Elad Gil Semech

Elad Gil Semech

Businessman and emotional therapist

I first addressed Samuel Zohar Yanai in 2023, after I started to experience a great deal of tension and emotional distress at the beginning of 2023. Such experience were not typical of me. I was positive it was all part of the day-to-day hustle of the modern world that afflicts me, running from one sale to another, handling the pressure of running a business.
However, things kept taking a turn for the worse. After a while, I started to wake up In the middle of the night feeling suffocated. My mental clarity dissipated, and my thought become vague and inexplicable. After a thorough examination by some practitioners, I have been told that someone had cast a spell upon me. At first, I didn’t believe it. I kept telling myself there is no such thing as spells, and I kept trying to treat the problem with various standard methods of conventional medicine.
I kept on living my life, but life was just not the same anymore. This bad energy seeped into my life dug deep. I couldn’t think clearly, strange thoughts and bad dreams haunted me, I would wake up night after night suffocated. Naturally, after a while my financial situation deteriorated, my relationship started to fall apart, and I experienced all aspects of my life are taking a turn for the worse. I eas in a very bad place. I usually never smokes, cigarettes or anything else. I keep myself in shape, I eat healthy and usually sound in mind and spirit. I didn’t understand what the hell was happening to me.
Eventually, I decided to give spell removal a try. I wondered, maybe there really is such a thing as a spell.

I did an in-depth examination looking for a professional spell removal expert, and finally realized that there is actually only one truly professional expert in the field, and his name is Samuel Zohar Yanai. At first I was a little skeptical, but I was determined to get rid of the bad energy that had entered my life. I did everything Samuel have told me to do, and after about two months I began to feel a significant relief and the negative energy began to disappear from my life, I owe Samuel my deepest thanks. He allowed me to return to my old self and restore my life. Today, I am sleeping like a baby again and I came to my senses. I have to tell you Samuel – you are the best there is! Whenever anyone requires such a service, I will always recommend you.


Yafa Black

business woman

Five years ago I was introduced to Shmuel Buy a dear friend that was sure he would be able to help me I was going through A hard disease and that even my doctors gave up on me , he was determined to heal me and bring me back into my life’s path he would call me twice a day sending me energy and healing instructions over the phone he lives in Israel and I live in Miami Florida the distance did not bother him he had a mission and it was too heal me which he was very successful I am grateful for his kindness persistency and his knowledge too heal and understand what I went through
I would highly recommend him to any loving person I know that ever need any help thank you for being you. Yafa Black Florida



Elementary School Teacher

I just finished reading Lihi Lapid’s column about best female friends .It is a column that describes very well the special bond between female friends , as well as the bond that I had with three of my best friends , whom I lost during the last year , in which I have been receiving fertility treatments .I sat down to write the following lines in order to save the friendships of other women undergoing such treatments .Are friendships tested during difficult times , and does the fact that I lost them mean that they were apparently not strong enough or were from an impure place ? Apparently so. In any case, during different periods in my life, I had collected three good girlfriends in whom I invested a lot in my friendship with them. I had already lost the first girlfriend during the first treatment; apparently something was already shaky beforehand. I lost the second one during the last treatment and the third: Somewhere along the way. Since my life until now has been a string of fun and positive experiences, successes and a lot of happiness, this was the first time that our friendship had to cope with a prolonged and difficult situation that I’m dealing difficult? Parting in general and parting from coupledom is a difficult thing – and I experienced this several times. Those friendships succeeded wonderfully. Fertility treatments are much harder: Hormonal, emotional and physical changes. You don’t really live your life, but rather some other woman’s life and long for the day that you can go back to being you. I won’t try to give more details because only someone undergoing the process can truly understand (but not always). When you are under the influence of hormones (put 100 girls having their period or pregnant in one room – it doesn’t come close to this in power) all you need is support, acceptance and understanding. My three best girlfriends disappointed me and were insensitive. They didn’t gather me in and didn’t understand. I had already lost them. To all those women whose girlfriends are getting fertility treatments, be there for them and wait until they return to being themselves. They want this more than you do. They also have all the excuses in the world: it’s out of their control; they’re flooded with hormones, etc. Even if they become distant, don’t hold a grudge. Show them that you’re there for them all the time. This is the time to be supersensitive and just hug, love and gather them in. And that’s it, nothing more. The only person who is really helping me cope with the physical, mental and emotional difficulties is the amazing Shmuel Zohar Yanai. He is a glorious person. It has been a tremendous privilege for me to know him. From the moment I met him, my life completely changed. He believes in me and has been with me almost from the beginning of the process. Thanks to him I’m a much more positive person. I now see life from a totally different perspective. Shmuel , I won a prize in this lifetime; apparently, and in spite of everything, I must have done something good to have been blessed with the privilege of knowing you. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Shiran

