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Samuel Zohar is a kabbalah specialist and an expert in removing spells and energetic blockages. The consultancy and removal processes are conducted via Zoom meetings and are suitable for every person regardless of religion or nationality. Watch the video for further information. 

Over 20 years experience

over 20 years experience


Samuel Zohar Yanai was only 28 years old when he was introduced to the world of spells for the first time, after a black magic spell was cast on him.

This was revealed to him by a great Kabbalist in Jerusalem. First, Samuel turned to conventional doctors who tried to treat his body and then to healers, therapists, spiritual mediums, various Kabbalists and …


The results speak for themselves.

Each person brings along a story. The unique circumstances that lead us to our difficulties, challenges and barriers are many and varied. Here, you can watch interviews with clients who went through the extraordinary process and their achievements.

Remove black magic

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Sabina Raphael shares her chilling story and describing how Samuel helped her remove black magic from her life and get out of depression and hopelessness into prosperity on the marital, personal, and professional level.

Revoking black magic spells

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Abai Govan tells about the traffic accidents he was involved in and the process in which the negative black magic spells that stuck to him were removed with Samuel that managed to stop the series of negative events that befell him.

Remove voodoo curse

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Alon David tells how Samuel helped him get out of an ongoing voodoo curse that clouded his life, family, and business and caused him bankruptcy and huge financial crises.

Frequently asked questions

signs of black magic

It can be hard to conclude we have lost all control on our lives. However, after a long period of attempts to shake off our exhaustion and depression, while it seems nothing goes the way it should be in our lives, one should at least consider the energetic element.

Witchcraft has the power to disrupt every facet of life, from personal relationships to professional endeavors. We often think of magic as fantasy, picturing an arcane wizard glancing at his crystal ball. The mere truth is that dark energies can attach themselves to us by mere jealousy and ill intentions of others. In addition, many immoral practitioners are still offering black magic spell services, and there is a possibility you have become a target of one.

Recognizing the sign and symptoms of black magic is essential for those who find themselves ensnared in its dark grasp, as timely intervention can mean the difference between prolonged suffering and eventual liberation. In this comprehensive article, Samuel Zohar Yanai, black magic removal expert, survey the various signs of black magic presence.

Signs of witchcraft on you in relationships and love life

One of the subtle yet profound effects of witchcraft is its disruption of love life. A once harmonious relationship may suddenly be plagued by constant conflict and distrust, with unexplained tensions and misunderstandings driving a wedge between partners. Sudden changes in behavior and emotional distance may further aggravate the situation, leaving individuals feeling isolated and disconnected from their loved ones. If there are any unexplained and prolonged problems in your relationship, such conflicts may be one of the signs of black magic influences.

Signs of black magic – livelihood and Employment Challenges

Witchcraft effects do not just dwell at your body and home. They can also wreak havoc on livelihood and employment, leading to prolonged periods of unemployment, sudden dismissals, and difficulties in earning a living. With such sings of black magic present, individuals may find themselves facing unexpected setbacks and obstacles in their professional endeavors, despite their best efforts to succeed. Technical malfunctions in the workplace, such as equipment breakdowns and communication failures, may further hinder productivity and exacerbate feelings of frustration and despair. Seeking guidance from an experienced practitioner can help individuals overcome these challenges and regain control over their careers.

Such black magic attack symptoms teach us that removing the spell with the help of a spiritual healer is not enough. The damages may require a deeper and more extensive approach. Make sure you are able to get proper professional counsel to learn how to better manage your career and rebuild your stability.

black magic curse symptoms also include even technical malfunctions

In addition to disruptions in personal and professional life, witchcraft may manifest through operational difficulties and technical malfunctions in everyday devices. Many times signs of black magic may manifest in technical aspects. From intermittent power outages to inexplicable malfunctions in cars, electronic products, and household appliances, individuals may find themselves grappling with a series of unexplained mishaps that disrupt their daily routines. These disruptions not only cause inconvenience but also contribute to feelings of unease and vulnerability.

Recognized any signs of witchcraft on you? Seek help soon

The energetic nature of witchcraft is constantly evolving and expanding. Thus, a timely intervention is crucial for preventing further harm. Ignoring the signs of black magic can prolong suffering and worsen the situation, leading to deeper entrenchment of negative energies and greater difficulty in breaking free. With every day passing, removing such spells become more challenging.

Samuel Zohar Yanai offers a holistic approach to witchcraft removal, addressing not only the immediate symptoms and magic signs, but also laying the foundation for long-term healing and restoration.

• With a commitment to repealing the process every 30 days to ensure complete removal, Samuel provides ongoing support and guidance to his clients.

• His expertise in energetic defenses enables individuals to fortify themselves against future attacks and regain control over their lives.

• Additionally, Samuel offers personalized plans for restoring aspects of life after the removal of a spell, including business training, nutritional advice, and herbal supplements, ensuring comprehensive support for his clients’ well-being and success.

• In the end of the process, your positive energetic channels shall be reopened to renew flow.

Recognizing the basic dark magic signs is the first step towards liberation from its malevolent influence.

With the guidance of a skilled professional, you can navigate the complexities of witchcraft removal and reclaim control over your life. Through a holistic approach that addresses both the immediate symptoms and the underlying causes, Samuel empowers his clients to break free from the grip of witchcraft and embark on a journey towards healing and restoration.

With commitment to your safety and adherence to all the kabbalistic and ethical guidelines ensuring a successful and safe spell removal, you will get a comprehensive solution. Call now and start treating yourself before the situation aggravate.

How to know if you’re a victim of witchcraft?

Even today, in a modern world that bases its knowledge on science and logic, the presence of magic is still evident. Many people around the world, experience its effects, and most of them will never realize its arcane source. Witchcraft, a potent force of negative energy, has the power to disrupt and distort every aspect of a person’s life. For those ensnared in its dark grip, the signs of bewitchment may manifest in a myriad of ways, leaving individuals feeling trapped, confused, and powerless.

The good news is that it is possible to remove witchcraft spells. The first step towards healing, is detecting the initial signs.

