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Shmuel zohar Yanay is the scion of an ancient dynasty of Jewish confidants and healers whose roots originate with the Psalmist of Israel , none other than King David , continue through the Return to Zion , the exile following the destruction of the Second Temple , the Spanish Inquisition and Istanbul at the end of the 19th century .

remove bad energyYaakov Yanay Shmuel zohar Yanay,’s great-grandfather , was a confidant and Kabbalist who , by virtue of his great expertise in the secrets of the Zohar and additional books of the Kabbalah from the world of Jewish mysticism , aided many of Istanbul’s Jewish community members .

In those days , his name was renowned far and wide as a man with exceptional healing powers .

During his life , Yaakov Yanai wrote a book in which he described his unique healing methods and the healing instruments that he used , including use of medicinal plants to solve many and varied health problems .

In addition , the book also details unique methods of banishing the evil eye , breaking spells and removing highly negative energy barriers .

One chapter contains amazingly accurate prophesies . For example, already in 1907 Yaakov Yanai prophesied the establishment of the State of Israel and accurately described , down to the most minor details , life in the State and the world .

Yaakov Yanai’s book was passed down through the family generation after generation .

The last family member to assume this tremendous responsibility was Shmuel zohar Yanay , a mere 28-year- old , who inherited the book from his father .

At that time , Shmuel was already well-versed in the Babylonian Talmud and Kabbalistic doctrine , and he had already concluded 16 years of study with Yom-Tov Shar’abi , his spiritual mentor and companion .

When Yom-Tov Shar’abi died , Shmuel experienced a deep physical and emotional crisis that tortured him with visions of suffering and hardship .

This crisis led him, among other things , to seek mystical and spiritual counseling with various healers and mediums.

These healing attempts failed badly , and Shmuel remained in a severe emotional state .

He then resolved in his heart to try and heal himself under his own power , through the use of the great mystical knowledge stored in his great-grandfather Yaakov Yanai’s book and the Torah-based wellsprings inculcated to him by his spiritual mentor and companion Yom-Tov Shar’abi .

Shmuel zeroed in on his task , and with inspiring diligence , he studied – on his own – books on medicine , psychology , Jewish medicine throughout the ages , Kabbalah , the Zohar, general and Jewish philosophy , etc.

At the end of his journey Shmuel achieved a high degree of spirituality and even managed to communicate successfully with Yaakov Yanay , his great-grandfather , and Yom-Tov Shar’abi , his spiritual mentor .

Thanks to this spiritual journey , Shmuel ultimately recognized and understood that he possesses especially strong spiritual and physical powers and energies .

The primary starting point for Medium Shmuel zohar Yanay is responsibility for and openness to people .

Shmuel is gifted with the ability to see physical and spiritual energy barriers , and in this way , to provide a response via counseling and healing in order to lead the person to positive synergy and connecting anew .

The ancient Jewish verse “you are the Messiah , son of David , within me,” guides Shmuel when he treats and counsels people .

According to Shmuel’s unique and original interpretation of this verse , the therapist’s role is to serve as the person’s spiritual conduit and mediator .

Ever since , with the aid of a wide variety of methods unique to him and his great-grandfather Yaakov Yanay , Shmuel has successfully counseled , healed and helped many people from Israel and around the world .

Shmuel zohar Yanay’s therapy and counseling are personal , discrete and specifically tailored to the individual and the problem he or she wishes to solve .

The range of fields are: Removal of negative energy barriers within the person and/or his/her business dealings and/or his/her family , professional assistance and guidance , breaking spells , banishing the evil eye , couples counseling and family mediation , interpretation of dreams , numerology , astrology , applied Kabbalah and treatment through vitamins and medicinal plants to strengthen and empower a person’s internal energy .


remove bad energy