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Samuel Zohar Yanai Spiritual healer and Black magic removal expert. The consultancy is conducted via WhatsApp Zoom meetings and are suitable for every person regardless of religion or nationality. Watch the video for information.

Over 20 years experience

over 20 years' experience

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The consultation is carried out through a WhatsApp video call, available from anywhere over the world. 

The spell removal ritual is performed at night and does not require your physical presence. Samuel’s expertise ensures a personalized and suitable approach of one’s religion, culture, faith, race or nationality.

Black Magic removal Specialist

Customer stories about the process of removing black magic from their lives

Each person brings along a story. The unique circumstances that lead us to our difficulties, challenges and barriers are many and varied.

Here you can watch interviews of customers who went through the black magic removal process and their achievements.

Remove black magic

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Sabina Raphael shares her chilling story and describing how Samuel helped her remove black magic from her life and get out of depression and hopelessness into prosperity on the marital, personal, and professional level.

Revoking black magic spells

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Abai Govan tells about the traffic accidents he was involved in and the process in which the negative black magic spells that stuck to him were removed with Samuel that managed to stop the series of negative events that befell him.

Remove voodoo curse

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Alon David tells how Samuel helped him get out of an ongoing voodoo curse that clouded his life, family, and business and caused him bankruptcy and huge financial crises.

QUESTIONS ABOUT remove witchcraft

What is witchcraft?

When most of us think of the term “witchcraft,” our minds immediately take us to the realms of fantasy. However, it is a force that has accompanied humanity since time immemorial. Here, Samuel Zohar Yanai, a black magic removal specialist and expert in Kabbalistic healing, explains what witchcraft is in essence and how to deal with it.

What is black magic exactly?

Witchcraft is a negative energetic action that is done without a person’s knowledge and against his will with the initial intention of disrupting the course of his life, harming him in various aspects of his life and placing an obstacle in front of his personal ambitions. The spells may harm health, sabotage business or cause such and other damages to relatives and people dear to the bewitched. The spells are performed in a variety of methods and ways and its effect on the person may be extremely powerful.

How does black magic works?

Black magic is believed to work through the manipulation of negative energy to achieve specific outcomes. Practitioners of black magic, also known as witches or sorcerers, use rituals, spells, and incantations to direct this energy towards their intended target. The intentions behind black magic can vary widely, from causing harm to influencing someone’s emotions or behavior.

One of the fundamental principles of black magic is the idea that everything in the universe is connected through energy. By harnessing and directing this energy, practitioners believe they can affect change in the physical world. This is often done through the use of symbolic objects, such as candles, herbs, or talismans, which are believed to amplify the practitioner’s intentions. Black magic is also thought to work through the manipulation of spirits or other supernatural forces. Practitioners may invoke these entities through rituals or ceremonies to assist them in achieving their goals. These spirits are believed to possess powers beyond those of humans and can be called upon to cause harm or bring about specific outcomes.

Samuel Zohar Yanai strongly opposes the use of such malicious practices and sternly warns that any such endeavors may result in destructive and unexpected consequences.

How does spells affect the person?

The damage of witchcraft may be manifested in many ways and in all aspects of life.

• Damage to health – from unexplained pains, persistent weakness to serious illnesses.
• Mental damage – this damage may be reflected in impaired motivation, confusion, depression, anxiety, and many serious mental crises.
• Harm to one’s livelihood – more often than not, the witchcraft harms the person’s business, career, financial stability or disrupts professional achievements.

What are the ways to protect against witchcraft?

If you have any suspicion that you have fallen victim to an act of witchcraft, it is important to first identify its source and type clearly and only then formulate a plan for its effective removal. To ensure that the process will indeed be efficient and accurate, it is important to use the services of a spiritual healer who specializes in the field of reception.

Samuel Zohar Yanai accompanies you throughout the process of removing the spells and provides you with knowledge acquired over two decades in the taps of Jewish mysticism for a complete and long-term solution, which strengthens the body and mind and includes powerful energetic defenses to prevent repeated attacks. For more information, call now.

How to know if you’re a victim of witchcraft?

The notion of witchcraft often evokes skepticism and dismissal among many, yet throughout history, various cultures have recognized the impact of energetic disturbances on human life. When negative energies manifest in profound ways, it’s often labeled as “witchcraft.” Samuel Zohar Yanai, a respected kabbalist healer, sheds light on the signs of being bewitched and how to navigate such challenging spiritual territories.

Signs of Being Bewitched: how to recognize the dangers

If you’ve felt a persistent blockage in your life, experienced unexplained anxieties, and fears, or find yourself overwhelmed by dark thoughts, it might be indicative of a deeper spiritual affliction. While these symptoms could stem from various sources, consulting an expert in removing spells is crucial. Samuel Zohar Yanai shares insights into the signs of being bewitched and how to identify them.

How do you know if someone did witchcraft on you: signs to watch out for

Recognizing the signs of being bewitched is crucial for seeking appropriate help and finding relief from spiritual afflictions. After all, to remove witchcraft spells, one must first identify the situation. If you ever wondered how do you know if someone did witchcraft on you, here are a few telling signs you should look for.

• Confusion: bewitched individuals often experience a sense of mental fog or confusion. they may find it challenging to concentrate or make decisions, leading to a feeling of being lost or disconnected from reality.

• Blockage in life: a common sign of bewitchment is a pervasive feeling of blockage or stagnation in various areas of life. this may manifest as obstacles hindering progress in personal, professional, or relational spheres.

• Emotional turmoil: those under a spell often experience intense emotional turmoil. they may feel overwhelmed by negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, sadness, or anger, with these emotions seemingly arising without a clear cause.

• Loss of control: a bewitched individual may struggle to control their emotions or impulses. they may find themselves reacting impulsively or irrationally to situations, leading to conflicts or misunderstandings.