Here, Samuel Zohar Yanai, a black magic removal expert, will explain how to know if you’re a victim of witchcraft.

how do you know if someone did witchcraft on you – recognizing the Signs

Identifying whether you’re a victim of witchcraft begins with recognizing the subtle yet pervasive signs that indicate the presence of negative energy in your life.

• One of the most prominent indicators is a pervasive sense of confusion and disorientation, as if you’re trapped in a fog of negativity.

• Sense of blockages in various aspects of life, from career advancement to personal relationships, may become apparent, leaving you feeling stuck and unable to move forward.

• Emotional turmoil, including persistent feelings of sorrow, grief, and anxiety, may also weigh heavily on your spirit, disrupting your sense of peace and well-being.

• Additionally, you may experience sleep disturbances, restlessness, and a general sense of unease that permeates every aspect of your life. These signs, when experienced collectively, may point to the influence of witchcraft and the need for professional intervention.

For those wondering how do you know if someone is doing witchcraft, this is a good place to start the investigation.

how to know if someone did witchcraft on you – Physical and Mental Impacts

Beyond this initial signs, the effects of black magic can stretch to various aspects of your life. The insidious effects of witchcraft extend beyond the realm of emotions, taking a toll on both physical and mental well-being. Victims may find themselves grappling with a myriad of health issues, ranging from anxiety disorders and functional problems to difficulties in conceiving children.

Due to the diverse nature of such affects, it can sometimes be complicated to determine how to know if you’re a victim of witchcraft. However, there are various physical and mental effects that when combined, may indicate such attempts.
Physically, you may experience:

• Fatigue

• headaches,

• unexplained ailments that defy conventional medical explanation.

Mentally, you may struggle with persistent feelings of fear, dread, and hopelessness, making it difficult to find joy and fulfillment in life. The cumulative impact of these health issues can further exacerbate emotional distress and hinder your ability to break free from the grip of witchcraft.

how to tell if someone is doing witchcraft on you – personal and Social Effects

In addition to its toll on health, witchcraft can also wreak havoc on personal relationships and social interactions. Victims may find themselves struggling to connect with others, experiencing significant obstacles in forming new relationships, and feeling increasingly isolated and alienated from their peers.

Changes in mood, behavior, and personality may further complicate matters, leading to strained relationships and heightened emotional distress. The pervasive influence of witchcraft may also extend to your professional life, causing disruptions in career advancement and financial stability. Ultimately, the personal and social effects of witchcraft can leave you feeling overwhelmed and powerless, further underscoring the importance of seeking professional assistance to break free from its grip.

Seek proper help to remove witchcraft spells

While handing the complexities of witchcraft removal, it is cardinal that we will tread carefully. While there are many efficient solutions, many dangers lie ahead. Attempting to confront the perpetrator or engage in retaliatory actions only serves to escalate the conflict and prolong the suffering. Instead, focus on seeking professional assistance and following the guidance of a spiritual healer, who can provide a safe and effective pathway to healing and liberation.

Now that you have learned how to know if you’re a victim of witchcraft, the solution is in your hands. In the face of such profound challenges, it’s crucial to seek professional assistance from an expert in the field of Kabbalah and Halacha. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Samuel offers a thorough and comprehensive approach to identifying and removing witchcraft. Through a series of personalized consultations and rituals, he guides individuals through the process of breaking free from the grip of negative energy and reclaiming their lives.

Want to learn how do you know if someone has voodoo on you? Seeking protection and spiritual rehabilitation, Samuel Zohar Yanai is accompanying you throughout the entire process, repeating to spell removal as much as needed and instilling powerful protections while assisting you to mend all damages of the spells in all areas of life. Call now and start handling the situation.

What is witchcraft?

Throughout the entire human history, witchcraft served a significant role, providing protection, comfort, healing and mean of control by the hands of rulers and commoners as one. As mankind progressed, the place of magic in life dwindled. However, its mystic intrigue is still hunting the curiosity of millions, as various practitioners who are well learned in the ancient arts at its core offering magic services.

Thus, witchcraft still holds sway over the lives of countless individuals. From ancient rituals to modern-day incantations, the practice of witchcraft encompasses a diverse array of energetic actions aimed at causing harm, in the case of black magic, or summon wealth and love. Here, we embark on a journey to unravel the complexities of witchcraft, delving into its multifaceted nature, devastating effects, and the indispensable role of a black magic removal specialist like Samuel Zohar Yanai in combating its malevolent forces.

The Essence of Witchcraft

At its essence, witchcraft represents a dark endeavor, driven by malevolent intent and fueled by the manipulation of spiritual energies. Practitioners of witchcraft harness these energies through a variety of means, from incantations and rituals to the use of occult symbols and artifacts. With the power to disrupt the natural order of life, witchcraft manifests in myriad forms, including black magic spells, curses, hexes, and enchantments, each designed to inflict harm and sow discord among its unsuspecting victims.

The Devastating Effects of Witchcraft

The effects of witchcraft extend far beyond the realm of the physical, affecting every aspect of the victim’s existence with a pervasive sense of dread and despair. Physically, individuals may experience a myriad of health issues and ailments, ranging from inexplicable pains and maladies to chronic illnesses with no discernible cause. Emotionally and mentally, the toll of witchcraft can be equally devastating, manifesting as anxiety, depression, and a profound sense of hopelessness.

Moreover, witchcraft can wreak havoc on one’s personal and professional life, sabotaging relationships, impeding career advancement, and sowing seeds of discord and mistrust.

Why is it crucial to seek the aid of a Black Magic Removal Specialist?

In the face of such malevolent forces, seeking the assistance of an expert spiritual healer is essential.

With his unparalleled expertise in the fields of Kabbalah and spiritual healing, Samuel offers hope for those entangled in the clutches of witchcraft. Through a meticulous process of spell detection and removal, Samuel works tirelessly to identify and eradicate the sources of negative energy, restoring balance and harmony to his clients’ lives.

• Thorough Spell Detection: Samuel employs advanced techniques and spiritual insight to identify and locate the sources of witchcraft, ensuring comprehensive removal.

• Holistic Healing Approach: Samuel’s holistic approach addresses not only the immediate symptoms of witchcraft but also the underlying causes, promoting long-term healing and restoration.

