Removal Black Magic

A healthy mind in a healthy body , a good spirit resides within them in a unique method integrating and connecting mind and body , quantal healing , fate can be modified with the assistance of Shmuel Zohar Yanay , you will be able to find the best , healthiest and most suitable way to remove the harsh barriers that disturbed you and you will depart from there onto the real path of light .

A path that will bestow upon you – health as well as physical , mental and intellectual resilience .

The integrated diagnosis , consultation and therapy method that was developed by Shmuel Zohar Yanay is effective within many areas: anxieties , excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) , energy blocks , black magic removal and nullification , fertility problems (infertility) , weight loss , drug rehabilitation , impotence , alcohol , attention and concentration problems , fears , exorcism and dybbuk removal , career , livelihood , evil eye removal and nullification , curses annulment , intimate relationships , love , business , life personal training .

The therapy’s success lies greatly in one’s will to open up to the things being said and done throughout the treatment , and mainly – one’s desire to assist oneself .

Shmuel does not cast spells , but he removes and cancels them.

Its uniqueness and the secret of its success are the removal of the negative blockages within a person , the removal of black magic , the removal of curses , the removal of black magic , the removal of spells , and the removal of voodoo , and any other negative energy blockage .

The first time I spoke with you I was very skeptical about you .  removal black magic

My mental and physical emotions were not at their best , and I thought to myself that this is just the daily pressure I live under , and I was apparently considered “healthy.” In your opinion , I needed to cleanse myself .

I didn’t quite understand what you meant , so I didn’t take your statements and guidance seriously .

Less than two weeks later I got very sick with a stomach virus that I couldn’t get rid of , and you once again urged me to act in the way that you chose for me , and by then I was already willing to do anything to get well .

After a few months you told me that there’s no bug , and that everything was coming from the liver and you once again put me on nutrition and vitamins that would make me feel stronger .

In my stubbornness and the skepticism that I had about you , I turned to naturopathy , where I was asked to do general tests , and they showed that I really had no bug in the stomach , but rather a liver problem and they recommended treatment for me and the same vitamins that you recommended to me .

This is when I finally understood that you have something beyond within you .

I was amazed to discover that without ever seeing me and without knowing any of the blood test results , you could have known exactly what is going on with me .
when I met you I was smoking hashish and didn’t see myself ever quitting .

At the beginning that put me off so much that I internalized that this was the only way you could put me back on track , especially in light of the fact that when I met you I was smoking hashish and didn’t see myself ever quitting .

It was everything to me , calming me down and making me happy and stimulating my appetite… it was so hard to quit , and now I can’t believe that I ever smoked , although the process was long and exhausting with ups and downs , but the quality of my life improved greatly , and I also know that from now on many more successes and surprises await me on my journey .

Therefore , dear Shmoel , I want to apologize for all the aggravation I caused you all during this time , for not always believing in you , and most importantly , to thank the Creator of the Universe for creating a person like you , and you for your persistence and uncompromising help .


Know this : the spells and negative blockages will not be removed with time ; they will intensify and cause a greater negative state in your life.

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Abi Goban talks about the car accidents he went through and how Shmuel helped remove the negative energy that stuck with him

My name is Sharona Tapouhi Shaio , I am divorced with 4 children .

I have known Shmuel Zohar Yanai for the past removal black magicyear when I was in a desperate situation after I had gone through several difficult years in which I lost both my parents , divorced and there were several other events however this is not the place to reveal them to everyone .

Shmuel was wonderful, patient and understanding , he advised me and encouraged me…. I remember one sentence very well “You are switched off and you must make a change in your life otherwise you will fall into the abyss” .

At that time I had reached my heaviest weight and I looked like a grandmother .

The first step that he advised me to do was to register at a gym and start the change process….and this is the point that the great change began .

I started to work out in the gym .

Following my success at the gym I became a captain and today I support groups of girls in an advisory , complimentary and supportive process….It is important to note that I am very satisfied with Shmuel’s help , he decided on vitamins for me and changes them from time to time .

removal black magic

During the entire process Shmuel had his finger on the pulse and meticulously checked my condition, any change that I undergo including  ups or downs , I did not have to update him and he simply felt it and would suddenly pick up the phone and ask me if everything was OK .

He simply felt me .

Today I am that same woman less 15 kilos and with much more self confidence, and I am still in the process .

Shmuel Zohar Yanay is an angel in human form .  Instagram


Spell removal : a holistic process that can affect multiple dimensions

Spiritual therapist and spiritual counselor Shmuel Zohar Yanay is an expert in  removing negative energy , voodoo curse removal , remove dark magic , negative spirits , and entities by process of remote Kabalistic healing .

Spell removal, black magic removal , and evil-eye removal (evil spirits removal) might be an integral part of the healing process for a person who might have been affected by any of the ailments . Nevertheless , eliminating and removing the spell is a critical ingredient within the holistic method that must be combined with appropriate therapeutical care .

Thus, Zohar’s holistic process structures both energy healing and therapeutic care that addresses the inner psychological realms and the overall health indications of the person involved .

Thus , Shmuel Zohar Yanay advises that regardless of black magic removing there should be an aspect of a healthy lifestyle , therapy , consulting , coaching , herbal medicine , vitamins , proper nutrition , healthy diet of psychological books , and much more . All of that and more to support the healing process .

Shmuel Zohar Yanay is a psychic that follows a situational insight regarding each case .

By doing so , Yanay can customize an appropriate solution to each patient regarding their unique blockages , energetical structure , and other aspects of mind . Shmuel has done that for decades , allowing him to apply years of experience and self-development to each case and apply his unique talents .

