Remove Black Magic

Remove Black Magic and Evil Eye According to the Kabbalah

Do you feel that there is something holding you back in life ? Do you believe that spells are affecting them ? You got a solution at hand , through the Jewish Kabbalah!

Shmuel Zohar Yanay is a Spiritual healer with an international reputation , a descendant of a well – known and ancient Kabbalist dynasty, an expert in removing spells according to the Kabbalah.

It treats a variety of spells that can ” block ” people’s lives , including removing voodoo spells , removing black magic spells , eliminating cataracts , removing the evil eye , and a variety of other ‘ treatments ‘ that prevent people from getting hurt.

Hundreds of people come to him for treatment to improve their quality of life , create a change and heal their present and future reality.

The Spiritual healer Shmuel Zohar removed a voodoo spell from the life of Alon David which bankrupted him and brought him to a huge financial crisis.

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Know that black spells and negative blockages will not be removed by the passing of time; they will intensify and cause a greater negative state in your life.

Care to remove magic , remove dark magic ? Remove curse , black spells and negative blockages ?

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The black magic removal treatment can be done remotely, so it can be used as soon as possible , even if you are abroad or in an environment that does not allow you a face – to – face meeting.

The consultation and diagnosis meetings are conducted in a video call via WhatsApp.

Removal of Powerful Spells and Their Elimination by an Expert Kabbalist

There are times in life when things go wrong , there is a feeling that something is ‘ blocking ‘ us, that luck is stuck , as if there is some mysterious ‘ spell ’ around us.

Such situations are exactly the situations where Shmuel Zohar-Yanay’s balm can help.

Something important to understand : Removing spells is a particularly complex and delicate process , requiring treatment – unique depth and great knowledge from the Kabbalah

Thanks to many years of skill and accumulated knowledge, Shmuel Zohar Yanay is able to handle a very wide range of problems / ‘ blockages ‘, including :

anxiety , period cramps , hyperhidrosis , energy blockages , fertility problems , weight loss , drug withdrawal , impotence , alcohol , attention and concentration problems , fears , career barriers , livelihood problems , elimination of spells and the evil eye , black magic , dark magic , spells , disabling curses , solving marital problems , finding love , dealing with difficulties and crossroads in business and more.

Many patients report significant help and relief thanks to the treatment , in many of the areas that were mentioned here.

Prohibition of the Act of Witchcraft in the Kabbalah

By the Kabbalah the act of witchcraft is prohibited.

According to the Kabbalah , when a sorcerer performs a spell on a person , he is actually harming the deity and himself , because in every person resides the soul of the Creator.

According to this view , a person who turns to a sorcerer may be harmed by them due to the negative energies that are in the act of it.

What is indeed allowed according due to the Kabbalah is the removal of curses , the removal of an evil eye , the removal of an obsession , the abolition of cataracts , the exorcism of demons and evil spirits.

” God will work with you , not for you “

Removing spells requires working in coordination with the forces of nature and the spirit worlds , and not against them.

Shmuel Zohar – Yanay does not practice magic but removes and eliminates them.

In any case , this is a field that is considered a complex and not simple craft , which only a person , honest and knowledgeable like Shmuel Zohar – Yanay can perform properly.

Returning Love

Regarding ‘ returning love ‘: ‘returning love ‘ is considered a forbidden spell.

Any action taken at the person’s will , without his or her consent and without their knowing about it , is prohibited.

For example : if you have a friend who left you and you turn to a sorcerer to get them back without their knowing and desire about it , this is an illegal action.

Shmuel Zohar Yanay strongly opposes this mode of treatment , which is tainted by vicious charlatanism that goes against any Jewish and human moral principle.

There are unique ‘ love spells ‘, whose main purpose is to attract a person who is not close to your heart and / or to bring back someone who loved you in the past , to tie him to you again , without them being able to control their emotions.

Love-spell ‘ will cause the enchanted man or woman to think endlessly about the person they love , they will love them obsessively , love will cause them to behave irresponsibly , speak aggressively and remove responsibility from acts they have committed.

Its uniqueness and the secret of its success is in removing the spells and negative blockages that hinder the person.

It is important to understand that to eliminate negative effects , only consult an expert with extensive knowledge in the field of ‘ mysticism ‘ in general and in the theory of the Kabbalah in particular.

Do not let time pass you by while you suffer from phenomena that hinder your life and hide the light from you. The time that passes while the problems are not being treated can only make your situation worse.

The forces of dark magic have powers to interfere and harm , and the more time passes and they are not treated / removed , the higher the risk of damage.