• Ongoing Support and Guidance: Samuel provides continuous support and guidance to his clients, offering reassurance and assistance throughout the removal process.

• Energetic Defenses: Samuel implements powerful energetic defenses to safeguard his clients against future attacks and negative influences.

• Personalized Solutions: Samuel tailors his approach to meet the unique needs of each individual, offering personalized plans for restoring health, prosperity, and overall well-being.

Navigate your Path to Liberation from witchcraft

The journey to liberation from the clutches of witchcraft is fraught with challenges and obstacles, yet with the guidance and expertise of Samuel Zohar Yanai, you will be able to find solace and liberation. Through diligent spell detection, holistic healing approaches, and ongoing support, Samuel empowers his clients to break free from the chains of darkness and embrace a future filled with light and positivity.

The use of witchcraft is an ever-expanding trend, as many immoral practitioners manipulate dark energies for personal gain. To combat such endeavors, it is crucial to seek help as soon as possible. Throughout the entire process, Samuel’s extensive knowledge in kabbalah is at your disposal, ensuring your well-being and the complete removal of negative impacts in all areas of life.

This process requires total seclusion and deep concentration and does not require your physical presence. Thus, it is available to you from anywhere in the world any may be performed digitally.

To start your journey towards a brighter tomorrow in a safe and deep process, call today and schedule your initial consultation with Samuel.

Can a spell pass on its own? Why use a black magic removal specialist

Are you feeling trapped, suffocated by forces that seem to impede your every move? Do you find yourself engulfed in a fog of despair, unable to shake off the weight of inexplicable misfortune?

If so, you may be under witchcraft. Unlike passing troubles, witchcraft casts a shadow that grows darker with time, ensnaring its victims in a web of negativity and stagnation. Many wonder if in some cases, things are best left untouched. Here, Samuel Zohar Yanai, a black magic removal specialist, addresses the subject.

The unyielding grip of witchcraft

Witchcraft and other manipulations of energy burrow deep into the fabric of your life, wreaking havoc on your well-being and prospects. Its effects are not fleeting. they linger, intensifying with each passing day.

As you grapple with unexplained obstacles and persistent setbacks, the urgency to break free becomes undeniable. Every moment spent under the spell of witchcraft is a moment robbed of joy, progress, and fulfillment and may cause aggravation.

Recognizing the signs of witchcraft influences

How can you discern if witchcraft has taken root in your life? Look for telltale signs:

• Unexplained physical problems like fatigue, pains, and recurring sickness

• Chronic misfortune – from technical malfunctions to work problems and accidents

• A pervasive sense of unease.

Pay attention to the subtle shifts in energy around you, the inexplicable obstacles blocking your path. These are the whispers of witchcraft, signaling its presence and demanding your attention.

Act now to prevent further aggravation

In the face of witchcraft’s powers, procrastination is not an option. Every moment delayed is a moment surrendered to darkness, prolonging your anguish, and blocking your journey to fulfil your potential. To reclaim control of your destiny, you must act swiftly and decisively. Seek out the guidance of a professional black magic removal specialist, versed in the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah and Halacha.

Samuel Zohar Yanai offers a path to liberation and restoration. His expertise transcends borders, reaching individuals worldwide through the convenience of video calls without your physical presence required. With his strategic defenses and unwavering support, you can break free from the shackles of witchcraft and embrace a future filled with possibility.

Act now, for every moment spent in darkness is a moment stolen from your destiny. Trust in Samuel’s expertise and start your process today, To start, just call now and schedule your consultation appointment.

Black magic removal process – how long will it take?

Have you ever felt as though unseen forces were conspiring against you, leaving you feeling powerless and adrift? Have you struggled to overcome obstacles that seem to defy rational explanation, leaving you trapped in a cycle of frustration and despair? If so, you are not alone. Across cultures and traditions, people have struggled with the mysterious forces of the unseen, seeking peace and liberation from the shadows that lurk beyond the realm of the known.

Many practitioners today offer short-term solutions, claiming they can get rid of black magic in one session. To ensure a deep and effective process, make sure you address a professional experienced in kabbalistic practices. In this practical guide to spiritual healing, we will plunge into the depths of the human experience, and try to answer how long a black magic removal process takes.

Which factors will influence the length of a black magic removal process?

There are several factors influencing the duration of spell removal, making it a unique and individualized process.

• The spell’s strength: The potency and complexity of the spell cast play a significant role in determining the time required for removal. Stronger spells with deeper energetic imprints may necessitate more extensive and prolonged healing work to effectively counteract their effects.

• Those with robust health and strong psychological coping mechanisms may experience quicker results, while individuals facing underlying health issues or emotional vulnerabilities may require more time to heal fully.

• Spiritual connection: Those who are open-minded, spiritually attuned, and actively engaged in their own healing journey may experience swifter progress compared to those who are resistant or closed off to spiritual intervention.

• Consistency and Commitment: Regular participation in healing sessions, adherence to prescribed rituals or practices, and a willingness to make necessary lifestyle changes can expedite the removal of spells and negative energies.

• Environmental Factors: External factors, such as the individual’s living environment, social support network, and exposure to additional sources of negativity, can impact the efficacy and duration of spell removal. A supportive and nurturing environment conducive to healing can facilitate faster progress, while ongoing exposure to negative influences may impede the process.
By considering these factors and tailoring the spell removal process to address the individual’s specific needs and circumstances, Samuel Zohar Yanai can optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of the healing journey.

How to remove black magic of various kinds

The removal of black magic spells encompasses a diverse array of practices and methodologies, each tailored to address the unique needs and challenges of the individual seeker. Some well-known practices include:

• Shamanic Rituals: Drawing upon the wisdom of the earth and the spirits of the ancestors, shamans employ sacred rituals and ceremonial practices to cleanse the soul and dispel negative energies.

• Reiki and Energy Healing: Practitioners of Reiki and energy healing harness the universal life force energy to cleanse and purify the aura, restoring balance and harmony to the body, mind, and spirit.

• Herbal Remedies and Tinctures: Drawing upon the healing properties of nature, herbalists craft potent remedies and tinctures to cleanse the body of toxic energies and restore vitality and resilience.

