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Whether you’ve been told you’ve been told you are under a spell or just suspect it, the most important thing is to calculate your next steps. As negative blocks stand in your way over time, you should contact a voodoo healer with the necessary knowledge to deal with this powerful spell.

Samuel Zohar Yanai is a Kabbalistic expert with many years of experience who performs spell cancellation according to the ancient Jewish secret theory.

The process is conducted discreetly, in complete isolation and does not require the person’s physical presence. The Voodoo removal can be done in Zoom or WhatsApp video calls from anywhere in the world. The process is precisely adapted to your needs and is suitable for people of all faiths and religions regardless of gender, race, and nationality.

Can an astrologer or fortune teller serve as a voodoo healer?

Some astrologers may offer to help remove spells. In this context, it is worth mentioning that divination and fortune-telling are forbidden practices according to Kabbalah.

The calculations conducted according to the theory of astrology are implemented by simple geometrical calculations linking the position of the stars on given dates and proclaimed energetic influences. Many astrologers claim that this practice has a scientific basis, but the scientific community has completely rebutted such claims. For the most part, there is a prominent intuitive element in this method.

There are several main reasons why an astrologer cannot be used as a voodoo healer:

1. The astrological maps are compiled according to Georgian dates, an element without any Kabbalistic meaning.

2. The calculation of leap years is also different from the Hebrew systems, so sometimes there are years with 13 months, which affects the accuracy of the map.

3. In addition, the traditions of astrology are not consistent with the way in which Judaism sanctifies this cycle in nature.
The last argument needs further explanation.

How were dates calculated in the days of the Temple?

The moon blessing ceremony is practiced to this day on the first and middle of the month. While the Temple existed, messengers would spread to all the settlements and when the moon was full, they turned to the high priest to report it.

If all the messengers would say in unison that the moon is full, they would begin the prayer. From this we learn that the cycles of the moon contribute significantly to the accurate date calculation. Hence the accuracy of astrology maps nowadays is lacking.

Samuel Zohar Yanai clarifies that he will not be able to predict fortunes or offer false hopes to those who wish to know their fate. Samuel’s services are solely intended to enhance your present and future in accordance with the wisdom of the Kabbalah and to serve as a voodoo healer and spell removal expert. There will be no possibility of using this knowledge and skills to cast harmful spells on another person. Such negative energy will strike back tenfold.

What do I offer as a voodoo healer?

The process was developed to suit all faiths and religions and is conducted with absolute discretion and accurately customized. A voodoo healer requires deep communion and isolation. therefore, the process is conducted without your presence.

An ongoing process with a close voodoo healer guidance

Such a powerful spell cannot be undone at once. To ensure an effective response, I repeat the process of black magic removal and voodoo curse healing every 30 days until complete removal.

Opening the blockages

Along with the spell removal, I remove evil eye, ill wishes, and curses to ensure you gain the full scope a voodoo healer can offer. After which, energetic defenses will be implemented to ensure that any attack conducted cannot be repeated.

Strengthening and restorative processes

As an experienced voodoo healer, I have learned that without strengthening the body and mind, it will be exceedingly difficult to fully recover from a spell. Therefore, I advise on the use of vitamins and herbs that strengthen the body and guide you using emotional coaching and business consulting to help you in all the affected aspects.

Opening the positive energy flow

Once we have finished opening all the blockages, your energy channels will be reopened to ensure a renewed positive flow.

An effective spell removal requires prompt action by a specialist voodoo healer

If there is any suspicion that you are indeed spellbound, it is important to provide an early response to improve the chances of its cancellation. If we persist in the process and commit to it, the results will be accordingly.

For more details, you can leave details now on the website or contact by phone or WhatsApp to schedule a consultation.

Voodoo Healer

The voodoo healer and voodoo curses

Voodoo spells are considered one of the darkest and notorious types of spells in the world. Although this tradition originated in West Africa, it is widespread throughout the world.

Today, even people who grew up all their lives in Western culture are exposed to these negative influences and quite a few of them use this method to hurt others. The method was spread with the slave trade in Latin America.

