∼ Sorcery ∼

∼ Sorcery ∼

To release the soul from its bad roots
Removing sorcery is a complicated, not simple, job that only a knowledgeable, honest and skilled therapist can do .
According to the Kabbalah, the act of performing sorcery is forbidden, since God’s soul is present in each and every person .
When the sorcerer uses magic over a person, he actually harms divinity!!! In the same way, it will harm you too in the future as a result of choosing a person who does bad deeds .

The only thing which is allowed by the Kabbalah is the removing of the sorcery and the removing of the evil eye .
The act of restoring a previous love – any act which is done without the person’s wishes is also forbidden . For example, if your girlfriend has left you and you go to a sorcerer to bring her back to you behind her back and against her will . This is a negative act: As is written “You reap what you sow” .
Shmuel zohar Yanay is strongly opposed to this kind of treatment which is tainted by evil charlatans which is against every moral and Jewish principle . Shmuel Yanay doesn’t perform negative acts; he removes and cancels them .
Throughout history the world survived because good overcomes evil .
Even in the darkest periods, history showed us that it is interested in the future .
” One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself – this is the essence of the whole Torah “

In 2010, I suggested from Shmuel the medium friendship on Facebook , for about a year I wantedto ask Shmuel help , but my financial situation was worse. Eventually I could not take it anymore, so I took some courage and I turned to him for advice.
My first conversation with Shmuel was when my mother was in hospital. She was very ill, mental and economic conditions were very bad.
I asked Shmuel for help and did not have the ability to pay. Shmuel Said he was prepared to help for free, I was very happy I did not know where will come salvation.
Shmuel asked me over the phone lots of questions. I told him that in my mother’s house did spells. It was not difficult to identify on the house’s door the pig grease stains and other signs such as needles and fabrics at the entrance door of the house, which has no logical explanation for how they had been their. My mother always claimed she thought the neighbor did Spells to all kinds of people and suspected her. As one who believes that all those things couldn’t exist I ignored her believes. My mother used to go to all sorts of ” Kabbalists” and paid a lot of money. The result was a complete failure.
Shmuel told me he was going to do to my mother and I a spell that remove the curse from us. He also told me to do some things, plus Shmuel told me that the person who spells my mother would be hurt, because when you remove spells all negative energies automatically go back to the person who did the spells.
Once Shmuel remove the spells suddenly in about two weeks my mother was released from the hospital. The neighbor who did the spell got Cardiac Arrest. I was shocked.
I came back to life, and I became professional makeup instructor male and female model. In the same breath I met an amazing guy and we have been together for about 7 years.
Shmuel is a good man and kindness.
Lots of thank for who you are and that you have been there for me.
Wishing you all the strength to continue doing what you’re best at.
It is no coincidence that God brought us together and put you in my life.
I believe that nothing just happens and I have no doubt that you are a messenger.

 Sabina Rafael ♦ An international makeup artist for films and television

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