Therefore, they should be disposed of and removed as soon as possible , and the one who can do it for the best is only a skilled and experienced person like Shmuel Zohar Yanay.



remove black magicWith the help of G-d Dear Shmuel Zohar Yanay ,

As a believing woman , I know how important it is to be grateful to one who has treated me well .

You have been successful in being a good emissary who has been sent to me from the heavens to help me where many others have failed. After ten years of being disconnected from my son who married a woman who distanced my dear son from me , years of searching and attempts , communication with everyone who could help me , a waste of a lot of energy and money , for nothing .

The Creator did not forget my prayers , the sorrow and tears that I cried every day .

Several months ago when I again tried to search for a genuine response I succeeded in finding you , and in my heart I knew that you were the most appropriate emissary to help me .

How symbolic , I found you on Lag BaOmer , the day of the celebration in memory of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai , a day of redemptions .

Already after our first meeting , after you read to me the page that opened in the Book of Zohar – I confirmed that that was indeed what I feel .

A mother whereby a fortified wall separates between her and her beloved son .

I went to sleep calmly and the following day I felt that something was moving , my energy was more open and fresh .

After only two weeks , on the eve of Shavuot (Pentecost) , my son called me to wish me a happy festival .

This is not something that goes without saying!! I had not spoken to him for two years by phone at all .

I was so confused I didn’t know how to respond , I was amazed…..the redemption had arrived faster than I had expected .

Since then and to date , the relationship between us is becoming closer and thank G-d my son calls me every day to ask how I am .

For this many many thanks .  G-d will sustain you and will give you many times over in everything you do .

With great appreciation ,

Flora Ben Shimon – Teacher of Education

Spiritual healer


Black Magic Removal: How to Remove Black Magic Curse

Many of us will experience a sudden change for the worse throughout our lives .

It can manifest as hardening the conditions of our daily existence , or perhaps we will sense an evil presence that has entered our lives.

In response , most of us will experience an innate desire to remove this presence that actively interferes with our lives , improve our emotions and our daily reality .

It is true whether it be achieved by removing black magic , a love spell removal , black magic curse removal , removing the evil eye , remove spells with the aid of Kabbalistic practices , or even by removing spells through Halakhic means .

This need can be met by spiritual therapists trained to remove black magic , remove a curse spell , and further specialize in removing voodoo and its effects .

Amongst the most notable individuals in nullifying and removing dark magic and its many manifestations is Shmuel Zohar Yanay , a spiritual counselor , evil eye black magic removal , practicing healer, removal of strong black magic , and known as a remove black magic specialist .

Shmuel can break black magic and utilizes the Kabbalistic tradition to do so .

He specializes in spirit attachment removal , evil spirits removal , and breaking voodoo curses . Through the Kabbalistic practice , Shmuel can heal from afar (even overseas) , nullify malicious forces , remove dark magic , and even break a voodoo curse .

It can be done without him being physically present , which is simple and easy for the affected individual .

What is a break black magic curse or spell ?

At its core , a break black magic spell or curse is the coercion of an individual or bending of one person’s will by another .

Its purpose is to influence the reality we live by using supernatural means . Moreover , casting a spell is a negative , mystical , and magical action to take over a person’s consciousness , body , home, and business .

Black magic further influences the victim to take steps they otherwise would not while creating negative barriers within an individual and neutralizing their ability to achieve success .

Black magic is performed by reciting ritual spells alongside other actions with materials and objects designed to harm an individual and inflict damage and chaos in their personal life .

To remove curse spell and negative energies , remove a black magic spell , remove a black magic curse , achieve dark magic removal , or break a black magic spell , the best thing to do is to turn to an expert in Kabbala and Halacha practices who is also a black magic removal specialist , proficient in removing voodoo spells and fully acquainted and emersed in the field .

The consequences of malicious spells and dark magic can appear in all areas of your life , from health and personal relationships to livelihoods , careers , business , and every other aspect .

An individual under the influence of a malicious intent and needing assistance in removing dark magic , remove spells and curse , or removing voodoo spells will usually experience terrible fears and paranoias , intrusive thoughts , serious illnesses , and many disappointments in life and their surroundings.

Furthermore , an individual is likely to feel inferior , trapped , and isolated , which will cause further economic , mental , and even marital issues .

It is most often expressed by the inner feeling that nothing is going right in their life , an emotion that will hold the victim in its clutches , increasing day by day and slowly draining them of vitality .

Types of spells and curses :

There are two types of spells that require the removal of black magic:
A spell that ‘locks’ an individual’s luck and a spell that ‘closes’ luck .

A spell that ‘locks’ someone’s luck impairs an individual’s mental and physical health .