• Unnatural sensations: victims of witchcraft may describe feeling as though they are experiencing a reality that is distorted or “not right.” this sensation of unnaturalness can be disorienting and unsettling.

• Irritability and restlessness: bewitched individuals may exhibit heightened levels of irritability or restlessness. they may find it difficult to relax or experience a sense of inner peace.

• Sleep disorders: spells can disrupt sleep patterns, leading to insomnia, nightmares, or restless sleep. this can further contribute to feelings of fatigue and emotional instability.

• Unexplained physical ailments: bewitched individuals may suffer from unexplained physical ailments, such as chronic pain, headaches, or digestive issues. These physical symptoms may persist despite medical treatment.

• Disorientation: A sense of confusion and disorientation is common among those under a spell. They may struggle to navigate their surroundings or make sense of their experiences.
It is important to note that these signs can vary in intensity and may not always indicate bewitchment. However, if you are experiencing several of these symptoms simultaneously, it may be worth seeking the guidance of a spiritual healer to determine the underlying cause and find appropriate remedies.

How to know if you’re a victim of witchcraft: understand the impacts

A spell can cast a shadow over various aspects of life, affecting personal well-being, relationships, and even livelihood. The bewitched individual often feels a pervasive sense of distress, leading to disconnection from reality and a bleak outlook on life. It’s crucial to address these issues promptly to prevent further harm.

How to tell if someone is doing witchcraft on you? Seek a reliable expert

The negative energetic effects of witchcraft can take a toll on both mental and physical health. The intense distress experienced can lead to anxiety, functional impairments, and stress-related medical conditions. In severe cases, the spell may also jeopardize one’s livelihood and ability to work, or even hinder the prospect of having children.

How to heal from witchcraft?

As we established here, recognizing the signs of being bewitched and understanding how it can affect your life is the first step toward healing. By seeking the guidance of a spiritual healer, you can navigate these challenges and reclaim control over your life. If you suspect that you may be a victim of witchcraft, do not hesitate to seek help. Your spiritual well-being is paramount, and there are remedies available to help you break free from negative energies and restore balance to your life.

Undoing a spell is a complex process that requires expert guidance. It’s essential to consult a knowledgeable practitioner of Kabbalah and Halacha to determine the best course of action.

Samuel Zohar Yanai offers consultations to assess your situation and recommend personalized solutions. With his profound understanding of Kabbalistic wisdom, expertise in Zohar codes, adherence to Halacha, and dedication to your well-being, Samuel guides you through the process of removing negative energies from your life. To start addressing the problem, contact us today by calling, leaving your details on the website, or contacting by WhatsApp.

How to break a love spell?

Many of us have experienced the pain of unrequited love at least once in our lives. Most of us will eventually get over it and let go of our object of love. Unfortunately, there are many who are not ready to let go and may turn to witchcraft practitioners to cast a love spell. In fact, this may have serious and unexpected consequences. Here, Samuel Zohar Yanai, a love spell removal specialist, explains how to break a love spell.

What is a love spell?

A love spell is a negative energetic action that manipulates the emotional state of the bewitched. The spell will cause a powerful and even obsessive attraction to the person who invokes the spell and often may cause accompanying negative mental states. There are several steps that we must follow if we want to cancel the situation.

How to remove love spells and stay protected from it?

In the first step of the process, the spell is removed by using the Kabbalistic codes. Make sure that the process is done by a person who specializes in the Jewish secret theory and is familiar with Zohar ciphers.

After the process of canceling and removing the love spell is completed, the Kabalistic healer creates a powerful defense system designed to prevent repeated love spells and further damage. Therefore, it is not only a question of how to remove love spells, but also how to prevent further attacks.

How to break a binding spell?

In some cases, the love spell is intended to gain control over the person. These spells, called binding spells, are extremely complex and require a deep understanding of the energetic binding method in order to make sure that it can be untied correctly. However, it is crucial to choose a love spell removal specialist that understands how to break a binding spell responsibly. Inaccurate dispel may cause mental instability and unexpected consequences. Therefore, it is important to be accompanied by an expert who understands how to remove love spell and the deep energetic mechanisms of the variety of different spells.

How to get rid of a love spell of the regenerative type?

Most wizards won’t give up after the first try. Even if they are able to remove love spell, they will repeat the action over and over again to intensify the effects and ensure that the spell works without interruption. It is cardinal to understand that knowing how to get rid of a love spell once, does not ensure a permanent solution. Therefore, it is important that we do not settle for superficial and one-off solutions and that we seek the help of a spiritual healer who specializes in the wisdom of Kabbalah, who knows how to break a love spell according to the ancient Jewish mysticism practices and who is committed to repeat the protective actions several times, as needed, until it is possible to verify that the spells have been completely eliminated.

Jealousy and resentment produce negative energy that must be removed

Often, these spells are cast within a context, in which the attacking party is obsessed with the attacked, experience extreme jealousy or holds a deep grudge. These emotions also have a powerful negative energetic significance, and it is important that the Kabbalistic healer also provides an answer to them, canceling the ill wishes and neutralizing this negative energy while putting in place appropriate protection from curses and dark energy.

A love spell weakens the body and mind

The influence of witchcraft on all aspects of life is far-reaching. Therefore, removing the spell is not enough. To ensure that it is possible to effectively recover from the situation and prevent a repeat attack, a complete program is required to empower and strengthen the bewitched. By using the right herbs and vitamins in combination with coaching and spiritual counseling, one can strengthen one’s body and emotional system and deal more effectively with the situation.

How to get rid of witchcraft for good? Make sure you renew the positive flow

After canceling and removing the love spell, the spiritual healer reopens the energy channels. This allows the bewitched to regain strength and ensure proper rehabilitation.

Canceling and removing a love spell is a complex process that requires deep and thorough energetic and spiritual work. To learn more about how to break a love spell, read more on the website. To start handling the problem, make sure you work with a professional.