• Kabbalistic Cipher Codes: Rooted in the esoteric teachings of Kabbalah, healers utilize cipher codes and mystical incantations to unlock the secrets of the universe and dissolve the dark energies of black magic spells.

Let Samuel Zohar Yanai guide you through the process

Samuel Zohar Yanai, a black magic removal expert whose unparalleled expertise, compassion, and dedication illuminate the path to liberation. With a deep understanding of the intricate workings of the soul and a profound reverence for the divine mysteries of the universe as taught by the wisdom of kabbalah, Samuel offers hope to those ensnared in the web of black magic. Through his unwavering commitment to excellence and his steadfast devotion to the principles of Kabbalistic healing, Samuel empowers individuals to reclaim their sovereignty, restore their vitality, and embrace the radiant light of divine grace.

The process is suitable to people of all creeds all over the world. Removing black magic requires complete seclusion to ensure communion with the spirit world and thus does not require your presence. Through Zoom or WhatsApp Video calls, we will be able to determine your needs and provide customed processes.

The process will repeat itself every 30 days, to ensure complete removal, after which powerful protections will be implemented and the energetic flow will be reopened. Samuel offers personal and business coaching and provide nutritional consultation to allow your body, soul, career, and relationships heal after the damaging spell is removed.

With Samuel Zohar Yanai as their guide, seekers of spiritual healing embark upon a journey of profound healing, restoration, and spiritual evolution.

To learn more about the process and to start treating the problem at its root, all you need to do is call now.

how to remove black magic curse from someone? 

Black magic, often associated with malicious intent, involves the use of supernatural powers to manipulate or harm others. Throughout history and across cultures, references to black magic and curses abound, from ancient texts to modern folklore. These curses can manifest in various forms, from love spells to hexes aimed at causing misfortune or illness.

Black magic can disrupt the natural flow of energy in an individual’s life, leading to profound disturbances in their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The removal process of such spells can be complex, but with the proper guidance, it is possible to pave a new path towards wellbeing. Here, Samuel Zohar Yanai explains how to remove black magic curse and spells.

How to identify the need for removal

Recognizing the signs of a black magic curse is crucial for those affected. Symptoms may include unexplained physical pains or fatigue, sudden financial or relationship problems, persistent misfortune, or sudden shifts in behavior. Victims of black magic often report feeling drained of energy, experiencing chronic fatigue, anxiety, or depression.

These signs may persist despite efforts to address them through conventional means, indicating the presence of a potentially harmful spell. Seeking professional assistance becomes imperative when these signs persist, as attempting to remove black magic without the necessary expertise can exacerbate the situation.

The removal black magic process

Removing a black magic curse requires expertise in Kabbalah, the mystical tradition of Judaism, and adherence to its codes and rituals. The process involves meticulous steps to ensure the safe and effective removal of the curse:

Purification and preparation

The spiritual healer undergoes purification rituals, such as immersion in water or ablution, to cleanse themselves of negative energies and prepare for the removal ceremony. The space where the ritual takes place is also purified to create a conducive environment for the healing process.

Kabbalistic healing ritual

The removal ceremony is conducted between 2 and 4 am, during the hours when spiritual energies are believed to be most potent. The healer invokes Kabbalistic codes, prayers, and sacred symbols to counteract the negative energy of the curse. This intricate ceremony aims to nullify the effects of the spell and restore the individual’s natural energetic balance.

Reopening positive energy channels

After removing the curse, the healer performs a ceremony to open the channels of positive energy, restoring balance and harmony to the affected individual’s life. This step is crucial for ensuring long-term protection against future spiritual attacks and reinforcing the individual’s resilience against negative influences.

Defense against future attacks

This may involve the creation of energetic barriers or spiritual shields to repel malevolent forces and maintain the individual’s spiritual well-being.

Selecting a knowledgeable expert is crucial for healing from black magic

Identifying a genuine Kabbalistic healer requires careful consideration. Look for practitioners who possess:

• Deep Knowledge of Kabbalah: Seek individuals with profound expertise in Kabbalistic principles and rituals, ensuring a thorough understanding of the complexities involved in spell removal.

• Commitment to Purity and Tradition: Choose healers who uphold the laws of purity and adhere to traditional practices, prioritizing ethical conduct and spiritual integrity.

• Professionalism and Experience: Choose experienced practitioners with a track record of successful spell removals, demonstrating their proficiency and reliability in handling complex cases.

How to get rid of black magic with Samuel Zohar Yanai

Samuel Zohar Yanai is offering unparalleled benefits to those seeking relief from black magic curses. Samuel ensures continuous monitoring and repeats the removal process every 30 days,

ensuring comprehensive and lasting results.
After completing the removal, Samuel opens positive energy channels, fostering spiritual renewal and vitality. With Samuel’s intervention, robust defenses are established to thwart potential future attacks, safeguarding against repeated witchcraft. After the removal, you will enjoy holistic support, offering guidance and training in various life domains to enhance physical, mental, and career well-being.

Through video calls, Samuel extends his services worldwide, ensuring accessibility and convenience for individuals of all backgrounds and beliefs. Embracing Samuel’s expertise guarantees not only the successful removal of black magic curses but also comprehensive support for holistic well-being, empowering individuals to reclaim their lives from the clutches of malevolent forces.

With Samuel’s guidance and assistance, individuals can overcome the darkness of black magic and step into the light of spiritual healing and renewal.

Remember – time is at the essence. It will only get more complicated as the spell intensifies and reshapes itself. Contact an expert as soon as possible to ensure success. To schedule a meeting and start handling your black magic, call now.

Types of spells

Witchcraft, a phenomenon as ancient as humanity itself, weaves its vast and complex threads through cultures, continents, and centuries. From the shadowy depths of black magic to the ethereal light of white enchantments, the world of witchcraft is a kaleidoscope of potent energies and mystical practices. Across diverse landscapes, practitioners use numerous kinds of spells harness these forces to control destinies, manipulate outcomes, and shape realities.

In this exploration of the myriad types of spells around the world, Samuel Zohar Yanai, a black magic removal specialist, offers a deep review on the different uses of magic, the various rituals and traditions and the ethical aspects.