In such cases, women often experience fertility issues , infertility, and a loss of sexual desire .

Men experience similar issues , such as a loss of vitality and virility, an inability to find partnership and love , and an inability to experience peace and harmony in their home .

These are just manifestations of a ‘locking’ spell or curse .

In addition to these two main types of curses , there are individual and unique love spells whose primary purpose is to attract the desired person despite them not being emotionally close to the perpetrator or to bring back an individual from the perpetrators past and tie them to them once again without them being able to control their emotions .

A love spell will cause the inflicted man or woman to obsess about an individual so that they love them powerfully and irrationally .

It will continue until the crazed emotion causes them to act out of character in extravagant ways and over the top , speak aggressively and relinquish any responsibility from their actions .

Moreover , in severe cases , the victim’s manner and character will change , leading them to extreme activities such as marrying someone they do not love , abandoning their home and children , and divorcing their spouse .

There are much love spells cast to separate a couple .

These spells affect the individual’s behavior , making them violent , forceful , offensive, and even aggressive .

In addition , love spells will usually be expressed by the person losing all attraction or love for their spouse and a loss of respect , feelings of dislike , and even hate towards them .

It leads to endless arguments and conflicts that eventually severe the spouse’s bond for good .

Which aspects of our lives can be affected and harmed by black magic and malicious intent :

  • Physical harm
  • Mental health issues
  • Health issues
  • Cognitive issues
  • Harm to your business and livelihood
  • Other aspects may also be affected

How can someone recognize whether they are under the influence of black magic ?

According to experts in removing spells, curse removal , and negative entity removal , and by research done in the field , an individual can be identified as under the influence of black magic by several signs , such as :

  • A string of physical illnesses that occur within a short period.
  • Family and domestic problems .
  • Sudden negative changes .
  • A close friend suddenly cutting contact .
  • Premature arguments that destroy a relationship .
  • Behavioral changes of a spouse and other irregular occurrences .
  • Sudden and persistent mental disorders that occur both while sleeping and eating .
  • Repeated fainting and prolonged issues in making a living and economic difficulties .
  • A long period of unemployment and sudden termination of employment .


When an individual’s life is going well and functioning normally , and they suddenly experience an endless torrent of problems , pain , disappointments , and bad influences in their life , they are most likely under the influence of black magic .

What can be done to remove such dark influence to return to everyday healthy life ? The answer is breaking or nullifying the black magic and malicious intent .

The removal black magic, removing a curse spell , voodoo curse removal , and evil-eye black magic removal :

We all experience difficulties , obstacles , blockages that seem completely random and inexplicable throughout our lives.

However , some individuals will suddenly experience an exaggerated and unjustified multitude of issues .

Even after seeking advice and assistance from spiritual counselors , coffee fortune tellers , astrologers , numerologists , and of course, spending lots of money trying to find an answer to their problems , the solutions provided will prove ineffective .

Moreover , they will only aggravate the issues further and block the affected individual from finding a resolution not to remove either spell or a curse .

The leading causes of such terrible situations of hardship and obstruction can be spells , the evil eye , jealousy , malicious persecution , curses , humiliation , or any negative intent felt and directed by an individual’s enemies (both known and hidden) .

Moreover , there are many family members who , out of jealousy , vengeance , anger, or some issues , cause a negative situation to occur .

While it is true that as humans , we can affect our lives through negative energies , thoughts , and intentions that block us , it is essential to remember that the environment , friends , and family of an affected individual are intricately linked to their life feelings and emotions .

How to remove black magic spells :

To remove magic , remove a curse or even achieve family curse removal  , the best thing to do is seek the help of an experienced practitioner .

Eliminating and removing a curse or the evil eye is a professional process that requires virtue and deep Kabbalistic knowledge .

Using the guidelines laid out in the Kabbala, the spell removal can be performed efficiently and quickly , using positive energies and pure intent to assist the afflicted individual and successfully break the black magic .

It is essential to keep in mind that a practitioner with these abilities with experience in the field can resolve the matter professionally by nullifying and removing black magic spells and curses .

However , it is essential to remember that a professional with negative energy or intent will invariably cause damage and inferior results !

For this reason , it is crucial that the practitioner performing the curse nullification and the affected individual both have a mutually positive , energetic flow between one another , which will enable the proper and correct process to occur and consequently eliminate the black magic .

The mutual and positive energy gains its power both from the practitioner’s intent and affected individual .

Therefore , the positive intentions and goodwill of both the practitioner and the individual receiving treatment to reach a state where the black magic no longer holds over the person , or any aspect of their life are crucial .