The Voodoo religion is originally African. As such, it is vastly different anthropologically from the Middle Eastern or European religions, mainly due to the fact that it was formed in a very warm climate, prone to jungles and dangerous prey animals. Therefore, practical belief systems (including witchcraft) are highly attributed to the forces of nature and their influence are apparent.

Along the years, the Voodoo healer and sorcerer practices was introduced into Latin American traditions and merged with Catholic traditions and in some cases also with Native American traditions. The method is very prominent in West Indies and Caribbean culture.

The basic belief in Voodoo is that there is a single creator, who does not interfere in the world, but controls the spirits called “Orisha” or “Loa”.

The spirits are numerous and each of them has its own powers that can be summoned through dedicated ceremonies. Unlike many other witchcraft rituals that are done individually, voodoo is performed in a group or even a large crowd. Public voodoo witchcraft ceremonies are performed by witches or voodoo wizards or apprentices (in milder cases). These ceremonies usually take place at night, after midnight, usually in nature in a remote area.

casting a voodoo curse

There are quite a few voodoo texts intended for casting curses. Generally, group voodoo rituals involve ecstatic chanting that begins slowly and gradually builds in intensity, accompanied by drumming on high-pitched tom-tom drums (these are intended to ward off certain spirits and fight others). The sorcerers become ecstatic by consuming alcohol and various drugs (only herbal, mostly cannabis) and through dance.

Also, it is customary in some cases to slaughter a chicken or a pig and drip the blood on the dancer. In some cases the dancer may lose consciousness.

in general, The group voodoo ceremonies have several main purposes:

• To demonstrate total faith in the guardian spirits.

• Maintain the community’s stability and protection

• Prevent diseases or internal conflicts or delays as a result of conflicts.

• Certain rituals are used to cast curses on the community’s enemies and those who wish to harm it.

The most dangerous witchcraft ritual is the personal voodoo ritual that combines black magic and curses. The ritual is performed by a powerful sorcerer (usually a man, who is considered more powerful).

The black voodoo sorcerer is called “Bokor” and is considered as a servant of the dark side of the “Loa” spirit. According to the belief, the bokor has the power to cast curses and turn a person into a zombie, a creature deprived of any independent will.

In some traditions, they are also credited with the ability to revive the dead, put people in a coma and take them out of it. In these rituals there is an explicit purpose to cause severe harm to another person. It usually takes place at night and can be performed without the person’s presence. However, most often they will be asked to come to enhance the ability of the spell and the assisting spirits.

As a rule, the Bokor are highly dangerous sorcerers. For the most part, they will operate under cover and in everyday life, lead a normative life, with a stable family and a standard career, without anyone knowing about their dark occupation. Therefore, they do not usually receive clients from their own city or from areas near it.

The ultimate goal is always absolute and merciless – to physically harm the cursed person through serious illness, loss of limbs or mysterious death. Casting curses is a crucial ritual in voodoo black magic. The sorcerer chants various curses loudly and usually with his eyes closed. To enhance the process, he invokes powerful evil spirits through incense or a slaughtered sacrifice such as a chicken or pig.

voodoo dolls

On the face of it, making a voodoo doll can seemingly be done by any person who wants to do harm without having to use professional black magic. But people who does not practice black magic does not have sufficient knowledge and tools to do it safely and may harm themselves.

During the ceremony, the sorcerer takes a soft material (clay, soft wood, or fine plaster) and forms a figure of the cursed. To the figure, the sorcerer glues a belonging of the cursed, from a small piece of hair to a small tear cut from a shirt. Then, curses and incantations are recited, during which several pins are stuck in the shaped figure. The client takes the figure and must place it as close as possible to the house of the cursed, starting from the entrance to the street or from the entrance, but the most effective case would be to bring it to the house or under the bed. This ritual leads to the most devastating and deadly consequences and can result in death.

The voodoo curses are not only forbidden and dangerous, but contain an unequivocal promise – sooner or later the damage will come to the client as well, because of such dependence on dark forces. From such malice, not even a voodoo healer can protect you.

Have you decided to use a voodoo healer to cancel a spell? Samuel Zohar Yanai will accompany you all the way through a close process that includes deep multidisciplinary knowledge. For more details, contact by the website, WhatsApp, or phone.

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