Types of Black Magic

Of all the different kinds of spells known to man, there is no doubt one kind is the most intriguing as much as it is infamous. Black magic, steeped in darkness and mystery, exerts a sinister influence over those who dare to wield its formidable powers.

This witchcraft tradition originates from ancient rituals and rites, in which practitioners of black magic harness the energies of malevolence to cast curses, hexes, and spells designed to bring about suffering and misfortune.

From the ancient sorcerers of Mesopotamia to the cunning witches of medieval Europe, the practice of black magic has left an indelible mark on human history. There is a long and diverse magic spells list of the black type ordered by leading figures in history throughout cultures. Many practitioners of the black arts has gained immense political power and wealth. However, in most cases their destiny was disastrous. It is not hard to understand the reason for that. Black magic practitioners seek to manipulate the fabric of reality itself.

For all its allure and potency, the practice of all types of black magic comes with a steep price, as those who dare to dabble in its dark arts risk becoming consumed by the very forces they seek to control. Samuel Zohar Yanai strongly opposes the use of these types of spells and his knowledge could not be used for such goals.

White Magic

In stark contrast to the malevolent energies of black magic, white magic is offering a pathway to healing, protection, and spiritual enlightenment. Practiced by healers, shamans, and mystics across cultures and civilizations, white magic harnesses the energies of compassion and light to bring about positive change in the world. From the sacred rituals of indigenous tribes to the ancient teachings of Eastern mystics, there are numerous and different types of magic offering hope and renewal.

Through these sacred ceremonies, practitioners of white magic seek to channel the divine energies of the universe, bringing harmony and balance to all aspects of existence. Yet, despite its benevolent nature, white magic is not without its complexities and challenges, as those who walk the path of light must navigate the delicate balance between power and responsibility. To ensure safety, one must hold deep and extensive knowledge on the practice and tread carefully.

Luck and Abundance Spells – the mot sought-after types of spells

From ancient Egypt to medieval Europe, practitioners of witchcraft have sought to harness the cosmic forces of luck and abundance to ensure success in love, wealth, and all endeavors. Among the diverse types of spells, luck and abundance spells are probably the most coveted. These types of witchcraft spells promise to summon fortune and prosperity. These spells offer a tantalizing glimpse into a world of limitless possibility and boundless abundance.

Binding Spells – various kinds of spells and their dangers

Binding spells seek to forge unbreakable bonds of connection and intimacy between lovers. Many times, without the party’s knowledge or consent. Through the careful manipulation of energy and intention, practitioners of binding magic aim to unite two souls in a union of love and devotion. Naturally, these types of spells carry a profound danger, as any manipulation in emotion can have unexpected consequences, from dark obsessions and confusion to even suicides.

Find your black magic removal specialist

For over two decades, Samuel Zohar Yanai serves as a spiritual healer specializing in the wisdom of kabbalah.

With a deep understanding of Kabbalistic principles and Halacha, Samuel navigates the complexities of spell removal with compassion, expertise, and unwavering dedication. His extensive knowledge and experience provide a guiding light for those ensnared by the dark forces of enchantment, offering hope and liberation in the face of adversity. Over the years, he managed to remove a long magic list of all types. To learn more on various types of spells and your options, read more on the website.

Have any suspicion you are under the influence of magic? Samuel is here to guide you through every step of the way. Remember, time is at the essence. Call now to schedule an initial consultation and start handling the situation today.

How to break a love spell?

Love spells have a long and intriguing history, woven into the fabric of human culture and consciousness. From ancient rituals to modern practices, these spells have captivated the human imagination, promising to bend the forces of attraction and desire to one’s will. However, this is not a beautiful and romantic pursuit.

Under the allure of love spells belies their dark underbelly, as they often involve manipulation and coercion, wreaking havoc on the lives of those ensnared by their influence. It is one of the most dangerous types of spells and are consider a part of the black magic practice. Here, Samuel Zohar Yanai, a black magic removal expert, explains how to break a love spell.

Methods of Love Spell Removal

Breaking a love spell requires a multifaceted approach, drawing upon the wisdom of ancient traditions and modern spiritual practices. Kabbalah, with its deep understanding of energetic dynamics, offers powerful insights into the process of spell removal. Here are some key steps involved in breaking a love spell

• Identifying the Spell: The first step in breaking a love spell is recognizing its presence in your life. Symptoms may include obsessive thoughts, emotional turmoil, and a sense of being spiritually bound to another person. Some of these spells, like Shchur, involve your belongings, other are performed through potions. It is crucial to understand the source to make sure the right solution is developed/

• Seeking Spiritual Guidance: To effectively break a love spell, it is essential to enlist the guidance of a skilled spiritual healer who possesses expertise in Kabbalah and the codes of the Zohar. These practitioners can provide invaluable insight and support throughout the spell removal process.

• Creating a Defense System: Once the love spell has been identified, the spiritual healer works to create a robust defense system to shield the affected individual from further harm. This defense system acts as a barrier against negative energies and prevents the recurrence of the spell.

• Untying Energetic Bindings: In cases where a love binding spell has been cast, the spiritual healer focuses on untangling the energetic bindings that connect the affected individual to the caster of the spell. This process involves unraveling the intricate web of energy that binds the two parties together.

• Repeating Protective Actions: Love spells are often repeated by the caster in a relentless bid to maintain their hold over the affected individual. To counteract this, the spiritual healer repeats protective actions multiple times, ensuring that the spell is thoroughly neutralized.

• Empowerment and Strengthening: In addition to breaking the spell, the spiritual healer may recommend empowerment techniques and the use of herbs and vitamins to strengthen the affected individual’s physical and mental resilience. Spiritual counseling and coaching may also be provided to help the individual navigate the emotional challenges associated with spell removal.

• Reopening Energy Channels: Once the love spell has been successfully broken, the spiritual healer reopens the individual’s energy channels, restoring balance and harmony to their spiritual being.

