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Israeli spiritual therapists Shmuel Zohar Now Removing Negative Energy Throughout the World
The Jewish Kabbalah expert helps people and businesses reach their full potential

People who are experiencing personal or business-related negative energy blockages can now turn to spiritual medium Shmuel Zohar for assistance.

Although based in Israel, he is now able to remove black magic, dark magic, spells and curses from anyone in the world via video on WhatsApp.

Zohar is a spiritual therapists who has been working in the field of Jewish Kabbalah for many years.

For those experiencing bad luck, financial difficulties or health issues, he can help clear out the negative energy blocking the path to success.

The treatment of blockages is done at night in a Kabbalistic way without human inventions.

His method uses energetic and physical-spiritual transformation to focus on removing and nullifying energy blocks and negative energies.

In his work, he helps people connect with their higher selves, achieve personal transformation and reach their full potential.

Zohar’s method of spell removal is unique and effective because it removes negative blockages within a person.

This includes black magic, curses, spells and voodoo.

By removing these blockages , Zohar can help people get rid of the negative energy holding them back.

His success comes from his ability to identify and remove the source of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms.

Zohar does not cast spells . He removes them .

As a result, people who have been struggling with spells and other forms of negative energy can finally get relief and start moving forward with their lives.

“Many of us will experience a sudden turn for the worse throughout our lifetimes, where every aspect of our lives will seem to crumble and disintegrate simultaneously.

Suddenly, we face profound, unrelenting hardships presented to us in the form of apparently completely random issues,” Zohar said.

“When we find ourselves utterly bogged down by life and numb to our true selves, we must allow ourselves to become aware of the evil force that has entered our lives.

This force has many names that span centuries and a myriad of cultures, but it is most simply named and understood as the force of Dark or Black Magic .”

Shmuel Zohar Yanay is the scion of an ancient dynasty of Jewish confidants and healers.

His roots originate with the Psalmist of Israel, King David, and continue through the Return to Zion, the exile following the destruction of the Second Temple, the Spanish Inquisition and Istanbul at the end of the 19th century.

His great-grandfather was a confidant and Kabbalist who, by his great expertise in the secrets of the Zohar and additional books of the Kabbalah from the world of Jewish mysticism, aided many of Istanbul’s Jewish community members.

Today, Zohar carries on the tradition of his forebears, offering guidance and wisdom to all who seek it.

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Shmuel Zohar Yanay helped Sebina Raphael go from depression and meaninglessness in life to international success and great relationships



Shmuel Zohar Yanay , Dear spiritual Medium , in order to withstand the demands of this role , a very special person is required , a kind of a “prophet in his homeland”.

spiritual therapistsPossessing insights and comprehension , with the aim of being on the lookout , and calm enough so as to maintain his own sanity .

Possessor of soulfulness , “a gift from above” , who pays attention to all pains and mishaps .

Someone who looks into your eyes and perceives , erases and removes every curse .

Immediately imagines those who will get scratched , the ones who will be defeated and those who will stumble .

He will initiate assistance before we collapse because otherwise we will drown in the depths of eternity .

And particularly , once and again , to overcome dishonesty and problems of concentration and acceptance since it isn’t possible otherwise .

Since the words “verity” and “readiness” possess significance , to be open to what’s different , to others…enough said .

And of course , pray for the health and wholeness of all our soul mates .

Do not let in the evil spirits and the like…Let logic always function but without renouncing emotion .

Give hope for a future abundant with pleasant light , devoid of anxieties , fears and anger .

For a sound and serene flow through the course of life , to reduce the talks and increase the deeds .

Elkayam Bat -Sheva , the Directorate of Maadaney Yehiam Ltd.


Know this : the spells and negative blockages will not be removed with time ; they will intensify and cause a greater negative state in your life.

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