remove bad energy

Do you feel trapped in life ? Are things not flowing the way you wanted ? In your body ? Your home ? Your business ?

Removing negative energy , curses, an evil eye and energy blockages is a very complex process and can never be carried out in one go and carelessly.

Shmuel Zohar Yanay treats removal of negative energies , blockages , curses and removes evil eyes , only after he has thoroughly examined if indeed this is an evil eye , a curse , an energy blockage and not false fantasies of an individual or internal blockages of the person himself .

Removal of blockages and negative energy is a process that necessitates an acquaintance with insights , spiritual knowledge and knowledge or release of blockages and negative energies , with great sensitivity and comprehensive and deep understanding of the removal processes themselves .

As this is a complex process Shmuel Zohar Yanay questions the client in order to examine why and from where the energetic blockage has come .

The objective of the treatment is in no way to cause damage or to harm but solely and only to clear the energetic blockage , the curse , the complicated evil eye from the client , from his home , from his business .

All this is carried out without inserting anxieties , fears or feelings of vengeance , but rather by a purified method of release of negative energies and blockage .

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The first time I spoke with you I was very skeptical about you .  מדיום 4

My mental and physical emotions were not at their best , and I thought to myself that this is just the daily pressure I live under , and I was apparently considered “healthy ” In your opinion , I needed to cleanse myself .

I didn’t quite understand what you meant , so I didn’t take your statements and guidance seriously .

Less than two weeks later I got very sick with a stomach virus that I couldn’t get rid of , and you once again urged me to act in the way that you chose for me , and by then I was already willing to do anything to get well .

After a few months you told me that there’s no bug , and that everything was coming from the liver and you once again put me on nutrition and vitamins that would make me feel stronger .

In my stubbornness and the skepticism that I had about you , I turned to naturopathy , where I was asked to do general tests , and they showed that I really had no bug in the stomach , but rather a liver problem and they recommended treatment for me and the same vitamins that you recommended to me .

This is when I finally understood that you have something beyond within you .

I was amazed to discover that without ever seeing me and without knowing any of the blood test results , you could have known exactly what is going on with me , although there were times when you really hurt me because you wouldn’t give in to me , didn’t feel sorry for me and scolded me more than once .

At the beginning that put me off so much that I internalized that this was the only way you could put me back on track, especially in light of the fact that when I met you I was smoking hashish and didn’t see myself ever quitting .

It was everything to me , calming me down and making me happy and stimulating my appetite… it was so hard to quit , and now I can’t believe that I ever smoked , although the process was long and exhausting with ups and downs, but the quality of my life improved greatly , and I also know that from now on many more successes and surprises await me on my journey .

Therefore , dear Shmoel , I want to apologize for all the aggravation I caused you all during this time , for not always believing in you , and most importantly , to thank the Creator of the Universe for creating a person like you , and you for your persistence and uncompromising help .


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