spells removal

spells removal

Have you come to the conclusion that curses or spells may have been cast upon you and turned to a person who presented himself as an expert eho knows how to remove spells? The frustration can be great when it becomes clear that your money was invested in a person was of no use.

There are many reasons why the black magic removal or spell removal process may fail. That’s why choosing the right person is critical. It is quite complex to remove spells and requires a thorough knowledge of the wisdom of Kabbalah and the codes of the Book of Zohar.

The way out from your blockages and frustrations is already paved. All that remains is to choose the right path. Samuel Zohar Yanai specializes in removing spells according to the wisdom of Kabbalah and will accompany you to a full removal of the negative energy that afflicted you.

The process is conducted discreetly, in complete isolation and does not require the person’s physical presence. The Spells  removal can be done in Zoom or WhatsApp video calls from anywhere in the world. The process is precisely adapted to your needs and is suitable for people of all faiths and religions regardless of gender, race, and nationality.

To remove spells the right person is key

There are many professionals who offer to remove spells. It is very possible that if you approached, for example, a coffee reader, palm reader or similar. He or she claimed that a spell or curse was cast on you and therefore your future and present are blocked.

After paying considerable sums, no decent result was received right?

There are several reasons why the spell removal process didn’t work:

A. Divination is a dubious activity that has no basis in Jewish mysticism. If she indeed possess the power to predict fortunes, she could know what the stock prices will be tomorrow and she certainly had no need for your money.

B. A coffee reader does not have the knowledge required to remove spells. She is not proficient in Kabbalah or the Aramaic language and has no knowledge of the hidden codes of Kabbalah and the Zohar.

C. From the moment we turn to someone who prophesies false prophecies, we have actually chosen someone who lacks integrity and credibility.
Therefore, it is advisable and worthwhile to contact to remove spells only a person who is an expert in the field to avoid frustration.

Samuel Zohar Yanai is strongly opposed to fortune telling and the false representations that this practice entails, certainly when it comes to reducing false hopes in a person in need. Samuel provides counseling designed to mend the present and future of those who turn to him and to remove spells only in accordance with the principles of spiritual ethics that obligate a person in the field.

It should be clarified that Samuel opposes any use of his knowledge in order to harm another person. Casting a spell on the spirit of a person, which is part of the soul of the Creator, is a magical action against the deity.

Remove spells – what is the process and what is available to you through me that is not available elsewhere?

To remove spells, one requires expertise in a variety of fields and above all – a long-term commitment. Each person is unique. therefore, their needs also vary.

This is why I adhere to a personalized and discreet process and provide unique tools that will provide an accurate response to your circumstances. The remove spells process is suitable for all people regardless of race or gender and for people of all religions and beliefs.

The process is carried out in seclusion and communion with the spiritual world and requires a lot of concentration. Therefore, it is performed during the night without the presence of the patient and does not require any physical arrival to the place.

1. Not a one time spells removal trick but a long-term answer!

It is almost impossible to undo a spell in a single act. Every thirty days, I repeatedly remove
spells and energetic blockages, and examine the effects until they are completely

An answer to all mystical blockages and vulnerabilities

I remove evil eye, curses and Leshon Hara and after completing all remove spells processes, I perform energetic defenses designed to ensure that the attacking party cannot exert any further negative influence.

2. Remove spells and mend all areas of life

The spell spreads into all aspects of your existence. It may harm your health, your mental stability, your family and even your business and livelihood. To give you a complete answer, I provide nutritional advice and herbal balm and business consulting and coaching processes that will allow you to get stronger in all aspects while we work to remove spells.

3. An answer to all mystical blockages and vulnerabilities

I remove evil eye, curses and Leshon Hara and after completing all remove spells processes,
I perform energetic defenses designed to ensure that the attacking party cannot exert any
further negative influence.

4. Reopening the energy channels

After all the blockages have been removed and the energetic flow will return to its normal state, I will open the energetic channels in order to return the situation to normal.

What benefit can be derived from the act of spells removal?

The benefit depends on the commitment to the process and the speed with which the
appropriate person is approached. The more precisely we act according to the required process and as soon as possible – the more likely we are to achieve proper results.

Every day that the spell is not treated, like any other negative condition that is not treated, it also continues to increase. To remove spells, I invite you to contact me now.

What is the luck and wealth locking spell and how can you remove it?

The luck and wealth locking spell is a magical action in which a sorcerer or another person locks another person’s luck.