Samuel Zohar Yanai brings with him years of experience as a spiritual healer, high expertise in ciphers and Kabbalistic codes and a commitment to the complete cancellation of the love spell. Want to learn how to break love curses, and restore health and stability to your life? Leave your details on the website or call us now.

Signs of black magic

The first step to undoing the spell begins with identifying the correct signs. Such understanding will make it possible to characterize the type of spell and designate an appropriate solution. How do we know if we are under a spell? Here, Samuel Zohar Yanai, a black magic removal expert, , explains the sign and symptoms of black magic.

What are the signs that someone is using magic against you?

The signs of witchcraft can manifest in various aspects of a person’s life, disrupting their daily routine and well-being. One common indicator is sudden disturbances in sleep, where individuals may experience insomnia or unusual dreams. Changes in eating patterns, such as loss of appetite or unexplained cravings, can also be a sign of witchcraft at play.

Furthermore, witchcraft can impact a person’s livelihood, leading to prolonged periods of unemployment or unexpected financial problems. These issues can arise suddenly and without any apparent cause, causing distress and uncertainty in the affected individual’s life. Additionally, any unexplained and continuous disruption in the routine of life, such as constant setbacks and obstacles, may indicate the presence of witchcraft.

It is important to recognize these signs and seek help from a qualified professional if you suspect that you or someone you know may be affected by witchcraft. With the right support and guidance, it is possible to remove the negative energy and restore balance to your life.

How does black magic work? Energetic signs for witchcraft

The disturbance in the energetic fabric may extend to affect devices and machines in the bewitched person’s home. It is not uncommon for this interference to result in frequent breakdowns in the car and disruptions in electronic devices. These unexplained malfunctions can add to the sense of unease and disruption caused by witchcraft, highlighting the need to address the issue promptly and effectively.

Black magic attack symptoms in human behavior

The change in behavior may appear among any family member. Frequent difficulties and quarrels, especially when it comes to seemingly arbitrary conflicts in a relationship that is usually healthy and stable, may indicate an act of witchcraft. The spell may disrupt a relationship and undermine the mental state of each partner and even among the children.
Physical and emotional weakness, an uncontrollable obsession with a certain person and unexplained body aches can also be black magic curse symptoms.

To ensure that the signs are correctly identified, and an accurate and personalized plan is drawn up that will guarantee an effective solution, it is important to contact an expert in Kabbalah and Halacha. Samuel Zohar Yanai, a spiritual healer, invites you to a thorough process that will restore balance to your life. For more information, just contact us here.

Getting rid of black magic – can the spell pass on its own?

Have you recently felt unexplained weakness? Feeling hopeless and depressed? Things just feel wrong in all areas of life without a clear explanation? As much as you suspect that this experience has a mystical origin, it is important to make one thing clear – no, the spell will not go away by itself. Getting rid of black magic is a complex process. In order to retrieve your routine, it is important to quickly contact a Kabbalistic expert to remove spells. Here, Samuel Zohar Yanai, a black magic removal specialist, explains why it is important to treat the situation quickly.

What is witchcraft and how does it affect our lives?

Many individuals experience unexplained difficulties and challenges in life that seem to have no rational explanation. From sudden financial setbacks to inexplicable health issues, these problems can leave individuals feeling hopeless and overwhelmed. In many cases, these difficulties may be the result of negative energy or black magic. Understanding the nature of black magic and how it can affect our lives is essential for finding solutions and restoring balance.

Black magic, also known as witchcraft, is a form of energy manipulation that is intended to harm or manipulate others. Practitioners of black magic use various rituals and spells to create negative energy fields around their targets, leading to a range of negative effects. These effects can manifest in physical, emotional, and spiritual ways, causing a variety of symptoms and problems.

Witchcraft is an action or a series of actions of an energetic nature intended to sabotage a person’s life, block the energetic flow, and prevent abundance or place obstacles in its path. The negative blockage affects a variety of areas in everyday life and creates a series of negative events that keep getting stronger.

What will a person feel when under a spell?

The most initial feeling is that there is an unnatural condition affecting the body and mind. Common symptoms include:

• Anxiety
• A feeling of confusion and uncertainty
• Emotional stagnation
• Mental fogginess
• A feeling of physical weakness
• Constant fatigue
• Reluctance to act
• A general feeling that life is stuck

What will happen if we don’t undo the spell in time?

Getting rid of black magic requires a comprehensive response. It is important to address black magic promptly and effectively to prevent further harm. Seeking the help of a black magic removal specialist or spiritual healer can provide the necessary guidance and support to remove the negative energy and restore balance. By understanding the nature of black magic and its effects, individuals can take proactive steps to protect themselves and their loved ones from harm.

Much like an untreated medical or mental condition, the spell gets stronger and stronger over time. As time goes by, the negative blockage gets stronger and stronger. It bases itself on a dangerous influence in other areas of human life.

Act promptly to prevent further damages

If you suspect that you or someone you know may be affected by black magic, it is important to seek help as soon as possible. With the right support and guidance, it is possible to remove the negative energy and restore balance to your life. Contacting a black magic removal specialist or spiritual healer can provide the necessary tools and techniques to address the situation effectively. Don’t let black magic control your life – act today to reclaim your happiness and well-being.

To ensure that this dangerous negative influence does not intensify and spread to other areas of life, the negative trend must be quickly stopped. Samuel Zohar Yanai invites you to a thorough process according to the wisdom of Kabbalah that will allow you to remove the spell once and for all. For more details, you can leave details on the website, call, or send a WhatsApp message now.

Types of spells and black magic

The world of witchcraft prevails over a multitude of cultures and groups and is found in every point on earth. We are not aware of any point in human history where witchcraft was not used. Therefore, in order to provide an effective response to witchcraft, it is important to get to know the different types of spells in depth, as each of them may require a completely different response.

These spells appear in different cultures, but also have distinct characteristics between ethnic groups. From the gypsy witchcraft to the Indian and Chinese witchcraft, all these witchcraft serve one purpose – to deny a person’s freedom and disrupt the course of his life.