Yanay believes that each case of removing dark magic , breaking voodoo curses , family curse removal , love spell removal , negative entity removal , spirit attachment removal (etc.) , it’s essential to adapt the healing process to the religion and culture of the patient .

Yanay emphasizes the importance of such customization for the benefit of using each culture and religion’s unique paths to energetic healing . In Judaism , the holy books are encoded by wisdom , light , and mental , physical , energetical , and psychic healing.

Some aspects of the Jewish religion heavily draw forth wisdom for the Kabbalistic teachings .

Henceforth , Jewish learning might contain unparalleled codes that might allow new insight into a holistic understanding of body , psyche , and spirit .

The light codes might also supply a person with a deep healing process for his mind and body.

Kabbalistic healing is performed by attaching strings of words , codes , materials , positive intentions , and sacred incantations or names to direct the energy for healing that might release blockages and negative energy .

For this reason, Shmuel Zohar Yanay is helping people with dark magic removal , removing voodoo spells , breaking a voodoo curse , removing spells , and so much more by way of Jewish rituals .

By Jewish traditions and theory (the Halacha) , when the body is energetically and synergetic ally balanced with mind , spirit , and psyche , while the mind and the heart are balanced , there is a perfect balance across .

The theory is that while balanced , the person is healthy enough in body , mind , and psyche to be protected by the effect of negative spirit and energies.

Yanay believes that removing spells or remove curse spells (removing a curse spell or remove spells and curse) , is a professional process that requires expert abilities and understanding .

By understanding the rituals and Kabalistic process , one could quickly and efficiently apply the healing process using positive energy and pure intention .

By applying his insight , Yanay is working toward not only spell removal but also deeper worldwide cleansing that affirms the soul consciousness.

Yanay likes to affirm that he’s working in harmony with the spirits and nature’s forces , which supports his healing processes and allows him to remove even stronger spells .

By doing that , people can continue without being affected by what they thought was harming them .

Yanay believes that black magic and evil-eye afflictions are not the only instances that might require healing work since there are also , to his knowledge , instances of love potion happenstances .

Yanay says that love potions exist to pull back a person even in a lack of emotional and intimate bond or to pull someone into a relationship that is not appropriate to their feeling state .

Yanay believes that a love potion might compel a person to develop an obsession for another person or , in extreme cases , change their character and go for decisive actions such as marrying the person that is the focus of the habit.

Yanay’s insight on the matter is that negative energy might affect a person if he focuses on an evil act or negative thought .

Yanay thinks that the negative energy might aid in creating or resurfacing a block to a person’s inner balance between inner realms .

Such as between thought and action , thought and deed , body and emotion , etc . Yanay calls that structure a ” lack of energetic balance ” and says it might create a lack of energy in the human body and psyche .

Yanay says that the body might call for help by developing disease and pain symptoms to externalize its distress.

Which ailments or conflicts can be healed by Kabalistic healing :

  • Mental issues : Kabbalistic healings can help with mental problems such as depression , anxiety , stress , distress , lack of balance , fears , etc .
  • Happenstances of unfulfillment in every area of life . The sacred , relationships , finances , etc .

Shmuel Zohar Yanay believes that by using his unique method , a person can receive healing for a few different realms in their lives : not only for the physical realms , by addressing ails and pains , but also by approaching other life realms such as the emotional and mental .

A person can get healing for their relationships , community connections , family relations , and finances.

Holistic medicine sees the person as an integrative structure of mind and body (and much more) .

By that , some believe that if there’s a “physical issue ,” it might represent the mental or emotional (or even spiritual) issue .

Yanay thinks that by applying Jewish Kabalistic healing , one can tell if the root of the problem is mental or emotional or some negative entities , thoughts , fears , fright , or non-synergetic thinking.

Yanay believes that the Jewish people got their “life-changing” insights from the Zohar and Kabala books for numerous purposes : helping and relieving ails of another person , d

Holistic medicine sees the person as an integrative structure of mind and body (and much more) .

By that , some believe that if there’s a “physical issue ,” it might represent the mental or emotional (or even spiritual) issue .

Yanay thinks that by applying Jewish Kabalistic healing , one can tell if the root of the problem is mental or emotional or some negative entities , thoughts , fears , fright , or non-synergetic thinking.

enveloping abilities to remove curses , black magic removal , and much more .

Shmuel Zohar Yanay’s Kabalistic healing process is performed at night time , by Kabbalistic method , without the patient’s physical presence nearby .

In doing so , Yanay might help people that might be physically far away , in Israel or across the sea.

To sum it up , beyond addressing the physical realms only , Zohar Yanay is a spiritual counselor and spiritual therapist that addresses that psyche and the patient’s consciousness in holistic ways .

In doing so , Yanay not only addresses a specific issue but aims to apply healing to multiple levels of existence .

Furthermore , besides helping people with Kabalistic healing rituals , Shmuel Zohar Yanay also offers negative blockage removal , lifestyle support , herbal plant recommendation (concerning his insight about the situation) , nutrition consultation , vitamins , and psychology books recommendations – that aims to fit the patient’s needs .

A profound insight advises Shmuel Zohar Yanay’s mode of operation into the integral and holistic nature of the human structure , its essence .

The treatment is given uniquely and appropriately to the patients and addresses their issues holistically .

The aim is to offer help and aid in every aspect and dimension appropriate for the healing process : mentally , psychologically , nutritionally , or emotionally .

Removal Black Magic