Choosing the Right Spiritual Healer

When seeking assistance with love spell removal, it is crucial to choose a spiritual healer who is not only knowledgeable in Kabbalah and the codes of the Zohar but also deeply committed to ethical integrity and spiritual purity. Look for practitioners who prioritize the well-being of their clients above all else and demonstrate humility, compassion, and a genuine desire to serve.

Profound and deep knowledge in Kabbalah and Halacha is paramount in the realm of spell removal, as these disciplines provide the spiritual framework and ethical guidelines necessary for effective and ethical practice. Kabbalah offers insights into the energetic dynamics at play in spellcasting, while Halacha, or Jewish law, governs the practitioner’s conduct and adherence to purity rituals.

The connection between purity, Jewish laws, and spell removal underscores the importance of spiritual integrity and ethical responsibility in the pursuit of healing, ensuring that practitioners uphold the highest standards of moral conduct while facilitating the liberation of those ensnared by negative energies. Remember, any ill wishes, bad energies or impure endeavors involved in the spell removal may cause unexpected results.

Samuel Zohar Yanai is committed to your wellbeing

With his unwavering commitment to spiritual purity and his profound understanding of Kabbalah, Samuel empowers individuals to break free from the chains of manipulation and coercion. Throughout the process he will ensure:

• Constant monitoring and repeating the process every 30 days

• Reopening the energy Channels after the process is finished

• Putting in place strong defenses to prevent repeated witchcraft

• Counseling and training services in all areas of life to strengthen body, mind, and career to ensure proper rehabilitation.

Samuel’s process is available worldwide via video call, making it accessible to individuals of all backgrounds and beliefs. Start your process now and handle the situation by calling to Samuel and scheduling your first consultation.

Is it Possible to Remove Witchcraft Spells Successfully?

Many individuals struggling with the effects of black magic often wonder if it is indeed possible to successfully remove witchcraft spells.

This question arises from a place of desperation and uncertainty, fueled by the pervasive influence of negative energies and the daunting prospect of finding a solution. In this article, Samuel Zohar Yanai, a spell removal expert with deep knowledge in kabbalah, delve into the complexities of spell removal and explaining how to ensure such process will be successful.

Find a suitable a Black Magic Removal Expert

Engaging the services of a black magic removal expert is often the first step towards reclaiming one’s life from the clutches of malevolent spells. Make sure you work with a professional possessing a deep understanding of Kabbalah and Halachah, wielding their knowledge and expertise in removing the type of spell you are experiencing. With such guidance, you can embark on a transformative journey towards liberation and restoration.

Take all considerations into account

While the prospect of spell removal holds promise, it is essential to approach the process with caution. Not all practitioners claiming expertise in black magic removal possess the requisite skills or ethical integrity to deliver effective results.

It is important to make a further examination of the healers’ knowledge and expertise, ensuring they are genuinely knowledgeable in Kabbalah and the codes of the Zohar, and committed to upholding the laws of purity and learning traditions essential for safe and successful spell removal.

Discerning genuine experts from charlatans can be a daunting task, but there are telltale signs to watch out for. Authentic practitioners prioritize the well-being and spiritual growth of their clients above all else, eschewing unethical practices and extremely high fees in favor of a compassionate and holistic approach to healing. They demonstrate humility, integrity, and a steadfast commitment to their craft, embodying the principles of righteousness and service central to the teachings of Kabbalah.

Step on the road to wellbeing

With his profound knowledge of Kabbalah and unwavering dedication to spiritual purity, Samuel offers a path to spiritual transformation.

Samuel’s meticulous attention to detail ensures that no aspect of the spell removal process is overlooked, paving the way for comprehensive healing and restoration.Samuel’s holistic approach addresses not only the removal of spells but also the cultivation of emotional resilience, spiritual strength, and overall well-being. Throughout the process you will have ongoing support and guidance through the challenges of spell removal and spiritual renewal.

Do not wait for things to aggravate. With every passing day the spell is getting stronger. To stop this mask of pain, call now.

What is spiritual healing? Black magic healer advantages

Throughout our whole journey of life, we often might find ourselves grappling with unseen forces that cast a shadow over our well-being, leaving us feeling lost, depleted, and disconnected.

Whether it’s the lingering weight of negativity, the persistent presence of dark energies, or the haunting grip of unresolved trauma, the impact of these unseen forces can be profound, infiltrating every aspect of our existence and robbing us of our vitality and joy.

It is in these moments of profound despair that the ancient wisdom of Kabbalistic spiritual healing emerges as a guiding light, offering a pathway to profound healing, restoration, and transformation. Here, Samuel Zohar Yanai will explain about the various benefits awaiting to you with the aid of a black magic healer.

How will I know I need a black magic healer?

For many, the journey begins with a profound sense of unease, a gnawing feeling that something in life is amiss. We may find ourselves grappling with unexplained physical ailments, persistent emotional turmoil, or a pervasive sense of spiritual malaise. In the depths of our despair, we may wonder if there is any hope for relief, any chance of reclaiming our sense of wholeness and vitality. This should be the starting point of your inquiries.

Who should seek the help of a black magic healer?

While the path of Kabbalistic spiritual healing holds profound potential for all who seek it, there are certain individuals who may find particular benefit in the services of a black magic spiritual healer. Those who have encountered the following challenges and experiences may be particularly well-suited to embark on a journey of healing with a skilled practitioner:

• Persistent Negative Influences: Individuals who find themselves grappling with influences, such as unexplained physical ailments, chronic emotional distress, or pervasive spiritual malaise, may benefit from the transformative power of Kabbalistic spiritual healing. By addressing the root causes of these challenges at a soul level, a black magic spiritual healer can offer profound relief and restoration.

• Unexplained Life Obstacles: For those who continually encounter challenges in their personal or professional lives, the intervention of a black magic spiritual healer may offer a pathway to liberation and empowerment. By dispelling negative energies and removing energetic blockages, individuals can reclaim their innate potential and forge a pathway to success and fulfillment.

• Feelings of Spiritual Disconnection: Individuals who experience estrangement from their true selves may find solace and support in the services of a spiritual healer. Through sacred rituals and ceremonies, a skilled practitioner can facilitate a deep sense of connection with the divine, fostering a renewed sense of purpose, meaning, and spiritual alignment.

