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Black magic removal: The complete process

Have you been feeling weak and defeated for a long time? Feeling “stuck” and helpless? If, despite all efforts to get rid of the situation, nothing seems to help, you may have been under black magic.

The people of faith among us who are willing to devote themselves to the process may discover that the process of black magic removal carried out by an expert versed in the wisdom of Kabbalah will provide the desired answer.

Diagnosis and advice are given through a WhatsApp or Video Call without your physical presence. The process is adapted to all faiths and religions worldwide and tailored to your needs anywhere.

Samuel Zohar Yanai invites you to a comprehensive process backed by in-depth knowledge to provide a balm for the adverse effects that have befallen you.

Black magic removal must be done quickly to prevent aggravation

Many today choose to turn to psychics to free themselves from harmful situations.

The heartbreak can be great when the person who turns to them discovers he has spent a considerable fortune looking for counseling and spiritual guidance, and nothing has changed.

Why is this happening?

We must clarify—that contacting any person who performs negative mystical actions forbidden by the religion, even for black magic removal purposes, will only lead to negative results.

Contacting the spirit of the dead is causing a great disturbance to the deceased.

The teachings of Kabbalah strongly oppose any use of such spirit for the psychic’s financial needs and interests.

From the moment you turned such a person, we are harassing the spirits of the dead.

This will inevitably lead to harmful, energetic situations in the spiritual world. According to Kabbalah, the only thing that can be done for the deceased is to say Kaddish for the dead’s soul ascension.

Therefore, we must turn to a person knowledgeable in the wisdom of Kabbalah and act by the spiritual ethics required of those who engage in this craft of black magic.

Every moment we spend our time and money on people who act negatively, the spell cast on us intensifies and increases.

The biblical prohibition of necromancy for black magic remove

Addressing the dead is a prohibition from the Torah.

The Torah warns against this practice already in the book of Deuteronomy:

“There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer” (Deuteronomy 18:10).

In the Bible, King Saul meets with the Ascensionist and demands that she raise the spirit of Prophet Samuel. The Ascensionist refuses, and Saul begs her to do so.

When the Prophet Samuel was finally brought up in a vision, he said to the king, ” Why hast thou disquieted me to bring me up?” King Saul answered that he wanted to know the war’s outcome, and Samuel, the prophet, said he would die for this.

Traditionally, necromancy was intended to predict the future or prophecy, although it was sometimes applied for other purposes as well, including removing black magic.

The craft is frowned upon by most cultures and forbidden in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Those who choose this way of removing spells cause the following adverse effects:

1. Spiritual damage due to the disturbance to the deceased’s rest

2. Investing large sums of money in a person without spiritual or kabbalah knowledge and inner integrity. In most cases, a person who hears hidden voices requires psychiatric treatment.

3. Sometimes, the damage to the soul of the deceased is irreversible because no Kaddish was performed [to ascend the soul] after the soul might have cursed the psychic. The spirit of the deceased continues to roam our world restlessly.

4. The psychic’s negative actions will lead to negative energetic blockages and delay a practical and authentic black magic removal process, which will cause aggravation.

It should be noted that removing a spell is an operation that requires comprehensive knowledge of Kabbalah, various Kabbalah ciphers, codes of secret books, and the spiritual ethics of the person performing the spell removal.

Samuel Zohar Yanai strongly opposes disturbing the spirit world for self-interested purposes. He will not be able to use his spiritual abilities and knowledge to disturb and harm the deceased [may they rest in heaven].

Removal of black magic – the complete process that awaits you

Every black magic removal process at Samuel Zohar Yanai begins with an in-depth characterization of the cases’ circumstances, their severity, and the person’s unique needs.

The consultation and the process do not require a physical visit and can be done in video meetings on Zoom or WhatsApp.

an ongoing process

In most cases, it will be tough to perform a thorough black magic removal in one go.

Therefore, Samuel Zohar Yanai accompanies you comprehensively and performs repeated black magic removal every thirty days in constant communication until it can be guaranteed that the spell has been entirely removed.

Removal of all types of spells and spiritual vulnerabilities

This is much more than black magic removal.

