Legal Clarification

Shmuel Zohar Yanay between a client and/or a patient

FYI: Modern science opposes and completely rejects the whole field of mysticism or spirituality! It should be considered that no specific results are obtained and that the results obtained vary from case to case, and there is no treatment in this and other areas that are 100% successful.

It should be noted that the methods and/or counseling that Shmuel Zohar Yanay does not replace conventional medical and/or psychological treatment and/or other conventional treatment.

The requirement and advice that Shmuel Zohar Yanay gives are according to his knowledge only! Therefore, know that only the client is responsible for the desired result from the treatment.

Shmuel Zohar Yanay will not be generally responsible for road results and/or helpful solutions for the supplier. Moreover, he does not commit to results as a linguist.

It should be noted that the patient himself purchases all counseling regarding vitamins and/or herbs at a pharmacy and/or nature center—moreover, the client’s obligation to consult first before working with a physician on the matter.

It is necessary to know that there is a chance that the treatment will be and that the payment that the client will pay is not conditional on any results. The customer waives any claim and/or claim against Shmuel Zohar Yanay.