These acts are strictly forbidden by Kabbalah, but this ancient wisdom offers a host of tools on how to cancel their destructive influence.

For years, Samuel Zohar Yanai, a black magic removal specialist, has helped people from all over the world deal with witchcraft according to many traditions and methods around the world. Here, we offer a magic spells list with some common kinds of spells

Black magic

This is without a doubt the darkest and most destructive type of witchcraft. This energetic action originates from the malicious intent of a person practicing witchcraft who usually performs the action in exchange for payment. Those who cast spells often ask sorcerers to perform black magic in order to fail other people or inflict physical damage upon them, disrupt business activity or harm their family. These actions are carried out with the help of a variety of magical means such as rituals, rituals, curses, voodoo dolls and more. Sometimes, a picture, personal item, hair, or other item of the people being attacked may be used to cast different types of spells on them.

White magic

White magic is also considered witchcraft for all intents and purposes as its name suggests. Therefore, it is worth noting that it is absolutely forbidden to cast spells according to Kabbalah, even for positive purposes. It is prohibited to carry out any energetic or spiritual manipulation intended to influence the course of another person’s life. The consequences are not always predictable and without deep knowledge and proficiency, we may cause more harm than good. What’s more, any such intervention is forbidden according to Halacha and violates the balance.

Likewise, it is strictly forbidden to cast a white spell in order to alleviate existing harmful spells. Two wrongs do not make a right. The spell must be removed only in the way permitted according to Kabbalah and Halacha by using Kabbalistic ciphers and codes.

Love and abundance spells

These types of spells are intended to retrieve love or success and livelihood. These kinds of spells are considered to arise from good intentions, but they are often destructive and harmful for both parties – the sorcerer who performs the spell and the person he affects.
All we are allowed to do according to Kabbalah is only to remove negative energy barriers blocking the proper flow or remove powerful spells to re-open the channels of positive energy.

Regenerative spell

Often, sorcerers may cast a regenerative spell. This spell, as it is called, is performed repeatedly in order to renew the power of the spell, and ensure its effectiveness. When a person wants to harm another person and wants to ensure that the process is carried out fully, the sorcerer suggests that he repeat the magical action every 30 days. Thus, the damage may be irreversible and therefore it is also important to make sure when we remove a spell, that the Kabbalistic healer we turn to will repeat the removal processes every 30 days and perform defenses to prevent repeated attacks. If we remove the spell just once, renewing the spell will render the process useless.

How do you block and cancel a regenerating spell?

In such situations, the bewitched must turn exclusively to a spiritual healer who specializes in the wisdom of Kabbalah and is knowledgeable in Halacha. The ancient knowledge will be used to make strong defenses and on the other hand to cancel the spell completely and in a continuous process until complete removal.

Binding spell

This is one of the most common types of spells that people order from sorcerers. This spell is actually intended, as the name suggests, to bind a person to another thing or person being the object of desire. In most cases, it is a “love bond”. That is, forcing the will of the conspirator on the conspirator. However, there are others who want to associate themselves with livelihood, luck and more.

How is a binding spell performed?

A binding spell is performed by taking an object from the bewitched. Sometimes it is a picture and in other cases a personal item or hair. The object is tied with a special thread. Mostly linen thread. The sorcerer uses various mantras and oaths from the world of sorcery and performs rituals with the intention of sealing the bond.

Luck and abundance lock spell

The luck and abundance lock spell is one of the most powerful types of spells. This magical action actually locks another person’s luck. Usually, the sorcerer uses a physical lock and ciphers and codes from the black magic realm to perform the operation. Sometimes, the sorcerer performs a series of additional rituals to lock away the victim’s luck, business, family, and any other source of good and abundance.

Black love spell

Many love spells fall under the category of black magic. These processes are designed to make a person who is not interested in a certain person to fall in love in a powerful manner. Often, this can cause obsession and severe madness, and the process involves using powerful substances and dangerous magical rituals. This effect on people’s feelings and thoughts puts their very sanity at risk at times.

Burial spell

A burial spell is one of the most notorious of black spells. In various cultures around the world, burial spells are used to cause serious physical harm to a person and often end in death. In this process, the sorcerers take a personal item of the victim such as a picture, hair, or piece of clothing, go to the cemetery and bury the item. In addition, a magical ceremony is performed that sometimes includes live sacrifices or writing ciphers and amulets.

Picture spell

A picture spell is a common name for types of spells in which the sorcerers use a picture or burying a picture to control a certain person. This spell is considered very powerful, difficult to undo and extremely dangerous.

Separation spell

A separation spell uses magical rituals and objects to separate spouses. Through witchcraft, it is possible to create disputes between the couple and separate them.

Sorcery in food and drink

Conjuring food and drink is also a common magical means. In this type of spell, different substances are combined with the food or drink that the person eats or drinks, which affect their mood, judgment and decisions.

How do you remove various kinds of spells correctly?

To remove and undo all types of spells, a complex process is required. The most efficient and reliable way , which guarantees an ethical and safe process, is to contact a Kabbalistic expert who will build a personalized spiritual process for you, designed to identify the type of witchcraft, and carry out a continuous and long-term process.

Samuel Zohar Yanai accompanies you throughout the process and repeats the removal process every 30 days to ensure that the harmful effect has been removed as much as possible. After which, protections are performed and a complete program is implemented to strengthen the body and mind, using herbs, vitamins, and spiritual counseling. Want to learn more about the process? Call now or leave a message on WhatsApp.

How to remove black magic spells from someone?

Many ask themselves, do dark magic spells really exist? One thing is certain, from the moment humans left behind evidence, the world of mysticism and magic was evident in them. Those of us who are willing to let go of skepticism and accept the reality of the energetic aspect of life, will be exposed to a universe of phenomena that affect life profoundly. If you have any suspicion that a spell has been cast against you, it is important to quickly contact an expert in the field who is well versed in the wisdom of Kabbalah. Here, Kabbalistic spiritual healer Samuel Zohar Yanai, explains how to break a black magic spell.

