Removal Black Magic

A healthy mind in a healthy body , a good spirit resides within them in a unique method integrating and connecting mind and body , quantal healing , fate can be modified with the assistance of Shmuel Zohar Yanay , you will be able to find the best , healthiest and most suitable way to remove the harsh barriers that disturbed you and you will depart from there onto the real path of light .

A path that will bestow upon you – health as well as physical , mental and intellectual resilience .

The integrated diagnosis , consultation and therapy method that was developed by Shmuel Zohar Yanay is effective within many areas: anxieties , excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) , energy blocks , black magic removal and nullification , fertility problems (infertility) , weight loss , drug rehabilitation , impotence , alcohol , attention and concentration problems , fears , exorcism and dybbuk removal , career , livelihood , evil eye removal and nullification , curses annulment , intimate relationships , love , business , life personal training .

The therapy’s success lies greatly in one’s will to open up to the things being said and done throughout the treatment , and mainly – one’s desire to assist oneself .

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My name is Sharona Tapouhi Shaio , I am divorced with 4 children .

I have known Shmuel Zohar Yanai for the past year when I was in a desperate situation after I had gone through several difficult years in which I lost both my parents , divorced and there were several other events however this is not the place to reveal them to everyone .

Shmuel was wonderful, patient and understanding , he advised me and encouraged me…. I remember one sentence very well “You are switched off and you must make a change in your life otherwise you will fall into the abyss” .

At that time I had reached my heaviest weight and I looked like a grandmother .

The first step that he advised me to do was to register at a gym and start the change process….and this is the point that the great change began .

I started to work out in the gym where they customized a nutritional program for me .

Following my success at the gym I became a captain and today I support groups of girls in an advisory , complimentary and supportive process….It is important to note that I am very satisfied with Shmuel’s help , he decided on vitamins for me and changes them from time to time .

During the entire process Shmuel had his finger on the pulse and meticulously checked my condition, any change that I undergo including  ups or downs , I did not have to update him and he simply felt it and would suddenly pick up the phone and ask me if everything was OK .

He simply felt me .

Today I am that same woman less 15 kilos and with much more self confidence, and I am still in the process .

Shmuel Zohar Yanay is an angel in human form .  Instagram 

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