Usually, the sorcerer uses a physical lock and ciphers and codes from the witchcraft world to cast the spell. Sometimes, the sorcerer performs a series of additional rituals to lock away the victim’s luck, business, family, and any other source of good and abundance.

What are burial spells removal?

This is the most severe cases of black magic. In various cultures around the world, burial spells are used to cause the death of the attacked or to cause them extreme harm.

In this process, the sorcerers take the victim’s personal item such as a picture, hair, or clothing, go to the cemetery and bury the item. In addition, a magical ceremony is performed that sometimes includes live sacrifices or writing ciphers and amulets.

Remove Spells

Witchcraft traditions and spell removal around the world

Traditions of using witchcraft are divided, among other things, according to the characteristics of different geographical areas. African witchcraft is nothing like European
witchcraft and Asian witchcraft is not at all close to Native American witchcraft traditions.
Therefore, the geographical areas of life in all their forms and characteristics constituted an important element in the developments of various witchcraft traditions.

Scandinavian witchcraft

Scandinavian witchcraft (also known as Nordic or Old Norman witchcraft) developed among tribes that lived in Alaska (Inuit, ancestors of the Eskimos), as well as Sami tribes that arrived in Finland and Norway, estimated to be about 3000 years ago.

Northern witchcraft was influenced by two main sources: first from shamanism and then from principles from Norse mythology. The northern sorcerer who developed as a result of these two traditions used several elements:

• Shapeshifting and consciousness altering (via trance):

the sorcerer often changed consciousness to that of a bear, wolf or crow. The mind magic through these animals was usually used for war purposes, or tribal dangers and less for personal purposes.

• Using letters for witchcraft:

At a later stage, the use of letters symbolizing the names of the various Norse gods (Thor, Loki, Odin) entered in order to help for personal and therapeutic purposes.

Later, the use of a large wooden hammer began, which was named after the god Thor “Hammer of Thor”. It also symbolized the transfer of physical power and
personal empowerment to the patient or tribe.

Huna Witchcraft (Hawaiian witchcraft and spell removal tradition)

According to archaeological and historical estimates, the witchcraft of fortune began in prehistoric times and was considered by many researchers as the oldest witchcraft tradition in the world. (that is, about 10,000 years ago).

Since Hawaii is an isolated island, but with a tropical climate, forests, volcanoes and dangerous animals, the tradition of witchcraft and the phenomenon of witches was very widespread there and is active to this day.

The Huna spell is taught from teacher to student and includes journeys and wanderings in the natural spaces of Hawaii. In this witchcraft tradition, high physical abilities were required from the sorcerer which are not necessary in other witchcraft traditions.

Among other things, mental balance, and high self-discipline. In fact, the fortune teller must be a completely healthy person physically and mentally.

Removing spells and fortune-telling is carried out in several main ways:

A. Contact with spirits (not demons), to solve problems, appease spirits from harming
humans and ward off evil spirits. The contact does not necessarily include the common use of amulets or rituals that make use of objects or animals, but rather dialogues with the spirits and the sorcerer’s oath to the spirits not to harm them.

B. Ecstatic singing and dancing.

C. Using fire (bonfires at low or medium height).

D. Using water (swimming, sailing, immersion).

Aboriginal witchcraftsnd spells removal

The aborigines of Australia are considered to be one of the most ancient peoples on earth and it is estimated that they have existed continuously for over 50 thousand years.

A unique feature of Aboriginal witchcraft that does not exist in other types of witchcraft is the fact that this culture does not have a script and therefore theirspiritual history is recorded through paintings.

The Aboriginal sorcerer also acquires his skill from a sorcerer teacher who preceded him. He mainly uses messages from dreams and beliefs and combines trance with animal bones, various objects, paintings, and conversations.

In Aboriginal witchcraft, the sorcerer is actually performing as a psychologist, using the patient’s dreams to provide assistance. The ultimate goal in Aboriginal witchcraft is to promote physical and mental stability in the patient.

Remove spells with close assistance until the process is completed

Now, you have the opportunity to remove any negative influence from your life with the help of a Kabbalah expert who has spent years studying the ancient wisdom.

Samuel Zohar Yanai invites you to remove spells and any obstacles in your journey to the good you desire. On the site you will find many more fascinating contents about the world of mysticism and witchcraft that will allow you to get to know the field in depth.

For more information and to schedule a consultation, you can leave details on the website or contact us now on WhatsApp or by phone.

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