Removing Black Magic

Removing Black Magic Spells and Evil Eye

The movie “What the Bleep Do We Know! ?” exhibits a fascinating experiment involving water .

In the experiment that was carried out in the movie , a certain amount of water was distributed between different vessels , when different kinds of energies were transferred into each one of them , for example:

The movie “What the Bleep Do We Know! ?” exhibits a fascinating experiment involving water .

In the experiment that was carried out in the movie , a certain amount of water was distributed between different vessels , when different kinds of energies were transferred into each one of them , for example :

One glass received the blessing of a Buddhist monk , the second glass was left overnight without any blessing and the water in the third glass was cursed .

In a macroscopic examination that was performed subsequently , a breathtaking sight was revealed !! The water that received the blessing seemed like a sparkling diamond ; the water that was cursed became murky and turbid , see the result in the image below . Removing Black Magic

The amount of water existent in the human body constitutes about 80% of its weight , when a tomato is being blessed , for instance , the goal is the removal of the negative energy that was transferred into the tomato by the greengrocer who woke up nervous in the morning because of a fight with his wife .

Energy is transferred in this exact manner from one  person to another , whether it is positive or negative .

Shmuel Zohar Yanay does not cast spells or other people , this is not his manner of operation .

His uniqueness and the secret of his success are the removal of negative energies residing in people , evil eye removal , the removal of black magic and any other negative energy blocks.

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I just finished reading Lihi Lapid’s column about best female friends .

removing black magic It is a column that describes very well the special bond between female friends , as well as the bond that I had with three of my best friends , whom I lost during the last year , in which I have been receiving fertility treatments .

I sat down to write the following lines in order to save the friendships of other women undergoing such treatments .

Are friendships tested during difficult times , and does the fact that I lost them mean that they were apparently not strong enough or were from an impure place ? Apparently so. In any case , during different periods in my life , I had collected three good girlfriends in whom I invested a lot in my friendship with them .

I had already lost the first girlfriend during the first treatment; apparently something was already shaky beforehand .

I lost the second one during the last treatment and the third: Somewhere along the way .

Since my life until now has been a string of fun and positive experiences , successes and a lot of happiness , this was the first time that our friendship had to cope with a prolonged and difficult situation that I’m dealing with .

How difficult ? Parting in general and parting from coupledom is a difficult thing – and I experienced this several times .

Those friendships succeeded wonderfully . Fertility treatments are much harder: Hormonal, emotional and physical changes .

You don’t really live your life , but rather some other woman’s life and long for the day that you can go back to being you .

I won’t try to give more details because only someone undergoing the process can truly understand (but not always). When you are under the influence of hormones (put 100 girls having their period or pregnant in one room – it doesn’t come close to this in power) all you need is support , acceptance and understanding .

My three best girlfriends disappointed me and were insensitive .

They didn’t gather me in and didn’t understand. I had already lost them.

To all those women whose girlfriends are getting fertility treatments , be there for them and wait until they return to being themselves .

They want this more than you do . They also have all the excuses in the world: it’s out of their control ; they’re flooded with hormones , etc. Even if they become distant , don’t hold a grudge .

Show them that you’re there for them all the time .

This is the time to be supersensitive and just hug , love and gather them in . And that’s it , nothing more .

The only person who is really helping me cope with the physical , mental and emotional difficulties is the amazing Shmuel Zohar Yanay . He is a glorious person . It has been a tremendous privilege for me to know him.

From the moment I met him , my life completely changed .

He believes in me and has been with me almost from the beginning of the process .

Thanks to him I’m a much more positive person . I now see life from a totally different perspective .

Shmuel , I won a prize in this lifetime; apparently , and in spite of everything , I must have done something good to have been blessed with the privilege of knowing you .

I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Shiran Elementary school teacher

Know this : the spells and negative blockages will not be removed with time ; they will intensify and cause a greater negative state in your life.

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Are you experiencing all sorts of difficulties in your personal life ?

Removing evil eye , removing spells and dark criticism , break black magic curses and spells is your kind of thing ?

Forget about the evil eye , black magic , or dried peppers .

According to the Kabbalah , to remove black magic spells , remove black magic curse , remove spells and curses , remove the evil eye , and dark criticism , it is recommended to maintain a healthy , modest .

Mainly positive lifestyle , to go purely and properly whose sources are in the Bible , faith , and holiness .

Spells from the magic land

Spell , or magic , in its definition , is an attempt to control others by mysterious powers , words , spells , actions , or fortune-telling .

In the past and ancient near-east cultures , spells and magic influenced all life areas .

Those who used them were considered very respectable and possessed a high-social status .

If referring to the rational Jewish philosophers such Maimonides and Saadia Gaon , it can be indicated that they totally ruled out the spells’ and magic’s influence in and on our lives .

According to Maimonides and Saadia Gaon , in general , and specifically in Judaism , a sorcerer is a person with bad energies that can make others think it is a beautiful act , even though it is on the contrary .

When discussing spells and magic , it is important to notice two types :

  1. Black magic : its aim is to harm and offend . Considered forbidden in all ancient near east cultures .
  2. White magic : protects from evil spells and evil eye , legal , helpful and positive .

Removing a strong spell in magic ? Not an option !

Spells and black magic are considered forbidden according to the Kabbalah .

That is because magic or sorcery are used to change the “physical” reality by spiritual means , mental means , or forbidden spells that should be as avoided as possible .

Everybody who wishes to have a love spell removal , strong spell removal , or evil eye removal should remember that when approaching a person that conducts bad energies ‘ removal by spells and black magic , it is known the person came to is a negative person .

The Kabbalah claims that there are many good , pure and significance ways to achieve positivity in life , as well as wealth and success in any area you can possibly imagine .

However , those who will try to accelerate the processes in “non-ethical” ways that are sourced in spells , magic and impurity , will shortly find themselves negative , lost and out of luck .

Moreover , for a person who wishes to remove the bad energies from their life , to conduct spells ‘ removal and live normative life , it is recommended that the spells and evil eye removal be performed according to the Kabbalah and Halacha .

Why ? Because everybody that conducts spells and black magic is a naturally pessimistic person with hostile powers and not good energies at all , things that may cause financial and energetic damages .

The Halacha rules that no Jewish man or woman should approach sources that lack holiness (“Should not be investigated , for you will be innocent”) .

The other forbidden areas in the Kabbalah are coffee reading , Tarot cards reading , séance , angles swear , connecting the world of living with the dead , future guessing , prediction , and other ritual ceremonies .

Spells for the snakes

A spell is a kind of whisper that is considered necessary , powerful or with the power to change augmented reality .

It should be remembered that attacks are forbidden according to the Kabbalah and believing their ability is considered a superstition .

Remove spells according to the Kabbalah

Shmuel Zohar Yanay is an expert in its field , has already removed many curses in positive ways (according to the Kabbalah) , and in outstanding professionalism !

How does he do that ? What makes him bring a person from A to B ? how he assists a sick person , a crushed business owner , or a woman who needs an actual relationship ?

Black magic and spells are not the correct answer ! Kabbalah codes , Zohar codes , positive actions , changing lifestyle , activities that release lousy luck , curses , and dark criticism mainly focus on life’s positivity .

Shmuel Zohar Yanay is acting only by the Kabbalah that deals with absolute purity , provides a variety of unique solutions for all sorts of problems : spells and evil eye , spells’ removal , family curse removal , love and relationships , work crisis , financial and economic problems and more .

The negative energies that , according to the Kabbalah , can be removed :