The first time I spoke with you I was very skeptical about you. My mental and physical emotions were not at their best, and I thought to myself that this is just the daily pressure I live undunder,d I was apparently considered “healthy.” In your opinion , I needed to cleanse myself .I didn’t quite understand what you meant , so I didn’t take your statements and guidance seriously .Less than two weeks later I got very sick with a stomach virus that I couldn’t get rid of , and you once again urged me to act in the way that you chose for me , and by then I was already willing to do anything to get well .After a few months you told me that there’s no bug , and that everything was coming from the liver and you once again put me on nutrition and vitamins that would make me feel stronger .In my stubbornness and the skepticism that I had about you , I turned to naturopathy , where I was asked to do general tests , and they showed that I really had no bug in the stomach , but rather a liver problem and they recommended treatment for me and the same vitamins that you recommended to me .This is when I finally understood that you have something beyond within you .I was amazed to discover that without ever seeing me and without knowing any of the blood test results , you could have known exactly what is going on with me .
when I met you I was smoking hashish and didn’t see myself ever quitting .At the beginning that put me off so much that I internalized that this was the only way you could put me back on track , especially in light of the fact that when I met you I was smoking hashish and didn’t see myself ever quitting .it was everything to me , calming me down and making me happy and stimulating my appetite… it was so hard to quit , and now I can’t believe that I ever smoked , although the process was long and exhausting with ups and downs , but the quality of my life improved greatly , and I also know that from now on many more successes and surprises await me on my journey .Therefore , dear Shmuel , I want to apologize for all the aggravation I caused you all during this time , for not always believing in you , and most importantly , to thank the Creator of the Universe for creating a person like you , and you for your persistence and uncompromising help .




Desire is one of the principal thought processes that bring about success. I arrived with a tremendous desire to try and understand what my destiny is and how to reach it , and I had the good fortune of meeting a charismatic and amazing Spiritual healer with a gigantic soul and even more gigantic spirit of giving , who always knows when to raise morale exactly at the weakest points , exactly during the big and small stumbles .He knows every part of the body and soul… he knows my innermost soul , asks the right questions and gives the right answers for me .When will it hurt ? Why will it hurt? Why pain? What is it made of? What is the way there? So much responsibility on your shoulders! The wonders of the soul – I believed in myself and took myself in hand because I couldn’t stand the existing situation .I felt stuck and paralyzed from making the change , so scared of taking a different step from what I knew until that meeting with you .And today , I feel terrific about myself , even though there are even bigger stumbles sometimes , because the higher your reach the more your fall will hurt , but… and it’s a big “but:” you are always there to embrace those falls and teach me to give them space in my life so that they will pass much more quickly .Shmuel , I don’t believe how you led me to amazing results so quickly .I want to thank you beyond your lessons and daily phone calls , personal attention , desire to succeed and ability to sweep me up after you , strengthen me and prevent me from giving up… for these I want to thank you , so… thank you so much for everything , for your encouragement and support , persistence , your humane and very professional approach .And thank you for the tremendous friendship for life. Chen Bartender


