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The solution for creating success ”.

Everyone wants to fulfill their dreams, but in reality only a few do succeed .

Shmuel Zohar Yanay , a spiritual life coach , will assist you in finding and implementing the designations inherent within you and will award you the correct tools to attain them .

Everyone contains within the potential for fulfilling their destinies and dreams in life .

Yet they do not always possess the correct tools to attain them .

Shmuel Zohar Yanay , being a spiritual medium and a spiritual life mentor , possesses the abilities to comprehend why certain people are unable to fulfill their destinies and what are the causes of these barriers that restrict and hamper them from attaining the goals towards which they strive .

The personal training of Shmuel Zohar Yanay , a spiritual career coach , comprises a revolutionary transformation in restrictive patterns and thinking habits , the determination of goals and objectives , personal and professional empowerment and removal of energy and intellectual blocks .

The personal training suits only those who truly believe that they deserve to fulfill their dreams in the current reality .

Together we shall determine the goals and objectives and pave the road for their fulfillment .

Take the first step towards success with Shmuel Zohar Yanay , a spiritual business coach .



Thank-You Lettersspiritual life coach

To feel gratitude without expressing it is like wrapping a gift without giving it . – William Arthur Ward

I got to know Shmuel in an unusual way , and it is not something that can be explained as private supervision .

The process that I underwent from the moment I began and until today is hard to explain in words ; whatever I say will be just a tiny taste …

The main thing that I can say is that Shmuel is my mentor for life; thanks to knowing him and his unconventional way of reaching into a person’s inner soul , as well as touching it , I experienced a process of “coast-to-coast” change. How I think about myself and society has changed .

I received tools for continuing the journey and have reached an understanding of life at a very high level .

However , more than anything else , I underwent and continue to undergo an amazing experience with a dear person who accepts people as they are , no matter where they come from , no matter how educated they are or how much money they have in the bank , no matter whether you’re married , single , religious , secular , or whether you have or don’t have children – and makes you understand that you can open yourself up to change and start fresh .

Put simply: Change is always possible if we really desire it .

A huge thank you Sarit

Sarit Ben Moshe Master MLP personal coach for success

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