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∼ Evil Eye ∼

The Person Who Blesses Gets Blessed Himself
In the movie ” Bleep ” a fascinated experiment about water was carried out .
In this experiment water was poured into three different glasses . Each glass was charged with a different energy . For example, one glass was blessed by a Buddhist monk, the second glass was left overnight without any blessing and in the third glass the water was cursed .
In a microscope examination which was done later a breathtaking sight was revealed : The water which was blessed by the monk looked like a sparkling diamond. However, the water which was cursed looked dirty and murky.
90 percent of our bodies is water . When we bless a tomato, for instance, the purpose is removing the negative energy passed by the greengrocer who woke up angry in the morning after a fight with his wife .
In exactly the same manner/ way the energy is passed from one to the other whether it is positive or negative .
Shmuel zohar Yanay does not perform sorcery over other people . This is not his way. His uniqueness and the secret of its success is removing and canceling bad energies of the person .

Come and remove the bad spirit from you .

With the help of G-d Dear Shmuel Yanay,

As a believing woman, I know how important it is to be grateful to one who has treated me well. You have been successful in being a good emissary who has been sent to me from the heavens to help me where many others have failed.
After ten years of being disconnected from my son who married a woman who distanced my dear son from me, years of searching and attempts, communication with everyone who could help me, a waste of a lot of energy and money, for nothing.
The Creator did not forget my prayers, the sorrow and tears that I cried every day. Several months ago when I again tried to search for a genuine response I succeeded in finding you, and in my heart I knew that you were the most appropriate emissary to help me.
How symbolic, I found you on Lag BaOmer, the day of the celebration in memory of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, a day of redemptions. Already after our first meeting, after you read to me the page that opened in the Book of Zohar – I confirmed that that was indeed what I feel. A mother whereby a fortified wall separates between her and her beloved son. I went to sleep calmly and the following day I felt that something was moving, my energy was more open and fresh.

After only two weeks, on the eve of Shavuot (Pentecost), my son called me to wish me a happy festival. This is not something that goes without saying!! I had not spoken to him for two years by phone at all. I was so confused I didn’t know how to respond, I was amazed…..the redemption had arrived faster than I had expected. Since then and to date, the relationship between us is becoming closer and thank G-d my son calls me every day to ask how I am.

For this many many thanks.  G-d will sustain you and will give you many times over in everything you do.

With great appreciation,Flora Ben Shimon – Teacher of Education

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