Flora Ben Shimon


With the help of G-d Dear Shmuel Zohar Yanai, as a believing woman, I know how important it is to be grateful to one who has treated me well. You have been successful in being a good emissary who has been sent to me from the heavens to help me where many others have failed. After ten years of being disconnected from my son who married a woman who distanced my dear son from me , years of searching and attempts , communication with everyone who could help me , a waste of a lot of energy and money , for nothing .The Creator did not forget my prayers , the sorrow and tears that I cried every day .Several months ago when I again tried to search for a genuine response I succeeded in finding you , and in my heart I knew that you were the most appropriate emissary to help me .How symbolic , I found you on Lag BaOmer , the day of the celebration in memory of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai , a day of redemptions .Already after our first meeting , after you read to me the page that opened in the Book of Zohar – I confirmed that that was indeed what I feel .A mother whereby a fortified wall separates between her and her beloved son .I went to sleep calmly and the following day I felt that something was moving , my energy was more open and fresh . After only two weeks, on the eve of Shavuot (Pentecost), my son called me to wish me a happy festival. This is not something that goes without saying!! I had not spoken to him for two years by phone at all. I was so confused I didn’t know how to respond; I was amazed…..the redemption had arrived faster than I had expected. Sinceam. Fordo. With great appreciation ,Flora Ben Shimon – Teacher of Education

סבינה רפאל

Sabina Rafael

An International Makeup Artist For Films And Television

In 2011, I suggested from Shmuel the Spiritual healer friendship on Facebook, for about a year I wanted to ask Shmuel help, but my financial situation was Wo worse. Eventually could not take it anymore, so I took some courage and I turned to him for advice. My first conversation with Shmuel was when my mother was in hospital. She was very ill , mental and economic conditions were very bad .Shmuel asked me over the phone lots of questions .I told him that in my mother’s house did spells .It was not difficult to identify on the house’s door the pig grease stains and other signs such as needles and fabrics at the entrance door of the house , which has no logical explanation for how they had been there .My mother always claimed she thought the neighbor did Spells to all kinds of people and suspected her .As one who believes that all those things couldn’t exist I ignored her believes .My mother used to go to all sorts of ” Kabbalists” and paid a lot of money .The result was a complete failure .Shmuel told me he was going to do to my mother and I a spell that remove the curse from us .He also told me to do some things , plus Shmuel told me that the person who spells my mother would be hurt , because when you remove spells all negative energies automatically go back to the person who did the spells .Once Shmuel remove the spells suddenly in about two weeks my mother was released from the hospital .The neighbor who did the spell got Cardiac Arrest . I was shocked. I came back to life, and I became professional makeup instructor male and female model. In the same breath I met an amazing guy and we have been together for about 7 years. Shmuel is a good man and kindness. Lots of thank for who you are and that you have been there for me. Wishing you all the strength to continue doing what you’re best at. It is no coincidence that God brought us together and put you in my life. I believe that nothing just happens and I have no doubt that you are a messenger.


David Buzaglo

company owner Dotweb

When I first heard that you are a Medium I raised an eyebrow, but after a brief meeting with you I decided that you are the best person that is connected to the ground! I got from you lots of useful advices in our first meeting for improving my company. This made me particularly effective and the results were immediate .After series of meetings you made removing negative energies and I have got rid of customers wasting my precious time and since then entering the company clients that I really want them .Thanks you for listening even in unconventional hours and your useful advices that have raised the company moves to another level with clients who appreciate and encourage us every opportunity and of course pay money .Today the company has a vision and practical tools to achieve it and most importantly I have quality time with my wife and child and a fulfilling lives when the business serves me and doesn’t take precious time and sacrifice (what used to be legitimate and normal …). After all business and money is not everything in life .Shmuel , thanks to you, today I understand how to run my company and how to be a real manager and manage the company right , same time to be part of the family unit and be a good friend (be available if needed) and succeed in all .I must admit that you can motivate people to action .I’ll never forget that one evening I returned from a meeting with you and I went to my office to plan and implement programs that arose at our meeting , I was full of energy of action and renewal .Happy on our meeting . I have gained truly guide and teacher for life and more importantly a true friend.