How to get rid of black magic according to the Halacha?

Removing black magic is a complex process that requires deep knowledge in many areas of knowledge. Spells may be performed in a variety of methods. Unfortunately, today many mystics who have no knowledge of Kabbalah claim they know how to remove witchcraft. It is important to make sure beyond any doubt that the person who will accompany us in the process is indeed knowledgeable about the Kabbalistic precepts and has devoted a significant part of his life to study. Only such a process could lead to the cancellation of the spell and the renewal of positive energy in the life of the bewitched person.

During the removal of the spell, the spiritual healer communes with the spirit world. In order to ensure that this union will be completely successful, he must be in complete solitude and without the interference of another person. This seclusion ensures optimal concentration in the ceremony. Therefore, the removal rituals are done without the physical presence of the bewitched.

How to remove black magic curse in an effective way?

These are some things that are important to make sure the spiritual healer we turned to is endowed with:

• Expertise in Kabbalistic codes and ciphers
• Adherence to the Halacha and especially to the laws of purity
• Proven experience in removing spells
• High proficiency in the Aramaic language
It is important to clarify that sorcerers who do not know the Aramaic language will in no way be able to effectively remove the spell.

How do you recognize witchcraft?

Identifying the signs of witchcraft can be complex. To ensure an accurate diagnosis, the spiritual healer must have extensive knowledge in the field of Kabbalah. This knowledge will allow to accurately locate the source of the energy blockage. As part of the examination process, the healer will also perform an in-depth questioning to get to know the attacked person, their circumstances, and the changes they experienced.

What is required of the healer to ensure effective healing from black magic?

Before starting the process of removing the spells, the healer must immerse himself in a mikvah a stream or in the sea. This purification ritual is intended to prepare the spiritual healer for the removal of spells and curses. The Kabbalistic healing itself takes place between 2 and 4 AM.

The space in which the spiritual healer conducts the ceremony must also undergo purification before removing the spells and canceling the curses.

How do you remove dark magic spells and black magic curses correctly?

The spiritual healing process to remove the spell and curses is carried out by reciting different Kabbalistic codes and ciphers in a spell while focusing on the positive energy directed from the Kabbalistic healer to the bewitched person and preventing influence.

What tools does the spiritual healer use to break up spell and curses?

As part of the process of removing spells, the Kabbalistic healer makes use of both Kabbalistic ciphers and the four elements: earth, water, wind, and fire. This combination offers an effective response to the negative energy of the spell and helps to cancel it.

What else should be done after removing spells?

Removing the spell is just the starting point. After the harmful negative energy has been removed, another ritual must be performed to open the positive energy channels. The spiritual healer uses various ciphers and codes and Kabbalistic materials to restore the blocked flow.

How do you defend against repeated attacks?

The spell and curses may be repeated, and the sorcerers will often perform the actions over and over to increase the damage. This process is also known as “regenerative magic”. To prevent this, the spiritual healer must implement energetic defenses that will prevent the repeated attacks.

Samuel Zohar Yanai, a black magic removal specialist and spiritual healing expert, invites you to a thorough process, backed by knowledge acquired over two decades in the worlds of Kabbalah and a comprehensive plan for the restoration of the body, mind, family and livelihood that will allow you to free yourself from the dark power of witchcraft. For more information, call now or leave a message on WhatsApp.

Black magic removal process – how long does it take?

Given the diverse development of witchcraft traditions worldwide over history, numerous types of witchcraft exist, each varying in strength and the difficulty of their removal. Witchcraft traditions have evolved differently around the globe over the course of history, resulting in a wide array of practices and beliefs. These various traditions often have unique spells and rituals associated with them, each with its own level of potency and difficulty to remove.

Naturally, more potent spells may require an extended period for complete removal. Samuel Zohar Yanai, a specialist in removing black magic with profound insights into Kabbalistic wisdom, explains here what the expected time period is involved in removing the most powerful types of black magic.

What affects the black magic removal duration?

The process of removing spells may require a long period of time that varies among different persons and circumstances. The severity of the situation and the time it will take to deal with it are influenced by several main factors:

• The physical strength of the bewitched person – The physical condition can impact the removal process. For instance, someone with a robust immune system might recover faster from spells that cause physical ailments like fatigue or headaches

• The mental health of the bewitched person – Those with strong mental resilience may be more capable of actively participating in the removal process, which can expedite the healing.

• The type of spell cast – a deeply entrenched curse that has been reinforced over time with additional rituals may require a more prolonged and intensive removal process.

For the most part, people who are endowed with generally good health will feel the positive energetic changes at an earlier stage. However, if the bewitched person is experiencing health problems, emotional instability or general weakness, the black magic removal process may be prolonged. In any case, it is important to remember that each person is unique and therefore, even among healthy people, it may tong long to break up spell. Choosing a black magic removal expert with experience and deep knowledge in kabbalah may improve your chances of healing from black magic effectively.

Choose a spiritual healer that can ensure protection from witchcraft

Even after the spell is removed, it’s crucial to take steps to protect yourself from future attacks. Without proper protection, you may remain vulnerable to the influence of witchcraft or black magic. A good spiritual healer will provide guidance on how to safeguard yourself, such as using protective amulets, performing regular spiritual cleansings, and strengthening your spiritual defenses. By following these precautions, you can ensure a reliable way for you to protect from black magic that you remain protected against any future attempts to harm you through witchcraft or black magic.

When dealing with the effects of witchcraft and black magic, and especially when protection from curses is required, seeking help from a the right expert is crucial. These individuals possess the knowledge and expertise required to effectively remove harmful spells and protection spell, and ensure prevention of future attacks.

