Private Mediation Services

Couples mediation and private mediation services .

Self-mediation , couples mediation and business mediation between people and the companies they manage .

In the 2000’s era , it is obvious that the institution of marriage has failed miserably .

Within the interpersonal field, the phenomena of self-searching and introspection as well as connecting with one’s inner self , have already become an issue everyone is discussing , while looking for cures and solutions for these problems . Likewise , diverse companies and business partnerships suffer from the same distress .

Shmuel Zohar Yanay , being a spiritual medium who engages in small business mediation and family business mediation , possesses the abilities to identify the erroneous areas and the controversiescontained within people , whether in their inner selves and with their life partners and/or their company/business partners .

The process people undergo during the encounter with Shmuel is private mediation , and it is also the termination of their inner self-conflicts as well as the conflicts between them and their life partners and/or their company / business partners .

This process also involves reconnecting to a synergy of inner peace with themselves and the controversies and disagreements that constituted the obstacles to their problems .

End the controversies and the disagreements, call us now.

Desire is one of the principal thought processes that bring about success.  מדיום 5

I arrived with a tremendous desire to try and understand what my destiny is and how to reach it , and I had the good fortune of meeting a charismatic and amazing medium with a gigantic soul and even more gigantic spirit of giving , who always knows when to raise morale exactly at the weakest points , exactly during the big and small stumbles .

He knows every part of the body and soul… he knows my innermost soul , asks the right questions and gives the right answers for me .

When will it hurt ? Why will it hurt ? Why pain ? What is it made of ? What is the way there ? So much responsibility on your shoulders!

The wonders of the soul – I believed in myself and took myself in hand because I couldn’t stand the existing situation .

I felt stuck and paralyzed from making the change , so scared of taking a different step from what I knew until that meeting with you .

And today , I feel terrific about myself , even though there are even bigger stumbles sometimes , because the higher your reach the more your fall will hurt , but… and it’s a big “but:” you are always there to embrace those falls and teach me to give them space in my life so that they will pass much more quickly .

Shmoel , I don’t believe how you led me to amazing results so quickly .

I want to thank you beyond your lessons and daily phone calls , personal attention , desire to succeed and ability to sweep me up after you , strengthen me and prevent me from giving up… for these I want to thank you , so… thank you so much for everything , for your encouragement and support , persistence , your humane and very professional approach .

And thank you for the tremendous friendship for life .Chen


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