• Seekers of Inner Transformation: For those who are on a journey of self-discovery and inner transformation, the guidance of a healer can be invaluable. By delving deep into the recesses of the soul and unlocking hidden truths, individuals can embark on a journey of profound healing, growth, and self-realization.

What exactly does a black magic healer does?

Rooted in ancient wisdom and guided by the profound teachings of Kabbalah, this sacred practice offers a pathway to profound healing and transformation, addressing the root causes of imbalance and disharmony that plague our souls. Unlike conventional healing modalities, Kabbalistic spiritual healing operates on a spiritual plane, delving deep into the recesses of the soul to dispel negative energies, remove blockages, and restore inner harmony.

At the heart of Kabbalistic spiritual healing lies the figure of the black magic healer, a practitioner endowed with deep insight into the mysteries of the Kabbalah. With unwavering dedication and profound expertise, the black magic healer serves offer guidance and support to those in despair. Through their skillful intervention, black magic healers empower individuals to break free from the shackles of negativity, reclaiming their inherent divine potential and forging a pathway to profound healing and transformation.

Why Choose Kabbalistic Spiritual Healing?

Unlike conventional healing practices, which often focus solely on the physical or psychological aspects of well-being, Kabbalistic spiritual healing offers a holistic approach to healing, addressing the root causes of imbalance and disharmony at a soul level.

The journey of Kabbalistic spiritual healing unfolds in a series of sacred rituals, ceremonies, and practices designed to penetrate the depths of the soul and facilitate profound healing and transformation. It requires deep understanding of the secret codes of the Zohar. At the heart of this process lies the skilled intervention of the black magic healer, who serves as a conduit for divine energy, guiding individuals on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment.

Rooted in ancient wisdom and guided by the transformative power of divine energy, this sacred practice offers a pathway to profound healing, restoration, and wholeness. As individuals embrace the transformative potential of Kabbalistic spiritual healing, they embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and spiritual growth, reclaiming their inherent divine potential and forging a pathway to profound healing and transformation.

To start your journey to self fulfilment, call now.

the process

It should be clarified that Samuel does not cast black magic and spells and does not offer any service aimed at harming another person.

Samuel remove spell, black magic, blockages and implement energetic protections. These processes require expertise and extensive knowledge in the worlds of mysticism, spirit, and magic.

The spiritual healer, Samuel Zohar Yanai, is a descendant to a line of Kabbalists. With a broad response to problems in the body, mind and spirit, sensitivity and attention to your needs and personal treatment throughout the process. The process is discreet and suitable for people of all religions and beliefs, and in accordance with the unique circumstances of the case.

The night before the meeting, I do a thorough check of my great-grandfather’s Kabbalah book and check your unique characteristics according to the ancient knowledge.

I personally believe that there is no use in attending to a mystical problem without taking care of the body as well. That’s why I also give you comprehensive counseling for the body, mind and spirit that connects all the layers of existence into an effective holistic procedure.

schedule a zoom meetihg
orientation consulting and process adjustment
remove spells, black magic, curses, and evil eye, counseling to strengthen the body, mind, and spirit systems. kabbalistic energy healing is performed at night, in seclusion, which requires a lot of concentration and communion with the spirt world, without the presence of the patient.
process completion - final removing of energetic blockages, energy defenses and reopening the energy channels.


Success stories over the years

Skepticism and distrust are key characteristics of the age in which we live. This should not surprise us, considering that many of us consumed our energies and spent money on false attempts.

We invite you to read real stories here and learn about the successes of my clients.

Five years ago I was introduced to Shmuel Buy a dear friend that was sure he would be able to help me I was going through A hard disease and that even my doctors gave up on me , he was determined to heal me and bring me back into my life’s path he would call me twice a day sending me energy and healing instructions over the phone he lives in Israel and I live in Miami Florida the distance did not bother him he had a mission and it was too heal me which he was very successful I am grateful for his kindness persistency and his knowledge too heal and understand what I went through
I would highly recommend him to any loving person I know that ever need any help thank you for being you



Elementary School Teacher
of shiran

I just finished reading Lihi Lapid’s column about best female friends .It is a column that describes very well the special bond between female friends , as well as the bond that I had with three of my best friends , whom I lost during the last year , in which I have been receiving fertility treatments .I sat down to write the following lines in order to save the friendships of other women undergoing such treatments .Are friendships tested during difficult times , and does the fact that I lost them mean that they were apparently not strong enough or were from an impure place ? Apparently so. In any case, during different periods in my life, I had collected three good girlfriends in whom I invested a lot in my friendship with them. I had already lost the first girlfriend during the first treatment; apparently something was already shaky beforehand. I lost the second one during the last treatment and the third: Somewhere along the way. Since my life until now has been a string of fun and positive experiences, successes and a lot of happiness, this was the first time that our friendship had to cope with a prolonged and difficult situation that I’m dealing difficult? Parting in general and parting from coupledom is a difficult thing – and I experienced this several times. Those friendships succeeded wonderfully. Fertility treatments are much harder: Hormonal, emotional and physical changes. You don’t really live your life, but rather some other woman’s life and long for the day that you can go back to being you. I won’t try to give more details because only someone undergoing the process can truly understand (but not always). When you are under the influence of hormones (put 100 girls having their period or pregnant in one room – it doesn’t come close to this in power) all you need is support, acceptance and understanding. My three best girlfriends disappointed me and were insensitive. They didn’t gather me in and didn’t understand. I had already lost them. To all those women whose girlfriends are getting fertility treatments, be there for them and wait until they return to being themselves. They want this more than you do. They also have all the excuses in the world: it’s out of their control; they’re flooded with hormones, etc. Even if they become distant, don’t hold a grudge. Show them that you’re there for them all the time. This is the time to be supersensitive and just hug, love and gather them in. And that’s it, nothing more. The only person who is really helping me cope with the physical, mental and emotional difficulties is the amazing Shmuel Zohar Yanai. He is a glorious person. It has been a tremendous privilege for me to know him. From the moment I met him, my life completely changed. He believes in me and has been with me almost from the beginning of the process. Thanks to him I’m a much more positive person. I now see life from a totally different perspective. Shmuel , I won a prize in this lifetime; apparently, and in spite of everything, I must have done something good to have been blessed with the privilege of knowing you. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Shiran

