Remove Bad Energy

Do you feel trapped in life ? Are things not flowing the way you wanted ? In your body ? Your home ? Your business ?

Removing negative energy , curses, an evil eye and energy blockages is a very complex process and can never be carried out in one go and carelessly.

Shmuel Zohar Yanay treats removal of negative energies , blockages , curses and removes evil eyes , only after he has thoroughly examined if indeed this is an evil eye , a curse , an energy blockage and not false fantasies of an individual or internal blockages of the person himself .

Removal of blockages and negative energy is a process that necessitates an acquaintance with insights , spiritual knowledge and knowledge or release of blockages and negative energies , with great sensitivity and comprehensive and deep understanding of the removal processes themselves .

As this is a complex process Shmuel Zohar Yanay questions the client in order to examine why and from where the energetic blockage has come .

The objective of the treatment is in no way to cause damage or to harm but solely and only to clear the energetic blockage , the curse , the complicated evil eye from the client , from his home , from his business .

All this is carried out without inserting anxieties , fears or feelings of vengeance , but rather by a purified method of release of negative energies and blockage .





When I first heard that you are a Medium I raised an eyebrow, but after a brief meeting with you I decided that you

remove bad energy

are the best person that is connected to the ground!

I got from you lots of useful advices in our first meeting for improving my company. This made me particularly effective and the results were immediate .

After series of meetings you made removing negative energies and I have got rid of customers wasting my precious time and since then entering the company clients that I really want them .

Thanks you for listening even in unconventional hours and your useful advices that have raised the company moves to another level with clients who appreciate and encourage us every opportunity and of course pay money .

Today the company has a vision and practical tools to achieve it and most importantly I have quality time with my wife and child and a fulfilling lives when the business serves me and doesn’t take precious time and sacrifice (what used to be legitimate and normal …). After all business and money is not everything in life .

Shmuel , thanks to you, today I understand how to run my company and how to be a real manager and manage the company right , same time to be part of the family unit and be a good friend (be available if needed) and succeed in all .

I must admit that you can motivate people to action .

I’ll never forget that one evening I returned from a meeting with you and I went to my office to plan and implement programs that arose at our meeting , I was full of energy of action and renewal .

Happy on our meeting . I have gained truly guide and teacher for life and more importantly a true friend .

David Buzaglo ♦ CEO and owner of the company DOTWEB

Five years ago I was introduced to Shmuel Buy a dear friend that was sure he would be able to help me I was going remove bad energythrough A hard disease and that even my doctors gave up on me , he was determined to heal me and bring me back into my life’s path he would call me twice a day sending me energy and healing instructions over the phone he lives in Israel and I live in Miami Florida the distance did not bother him he had a mission and it was too heal me which he was very successful I am grateful for his kindness persistency and his knowledge too heal and understand what I went through
I would highly recommend him to any loving person I know that ever need any help thank you for being you