Sarit Ben Moshe

Master NLP

Thank-You Letters To feel gratitude without expressing it is like wrapping a gift without giving it. – William Arthur WardI got to know Shmuel in an unusual way , and it is not something that can be explained as private supervision .The process that I underwent from the moment I began and until today is hard to explain in words; whatever I say will be just a tiny taste …The main thing that I can say is that Shmuel is my mentor for life ; thanks to knowing him and his unconventional way of reaching into a person’s inner soul , as well as touching it , I experienced a process of “coast-to-coast” change .How I think about myself and society has changed .I received tools for continuing the journey and have reached an understanding of life at a very high level. However, more than anything else , I underwent and continue to undergo an amazing experience with a dear person who accepts people as they are , no matter where they come from , no matter how educated they are or how much money they have in the bank , no matter whether you’re married , single , religious , secular , or whether you have or don’t have children – and makes you understand that you can open yourself up to change and start fresh .Put simply : Change is always possible if we really desire it .A huge thank you Sarit

Sharona Tapouhi Shaio

Sharona Tapouhi Shaio

fitness trainer

My name is Sharona Tapouhi Shaio , I am divorced with 4 children. I have known Shmuel Zohar Yanai for the past year when I was in a desperate situation after I had gone through several difficult years in which I lost both my parents, divorced and there were several other events however this is not the place to reveal them to everyone. Shmuel was wonderful, patient and understanding, he advised me and encouraged me…. I remember one sentence very well “You are switched off and you must make a change in your life otherwise you will fall into the abyss”.”. Atat time I had reached my heaviest weight and I looked like a grandmother. The first step that he advised me to do was to register at a gym and start the change process….and this is the point that the great change began. II started to work out in the gym. . Following my success at the gym I became a captain and today I support groups of girls in an advisory, complimentary and supportive process…. It is important to note that I am very satisfied with Shmuel’s help, he decided on vitamins for me and changes them from time to time. During the entire process Shmuel had his finger on the pulse and meticulously checked my condition, any change that I undergo including ups or downs, I did not have to update him and he simply felt it and would suddenly pick up the phone and ask me if everything was OK. He simply felt me. Today I am that same woman less 15 kilos and with much more self-confidence, and I am still in the process. Shmuel Zohar Yanai is an angel in human form.


Michal Siani

Michal Siani

Yoga master

Shmuel Zohar Yanai, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, I feel much better in all aspects of life. You are a special person and a very high healing capabilities, and I was blessed to meet you. Sending light and love and many thanks.

Elkayam Bat Sheva

Elkayam Bat Sheva

Directorate Maadaney Yehiam

To Shmuel Zohar Yanai. Dear spiritual Hiller, in order to withstand the demands of this role , a very special person is required , a kind of a “prophet in his homeland” .Possessing insights and comprehension , with the aim of being on the lookout , and calm enough so as to maintain his own sanity .Possessor of soulfulness , “a gift from above” , who pays attention to all pains and mishaps .Someone who looks into your eyes and perceives , erases and removes every curse .Immediately imagines those who will get scratched , the ones who will be defeated and those who will stumble .He will initiate assistance before we collapse because otherwise we will drown in the depths of eternity .And particularly , once and again , to overcome dishonesty and problems of concentration and acceptance since it isn’t possible otherwise .Since the words “verity” and “readiness” possess significance , to be open to what’s different , to others…enough said .And of course , pray for the health and wholeness of all our soul mates .Do not let in the evil spirits and the like…Let logic always function but without renouncing emotion .Give hope for a future abundant with pleasant light , devoid of anxieties , fears and anger .For a sound and serene flow through the course of life , to reduce the talks and increase the deeds .

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