Specialization in Black Magic Removal

It is essential to choose a spiritual healer who specializes in black magic removal. These healers have specific techniques and rituals designed to combat the negative effects of such spells. A spiritual healer who is well-versed in Kabbalistic teachings is invaluable. Kabbalah offers deep insights into the spiritual realm and provides powerful tools for protection and healing.

Holistic Approach to Healing

Look for a healer who offers a holistic approach to healing. This means addressing not just the spiritual aspects of the issue but also the physical, emotional, and mental aspects. Consultation on the use of vitamins and herbs, along with spiritual guidance and business coaching will empower your rehabilitation.

Customized Healing Plans

Every case of witchcraft or black magic is unique, requiring a customized healing plan. A skilled spiritual healer will assess your situation and create a tailored plan to ensure effective and complete removal of the spell.

How can you ensure an optimal result in the black magic removal process?

As mentioned, along with the condition of the bewitched person, the type and intensity of the spell will also affect the duration of the removal process. When it’s a strong spell, things will usually take longer. A strong spell may be complicated to remove and will usually require special rituals, prolonged repetition of the process and performing additional energetic defenses in order to achieve the desired results.

To ensure an effective process for removing a strong spell, it is recommended to get help from a kabbalistic spiritual healer who specializes in black magic removal and has experience in these processes. An expert in Kabbalah and Halacha who is deeply versed in the Kabbalistic code, who provides a holistic and multidisciplinary solution to strengthen the body, mind, family, and business, will be able to help you reach the fastest possible result.
Samuel Zohar Yanai, spiritual healer, puts together a customized plan for you designed for effective, strong, and complete removal of the spell. For more details, call now or leave a message on WhatsApp.

Can a sorcerer serve as a black magic removal expert?

The tradition of black magic is as old as the age of human history. Throughout these millennia, many people who felt they were under the influence of witchcraft turned to experts to help them get rid of black magic. The simple truth is that just as you can’t fight fire with fire – you can’t fight a spell with another spell. Here, Samuel Zohar Yanai, an expert spiritual healer, explains how to deal with curses and witchcraft in an ethical, safe and effective way.

Remember: it is complicated to remove witchcraft spells

It is cardinal to understand, these spells will affect many aspects of life and cause destructive consequences that will get worse without a proper response. The process of removing black spells is undoubtedly one of the most complex to perform. There are many who claim they can assist in this task. Attempted removal by an unskilled person will result in only partial results at best.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that the removal process is done only by a spiritual healer with extensive experience and knowledge in Kabbalah and Halacha, who has good morals, integrity and who adheres to the laws of minor and severe purification.

A black magic practitioner is not a black magic removal expert

As mentioned, an unskilled person may bring only partial results and sometimes even cause damage. However, when a sorcerer is involved in the process, we are actually putting ourselves in the hands of a negative person, who has used his abilities to harm others. Such energy is expected to eventually return to the operation. Despite the considerable payment that will be collected from you, the result may entail serious damage.

How do you get rid of black magic according to the Kabbalah?

The correct way to successfully remove and eliminate black magic is to turn to a Kabbalah spiritual healer who is deeply knowledgeable in the field of Kabbalah and Halacha. This is the only way to ensure that the spell is thoroughly removed.

Samuel Zohar Yanai accompanies you throughout the entire process and applies his in-depth knowledge of the Kabbalistic codes in order to remove curses and black magic from the root. Combining powerful defenses, repetition of the removal process as much as necessary and a comprehensive program for the rehabilitation of the body and mind, Samuel will help you end the mask of suffering. For more details, call now or leave a message on WhatsApp.

What is Kabbalistic spiritual healing?

Despite the tremendous developments that have taken place in conventional medicine, as the years go by, many seek to broaden their wellness horizons and look for solutions in the emotional and spiritual level as well. A spiritual healer offers an energetic and mystical point of view that opens up new possibilities for answering physical and mental problems and difficulties in all aspects of life. Here, Samuel Zohar Yanai, an experienced holistic healing expert, explains kabbalah healing is and how it is performed.

How is kabbalah healing performed?

The spiritual healing, or kabbalah energy healing process includes the removal of negative energies and various energy blockages to restore the flow of positive energy. There are many types of spiritual healing methods involving the channeling of energy. However, when it comes to kabbalah healing, the process leans on the ancient knowledge of Kabbalah used to perform these actions. By using codes and kabalistic codes, the holistic healing expert removes the negative energies and blockages and promotes a positive flow that contributes to the person’s life.

What is the purpose of the spiritual healer?

The main goal in performing Kabbalistic spiritual therapy is to remove the negative energies and blockages that prevent a person from living a happy and positive life. By restoring the positive and fertile synergy, it is possible to improve motivation, respond to unexplained pains and ailments, improve mood and promote well-being in life. Moreover, those methods can be used to provide healing from black magic and dark energy casted with malicious intents. It is crucial to address only kabbalah experts that refrain from black magic practices and adhere to the kabbalah’s ethical guidelines. Manipulating negative energies and involving others in black magic will mostly result in unexpected consequences and such destructive power will find its way back to you.

How is spiritual black magic healing performed in practice?

Kabbalistic spiritual healing takes place at night, usually between 2 and 4 in the morning. The process is performed without the physical presence of the patient, in complete isolation of the Kabbalistic black magic healer. This solitude ensures the deep concentration required to unite with the spirit world. The ceremony includes a variety of spiritual and energetic actions using ciphers, spiritual codes, and various materials from Kabbalah.

Samuel Zohar Yanai offers a comprehensive spiritual healing process that includes continuous removal processes repeated every 30 days to counteract any further attacks. After the complete removal. Powerful energetic defenses are placed, and the positive energy flow id reopened. Negative energy may affect your life in all aspects. Therefore, Samuel provides a comprehensive consultation to strengthen your body, soul, emotional state, career, and relationships. With a combination of nutritional changes, vitamins, herbs and personal coaching, you will manage to rehabilitate thoroughly from all the dark affects.