In the process, we shall remove the evil eye, curses, and Leshon Ha’ra. After removing these effects, robust, energetic defenses will be designed to ensure the harmful process will not repeat itself.

The Process I Perform When Removing Black Magic and Spells

Removing black magic is a meticulous process that adheres to the principles of Kabbalah and Halacha. This intricate procedure requires deep concentration and complete isolation to ensure its efficacy.

1 – Preparation and Timing

The process typically occurs between 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM. This specific time frame is chosen because it aligns with the principles of Kabbalah, which state that spiritual healing is most effective during these early morning hours. Notably, the physical presence of the affected person is not required, allowing the treatment to be effective regardless of their location.

2 – Ritual Cleansing

Before commencing the removal of black magic, it is essential to undergo a ritual cleansing. This involves immersing myself in a mikveh (ritual bath), a river, or the sea. Additionally, I perform a ritual immersion in the Dead Sea once a week. These practices help purify my energy and prepare me for the spiritual work ahead.

3 – Preparing the Environment

The room where the ceremony takes place must be thoroughly purified beforehand. This preparation includes ensuring that the space is free from any sources of electricity, including electric lights and electronic devices. The absence of artificial energy sources is crucial because they can interfere with the natural energy frequencies needed for the ritual.

4 – Isolation and Concentration

Complete isolation is necessary for this process. The affected person must not be physically present to ensure that I can maintain optimal concentration. This isolation helps create a focused environment where the energy can be directed precisely.

5 – Incorporating the Four Elements

When the ceremony begins, I prepare kabbalistic materials that incorporate the four elements: earth, water, fire, and wind. These elements are fundamental in Kabbalistic rituals and are used to balance and direct energy effectively.

6 – Performing the Ritual

During the ritual, I whisper incantations that involve kabbalistic codes and ciphers. This chanting, combined with the use of the four elements, helps to channel positive energy from myself to the person affected by the black magic. The goal is to remove the negative influences and restore the individual’s natural energy balance.

7 – Reopening Energy Channels

Once the spell is removed, the blocked energy channels in the affected person are reopened. This restoration allows the person’s energy to flow freely again, helping them regain their natural state of well-being.

8 – Establishing Energetic Protection

After the black magic removal ceremony is complete, I create an energetic protection for the person who was afflicted. This protective barrier helps safeguard them from future negative influences. If the black magic was particularly strong, the entire process might need to be repeated after 30 days to ensure complete removal.

By following these detailed steps, the process of removing black magic becomes a comprehensive approach to restoring balance and protection to those affected.

Strengthening every black magic removal through various practices

Spells affect a person in all areas of his life without exception.

They weaken the body and mind, deteriorate relationships with loved ones, and harm a person’s livelihood and business, often also his family.

To ensure that the bewitched person’s body, soul, and significant circle can handle the process in the best possible way, I provide nutritional advice and recommendations on herbs and supplements, as well as business advice and personal coaching, alongside the black magic removal process.

Reopening of the energy channels

Once the spell removal process is complete, I will perform a series of actions designed to re-open the energetic channels now that all blockages have been completely removed.

Start your black magic today to ensure a better tomorrow

Each day we procrastinate allows the spell to intensify and expand within us. The negative results will not be late to come. A quick response will significantly improve the chances of an optimal black magic removal.

I invite you to contact me here and now to stop this dangerous trend. I am here, available for you, and committed to you. For more information, for any questions, and to schedule a consultation, you can contact us now on the website, WhatsApp, or phone.

Why are spells called “Lahash” (whisper) in Hebrew?

To better understand how the black magic removal process is carried out, we must first understand the origin of spells.

It is known that Tefilat Shmone Esre is said in a whisper.

According to Jewish law, in the part where it is written “And the rains of blessing stopped”, the worshiper is obliged not to say this sentence but only to recite it “by heart”.

This is because Judaism attributes tremendous energetic power to words and thoughts.

A study on water molecules by the Japanese scientist Masaru Amoto revealed what happens to water after it is cursed and/or blessed.

You can learn more about the research on the website’s Removing the Evil Eye page.

Spells are also done with a whisper

The sorcerer says the word and whispers it in a quiet tone.

