, and does not commit to the results .

It is important to note that there is a possibility that the treatment will fail, and the payment which will be paid is not conditional to any results whatsoever . The Customer waives any claim and/or suit of any nature whatsoever against Shmuel Zohar Yanay .

Regarding consultation, it should be noted that any vitamins and/or medical herbs are purchased by the Patient himself in the drugstore and/or herbal stores, Shmuel Zohar Yanay does not sell these to his patients, and it is the Customer’s responsibility to consult in this matter with a doctor , prior to any use .

You should be aware that modern science objects and rejects all areas of mysticism and spirituality at the forefront! Therefore , this must be taken into consideration. Note that no treatment in this field and/or any other one grants 100% success .

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