Spiritual healer – who should use such services?

Kabbalah healing is intended for anyone suffering from energetic blockages. These blockages may occur in the body, in the mind, in relationships with the person’s family and friends, and even in business activity and career goals. As long as there are negative effects of energetic origin, the spiritual healing process can provide an effective answer to this problem and even improve physical health. Among other things, the Kabbalistic spiritual healing is effective for removing spells, curses, the evil eye, ill wishes, and even negative energies that the affected person itself places and serve as powerful barriers in most life endeavors.

What benefits does black magic healing offer?

Kabbalistic spiritual black magic healing offers a wide range of benefits in the various areas of life:

• Helps restore one’s peace of mind and inner calm
• Relieves emotional stress and anxiety
• Relieves tension and pain in the body

Kabbalistic spiritual healing is suitable for any person, from all religions, creeds and belief systems, and can be used as a natural and complementary way to improve one’s life.
With the right person by your side, Kabbalistic healing can be a powerful tool for releasing and enhancing the positive energies in your life.

Samuel Zohar Yanai invites you to a thorough process, adapted to your unique needs and circumstances in which in-depth kabbalah knowledge is applied and with close and continuous support available for you until the negative effects are completely removed. For more information, you can call now or contact us on WhatsApp.

Black magic removal process

It should be clarified that Samuel does not cast black magic and spells and does not offer any service aimed at harming another person.

Samuel remove spell, black magic, blockages and implement energetic protections. These processes require expertise and extensive knowledge in the worlds of mysticism, spirit, and magic.

The spiritual healer, Samuel Zohar Yanai, is a descendant to a line of Kabbalists. With a broad response to problems in the body, mind and spirit, sensitivity and attention to your needs and personal treatment throughout the process.

The process is discreet and suitable for people of all religions and beliefs, and in accordance with the unique circumstances of the case.

The night before the meeting, I do a thorough check of my great-grandfather’s Kabbalah book and check your unique characteristics according to the ancient knowledge.

I personally believe that there is no use in attending to a mystical problem without taking care of the body as well. That’s why I also give you comprehensive counseling for the body, mind and spirit that connects all the layers of existence into an effective holistic procedure.

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orientation consulting and process adjustment
remove spells, black magic removal, curses, Voodoo, and evil eye, counseling to strengthen the body, mind, and spirit systems. kabbalistic energy healing is performed at night, in seclusion, which requires a lot of concentration and communion with the spirt world, without the presence of the patient.
process completion - final removing of energetic blockages, energy defenses and reopening the energy channels.


Success stories over the years

Skepticism and distrust are key characteristics of the age in which we live. This should not surprise us, considering that many of us consumed our energies and spent money on false attempts.

I invite you to read real stories here and learn about the successes of my clients.

Elad Gil Semech

Elad Gil Semech


I first addressed Samuel Zohar Yanai in 2023, after I started to experience a great deal of tension and emotional distress at the beginning of 2023. Such experience were not typical of me. I was positive it was all part of the day-to-day hustle of the modern world that afflicts me, running from one sale to another, handling the pressure of running a business.
However, things kept taking a turn for the worse. After a while, I started to wake up In the middle of the night feeling suffocated. My mental clarity dissipated, and my thought become vague and inexplicable. After a thorough examination by some practitioners, I have been told that someone had cast a spell upon me. At first, I didn’t believe it. I kept telling myself there is no such thing as spells, and I kept trying to treat the problem with various standard methods of conventional medicine.
I kept on living my life, but life was just not the same anymore. This bad energy seeped into my life dug deep. I couldn’t think clearly, strange thoughts and bad dreams haunted me, I would wake up night after night suffocated. Naturally, after a while my financial situation deteriorated, my relationship started to fall apart, and I experienced all aspects of my life are taking a turn for the worse. I eas in a very bad place. I usually never smokes, cigarettes or anything else. I keep myself in shape, I eat healthy and usually sound in mind and spirit. I didn’t understand what the hell was happening to me.
Eventually, I decided to give spell removal a try. I wondered, maybe there really is such a thing as a spell.

I did an in-depth examination looking for a professional spell removal expert, and finally realized that there is actually only one truly professional expert in the field, and his name is Samuel Zohar Yanai. At first I was a little skeptical, but I was determined to get rid of the bad energy that had entered my life. I did everything Samuel have told me to do, and after about two months I began to feel a significant relief and the negative energy began to disappear from my life, I owe Samuel my deepest thanks. He allowed me to return to my old self and restore my life. Today, I am sleeping like a baby again and I came to my senses. I have to tell you Samuel – you are the best there is! Whenever anyone requires such a service, I will always recommend you.


Yafa Black

business woman

Five years ago I was introduced to Shmuel Buy a dear friend that was sure he would be able to help me I was going through A hard disease and that even my doctors gave up on me , he was determined to heal me and bring me back into my life’s path he would call me twice a day sending me energy and healing instructions over the phone he lives in Israel and I live in Miami Florida the distance did not bother him he had a mission and it was too heal me which he was very successful I am grateful for his kindness persistency and his knowledge too heal and understand what I went through
I would highly recommend him to any loving person I know that ever need any help thank you for being you. Yafa Black Florida