The first time I spoke with you I was very skeptical about you. My mental and physical emotions were not at their best, and I thought to myself that this is just the daily pressure I live undunder,d I was apparently considered “healthy.” In your opinion , I needed to cleanse myself .I didn’t quite understand what you meant , so I didn’t take your statements and guidance seriously .Less than two weeks later I got very sick with a stomach virus that I couldn’t get rid of , and you once again urged me to act in the way that you chose for me , and by then I was already willing to do anything to get well .After a few months you told me that there’s no bug , and that everything was coming from the liver and you once again put me on nutrition and vitamins that would make me feel stronger .In my stubbornness and the skepticism that I had about you , I turned to naturopathy , where I was asked to do general tests , and they showed that I really had no bug in the stomach , but rather a liver problem and they recommended treatment for me and the same vitamins that you recommended to me .This is when I finally understood that you have something beyond within you .I was amazed to discover that without ever seeing me and without knowing any of the blood test results , you could have known exactly what is going on with me .
when I met you I was smoking hashish and didn’t see myself ever quitting .At the beginning that put me off so much that I internalized that this was the only way you could put me back on track , especially in light of the fact that when I met you I was smoking hashish and didn’t see myself ever quitting .it was everything to me , calming me down and making me happy and stimulating my appetite… it was so hard to quit , and now I can’t believe that I ever smoked , although the process was long and exhausting with ups and downs , but the quality of my life improved greatly , and I also know that from now on many more successes and surprises await me on my journey .Therefore , dear Shmuel , I want to apologize for all the aggravation I caused you all during this time , for not always believing in you , and most importantly , to thank the Creator of the Universe for creating a person like you , and you for your persistence and uncompromising help .



of chen

Desire is one of the principal thought processes that bring about success. I arrived with a tremendous desire to try and understand what my destiny is and how to reach it , and I had the good fortune of meeting a charismatic and amazing medium with a gigantic soul and even more gigantic spirit of giving , who always knows when to raise morale exactly at the weakest points , exactly during the big and small stumbles .He knows every part of the body and soul… he knows my innermost soul , asks the right questions and gives the right answers for me .When will it hurt ? Why will it hurt? Why pain? What is it made of? What is the way there? So much responsibility on your shoulders! The wonders of the soul – I believed in myself and took myself in hand because I couldn’t stand the existing situation .I felt stuck and paralyzed from making the change , so scared of taking a different step from what I knew until that meeting with you .And today , I feel terrific about myself , even though there are even bigger stumbles sometimes , because the higher your reach the more your fall will hurt , but… and it’s a big “but:” you are always there to embrace those falls and teach me to give them space in my life so that they will pass much more quickly .Shmuel , I don’t believe how you led me to amazing results so quickly .I want to thank you beyond your lessons and daily phone calls , personal attention , desire to succeed and ability to sweep me up after you , strengthen me and prevent me from giving up… for these I want to thank you , so… thank you so much for everything , for your encouragement and support , persistence , your humane and very professional approach .And thank you for the tremendous friendship for life. Chen Bartender


Flora Ben Shimon

Teacher Of Education

With the help of G-d Dear Shmuel Zohar Yanai, as a believing woman, I know how important it is to be grateful to one who has treated me well. You have been successful in being a good emissary who has been sent to me from the heavens to help me where many others have failed. After ten years of being disconnected from my son who married a woman who distanced my dear son from me , years of searching and attempts , communication with everyone who could help me , a waste of a lot of energy and money , for nothing .The Creator did not forget my prayers , the sorrow and tears that I cried every day .Several months ago when I again tried to search for a genuine response I succeeded in finding you , and in my heart I knew that you were the most appropriate emissary to help me .How symbolic , I found you on Lag BaOmer , the day of the celebration in memory of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai , a day of redemptions .Already after our first meeting , after you read to me the page that opened in the Book of Zohar – I confirmed that that was indeed what I feel .A mother whereby a fortified wall separates between her and her beloved son .I went to sleep calmly and the following day I felt that something was moving , my energy was more open and fresh . After only two weeks, on the eve of Shavuot (Pentecost), my son called me to wish me a happy festival. This is not something that goes without saying!! I had not spoken to him for two years by phone at all. I was so confused I didn’t know how to respond; I was amazed…..the redemption had arrived faster than I had expected. Sinceam. Fordo. With great appreciation ,Flora Ben Shimon – Teacher of Education

סבינה רפאל

Sabina Rafael

An International Makeup Artist For Films And Television

In 2011, I suggested from Shmuel the medium friendship on Facebook, for about a year I wanted to ask Shmuel help, but my financial situation was Wo worse. Eventually could not take it anymore, so I took some courage and I turned to him for advice. My first conversation with Shmuel was when my mother was in hospital. She was very ill , mental and economic conditions were very bad .Shmuel asked me over the phone lots of questions .I told him that in my mother’s house did spells .It was not difficult to identify on the house’s door the pig grease stains and other signs such as needles and fabrics at the entrance door of the house , which has no logical explanation for how they had been there .My mother always claimed she thought the neighbor did Spells to all kinds of people and suspected her .As one who believes that all those things couldn’t exist I ignored her believes .My mother used to go to all sorts of ” Kabbalists” and paid a lot of money .The result was a complete failure .Shmuel told me he was going to do to my mother and I a spell that remove the curse from us .He also told me to do some things , plus Shmuel told me that the person who spells my mother would be hurt , because when you remove spells all negative energies automatically go back to the person who did the spells .Once Shmuel remove the spells suddenly in about two weeks my mother was released from the hospital .The neighbor who did the spell got Cardiac Arrest . I was shocked. I came back to life, and I became professional makeup instructor male and female model. In the same breath I met an amazing guy and we have been together for about 7 years. Shmuel is a good man and kindness. Lots of thank for who you are and that you have been there for me. Wishing you all the strength to continue doing what you’re best at. It is no coincidence that God brought us together and put you in my life. I believe that nothing just happens and I have no doubt that you are a messenger.


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