According to Kabbalah, the only language to undo spells or witchcraft is Aramaic.

Therefore, when we say Kaddish to the deceased, we do not use Hebrew in the prayer for the deceased’s soul ascension.

This is why one should not use the services of a person who claims to be an expert in black magic removal if he is unfamiliar with the Aramaic language.

According to Halacha, he will not be able to remove the spell.

It should be clarified that Samuel strongly opposes casting spells intended to harm a person. Samuel specializes in removing and canceling spells and will not perform any action intended to harm another person.

Black magic removal the complete process

Ancient spells and black magic were removed in ancient times

Ancient witchcraft formed an integral part of the core beliefs and culture of a variety of peoples and cultures almost everywhere around the world.

It took an integral part of all aspects of life for various people in antiquity.

They instilled confidence in the face of the forces of nature and existential difficulties and helped protect against diseases and epidemics.

The ancient sorcerers had a special status among kings, nobles, and commoners.

It was widespread in the cultures of the Near East, Egypt, and ancient Greece and Rome.

The status of the sorcerers was divided into several main categories:

witch doctors

Ancient doctors served as both shamans and healers.

They used different herbs, most growing wild in the fields and forests.

They would prepare healing concoctions from them to treat diseases or wounds or various strengthening potions and use them in rituals for blessings or curses or casting spells against enemy nations or private individuals.

Witch doctors who worked in the cultures of the Near East and especially in Mesopotamia such as the members of the Hittite and Babylonian cultures, used to read in the internal organs of animals, mainly domestic animals such as sheep, but also of wild animals such as deer and bears.

Reading lamb’s liver for various magical rituals was widespread as far back as ancient Greece and Rome.

sorcerer priests

The phenomenon of sorcerer priests refers mainly to pharaonic Egypt.

These priests, or “Khartumim” of Egypt were considered on one hand as religious priests and on the other hand sorcerers with mystical powers.

These used wands, enchanted swords, oaths and magic powders.

The purpose of these spells was first and foremost to protect the king and the royal court.

The most well-known and common story in the Bible is that of Pharaoh and Moses, which tells of spells cast by the Egyptians in front of Moses.

The sorcerer priests also existed in Zoroastrianism (the ancient Persian religion).

These priests knew how to perform spells mainly through fire, the sun or any other sources of flames or light.

Sorcerer craftsmen

In many ancient societies, people considered masters of conversation, writing, music, and plastic art were sometimes considered to be working through an external divine power.

According to ancient beliefs, these artisans had an ability that was considered a gift from God and their art was considered a means of performing magic (by sculptures they created, amulets they wrote, etc.).

A prominent example of a sorcerer craftsman is Moses, who was a master of sorcery and was able to overcome the Egyptian sorcerers thanks to his high abilities.

Another example is the oracle from Delphi who predicted fortunes through oil, water and other means and could also perform spells.

Even Pandora, who kept a closed box in which all human evil was contained, was well versed in spells.

Astrology and fortune-telling

The ancient Mesopotamians, among their various peoples, would extensively use ancient astrology signs to cast spells.

Using ancient astrology and divination (rain, stones of various types, signs of fire), they tried to read the future and influence it through magic.

Over a thousand years later, Merlin the mage, according to the story, also engaged in ancient witchcraft, communicated with spirits, and helped humans with all kinds of magical means.

In this category you can also merge the use of spirits in the cultures of the Fertile Crescent (from the Sumerians to the Babylonians).

These sorcerers communicated with spirits in order to perform spells, some of them highly harmful.

Fortunetelling sorcerers

This field was mainly controlled by ancient witches, who cast spells based on dream prediction, dream resolution, and hallucinations.

These processes are designed to influence the future through spells.

By listening to dreams, analyzing, and solving them and causing imaginary hallucinations, they cast spells on others.

It’s time to stop the negative influence that has occurred you

Samuel Zohar Yanai invites you to enter a process of release from the negative energies standing in your way forward. Using a variety of methods backed by age-old and comprehensive knowledge, unique techniques, and close and discreet accompaniment, energetic blockages, spells, black magic, spells, and more could be removed.

For more information on black magic removal and to schedule an appointment, contact us today via WhatsApp or by phone.

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