Elementary School Teacher

I just finished reading Lihi Lapid’s column about best female friends .It is a column that describes very well the special bond between female friends , as well as the bond that I had with three of my best friends , whom I lost during the last year , in which I have been receiving fertility treatments .I sat down to write the following lines in order to save the friendships of other women undergoing such treatments .Are friendships tested during difficult times , and does the fact that I lost them mean that they were apparently not strong enough or were from an impure place ? Apparently so. In any case, during different periods in my life, I had collected three good girlfriends in whom I invested a lot in my friendship with them. I had already lost the first girlfriend during the first treatment; apparently something was already shaky beforehand. I lost the second one during the last treatment and the third: Somewhere along the way. Since my life until now has been a string of fun and positive experiences, successes and a lot of happiness, this was the first time that our friendship had to cope with a prolonged and difficult situation that I’m dealing difficult? Parting in general and parting from coupledom is a difficult thing – and I experienced this several times. Those friendships succeeded wonderfully. Fertility treatments are much harder: Hormonal, emotional and physical changes. You don’t really live your life, but rather some other woman’s life and long for the day that you can go back to being you. I won’t try to give more details because only someone undergoing the process can truly understand (but not always). When you are under the influence of hormones (put 100 girls having their period or pregnant in one room – it doesn’t come close to this in power) all you need is support, acceptance and understanding. My three best girlfriends disappointed me and were insensitive. They didn’t gather me in and didn’t understand. I had already lost them. To all those women whose girlfriends are getting fertility treatments, be there for them and wait until they return to being themselves. They want this more than you do. They also have all the excuses in the world: it’s out of their control; they’re flooded with hormones, etc. Even if they become distant, don’t hold a grudge. Show them that you’re there for them all the time. This is the time to be supersensitive and just hug, love and gather them in. And that’s it, nothing more. The only person who is really helping me cope with the physical, mental and emotional difficulties is the amazing Shmuel Zohar Yanai. He is a glorious person. It has been a tremendous privilege for me to know him. From the moment I met him, my life completely changed. He believes in me and has been with me almost from the beginning of the process. Thanks to him I’m a much more positive person. I now see life from a totally different perspective. Shmuel , I won a prize in this lifetime; apparently, and in spite of everything, I must have done something good to have been blessed with the privilege of knowing you. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Shiran

The first time I spoke with you I was very skeptical about you. My mental and physical emotions were not at their best, and I thought to myself that this is just the daily pressure I live undunder,d I was apparently considered “healthy.” In your opinion , I needed to cleanse myself .I didn’t quite understand what you meant , so I didn’t take your statements and guidance seriously .Less than two weeks later I got very sick with a stomach virus that I couldn’t get rid of , and you once again urged me to act in the way that you chose for me , and by then I was already willing to do anything to get well .After a few months you told me that there’s no bug , and that everything was coming from the liver and you once again put me on nutrition and vitamins that would make me feel stronger .In my stubbornness and the skepticism that I had about you , I turned to naturopathy , where I was asked to do general tests , and they showed that I really had no bug in the stomach , but rather a liver problem and they recommended treatment for me and the same vitamins that you recommended to me .This is when I finally understood that you have something beyond within you .I was amazed to discover that without ever seeing me and without knowing any of the blood test results , you could have known exactly what is going on with me .
when I met you I was smoking hashish and didn’t see myself ever quitting .At the beginning that put me off so much that I internalized that this was the only way you could put me back on track , especially in light of the fact that when I met you I was smoking hashish and didn’t see myself ever quitting .it was everything to me , calming me down and making me happy and stimulating my appetite… it was so hard to quit , and now I can’t believe that I ever smoked , although the process was long and exhausting with ups and downs , but the quality of my life improved greatly , and I also know that from now on many more successes and surprises await me on my journey .Therefore , dear Shmuel , I want to apologize for all the aggravation I caused you all during this time , for not always believing in you , and most importantly , to thank the Creator of the Universe for creating a person like you , and you for your persistence and uncompromising help .




Desire is one of the principal thought processes that bring about success. I arrived with a tremendous desire to try and understand what my destiny is and how to reach it , and I had the good fortune of meeting a charismatic and amazing Spiritual healer with a gigantic soul and even more gigantic spirit of giving , who always knows when to raise morale exactly at the weakest points , exactly during the big and small stumbles .He knows every part of the body and soul… he knows my innermost soul , asks the right questions and gives the right answers for me .When will it hurt ? Why will it hurt? Why pain? What is it made of? What is the way there? So much responsibility on your shoulders! The wonders of the soul – I believed in myself and took myself in hand because I couldn’t stand the existing situation .I felt stuck and paralyzed from making the change , so scared of taking a different step from what I knew until that meeting with you .And today , I feel terrific about myself , even though there are even bigger stumbles sometimes , because the higher your reach the more your fall will hurt , but… and it’s a big “but:” you are always there to embrace those falls and teach me to give them space in my life so that they will pass much more quickly .Shmuel , I don’t believe how you led me to amazing results so quickly .I want to thank you beyond your lessons and daily phone calls , personal attention , desire to succeed and ability to sweep me up after you , strengthen me and prevent me from giving up… for these I want to thank you , so… thank you so much for everything , for your encouragement and support , persistence , your humane and very professional approach .And thank you for the tremendous friendship for life. Chen Bartender


Flora Ben Shimon


With the help of G-d Dear Shmuel Zohar Yanai, as a believing woman, I know how important it is to be grateful to one who has treated me well. You have been successful in being a good emissary who has been sent to me from the heavens to help me where many others have failed. After ten years of being disconnected from my son who married a woman who distanced my dear son from me , years of searching and attempts , communication with everyone who could help me , a waste of a lot of energy and money , for nothing .The Creator did not forget my prayers , the sorrow and tears that I cried every day .Several months ago when I again tried to search for a genuine response I succeeded in finding you , and in my heart I knew that you were the most appropriate emissary to help me .How symbolic , I found you on Lag BaOmer , the day of the celebration in memory of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai , a day of redemptions .Already after our first meeting , after you read to me the page that opened in the Book of Zohar – I confirmed that that was indeed what I feel .A mother whereby a fortified wall separates between her and her beloved son .I went to sleep calmly and the following day I felt that something was moving , my energy was more open and fresh . After only two weeks, on the eve of Shavuot (Pentecost), my son called me to wish me a happy festival. This is not something that goes without saying!! I had not spoken to him for two years by phone at all. I was so confused I didn’t know how to respond; I was amazed…..the redemption had arrived faster than I had expected. Sinceam. Fordo. With great appreciation ,Flora Ben Shimon – Teacher of Education


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