Break black magic

Break black magic

Do weakness and a sense of failure accompany you constantly? Have you been looking for a deep and effective spiritual solution that will allow you to restore balance? Samuel Zohar Yanai, a kabbalah expert, accompanies you through a unique process that will help you to break black magic according to the wisdom of Kabbalah.

I have tried to break black magic and it didn’t work – why is that?

Have you already turned to a psychic, rabbi, or spiritual healer in the past and after investing considerable sums, nothing has changed? There are several possibilities that could explain why you did not achieve the desired result.
1. The healer was not an expert in Kabbalah and does not possess the knowledge required to break black magic.

2. The process was only partial without a continuous consultation.

3. The field is full of charlatans – you may unfortunately have encountered one.

4. You turned to sorcerers who uses their abilities not only to break black magic, but also to use them for harm. Such people are impure by nature and therefore the energetic effect shall be accordingly.

Samuel Zohar Yanai undertakes that he will never use his powers to harm another person, created in god’s image. The whole process is done solely according to the Kabbalistic rules of ethics and in accordance with Halacha. In addition, there will be no possibility for fortune-telling or false promises, but only to break black magic to empower and strengthen your present and as a result – your future.

Break black magic – the added value that awaits you

The entire process is customized to your unique circumstances and is suitable for people of all religions and beliefs regardless of gender and race. Due to the need for communion with the spirit world to break black magic effectively, there is no need to be present physically.

Break black magic in a comprehensive process

To ensure complete opening of your energetic blockages, I repeat the process once every 30 days continuously.

Prevention of repeated damages

I do not only break black magic, but also remove evil eye, ill wishes, and curses. After removing all negative energies, I will perform energetic defenses to ensure that the party attacking you will encounter resistance and will not be able to continue their actions.

Strengthening your life circles

I provide comprehensive counseling to strengthen the body, mind, and circles of belonging to enhance the rehabilitation process after the hindrance caused by the spell. From advice on the consumption of vitamins and herbs to personal and business coaching, I will share my knowledge from all the relevant areas to accompany you in the process.

Renewing the flow of positive energy

Once we have verified that the blockages have been removed and appropriate protections have been put in place, I will re-open your positive energy channels.

Break black magic – better sooner than later

With each passing day, the energy blocks expand their circles of damage. The sooner we provide a response, the more likely we can stop the damage. Therefore, it is cardinal to contact a reliable professional as soon as possible. To stop the negativity in your life, contact me today on WhatsApp, by phone or here on the website.

What are angelic name amulets?

Amulets are usually written on animal skin parchment and are intended for the purposes of witchcraft, protection from diseases, good luck, rekindling love and more. Some rabbis and spiritual mediums use the names of the angels in amulets for these purposes. It should be clarified that this is a strictly prohibited practice according to Kabbalah.

In addition, this solution is partial at best, even if the operator is endowed with spiritual knowledge and ethics. In most cases, the attacked person is weakened physically and mentally and experiences vulnerability in his business and family. Therefore, an amulet will not be enough to break black magic.

Break black magicThe history of gypsy witchcraft

The Gypsies are a wandering people whose origins are uncertain.

It is widely believed that their origin is from India due to this their skin color and their characteristic facial features. Today, the common European term for this group is “Romani”. According to some estimates, the Gypsies are descendants of the Shimon tribe, which explains their wild nature.

Since time immemorial the Gypsies have wandered from country to country and were known as a rootless.

Gypsies have no written history or written language, and their history is passed down from generation to generation in family stories, tribal meetings, weddings, and community events. On the other hand, their musical culture is very rich and extensive and has influenced many genres from classical music to rock. Their unique clothing also stands out, especially then women’s.

Throughout the generations, wherever the Gypsies wondered – from Europe to Mediterranean countries, they were known as experts in witchcraft. According to estimates and research findings, acts of witchcraft were indeed an integral part of their day-to-day lives.

The Gypsy women in particular were considered to be very knowledgeable in the matter. Such practices were passed down by the older women in their families starting at the age of twelve. The men hardly practice witchcraft.

It is believed that the need for such practices arose in ancient times out of an existential necessity. As a nomadic people with poor means of warfare, who mostly subsisted on petty trade or crime, they needed a force that could protect them from enemies such as gangs and hostile authorities and religious institutions.

Spells provided them with such protection and served as an important source of livelihood. The types of magic used by gypsies are many and varied and according to one estimate, originate from ancient pagan Indian traditions that were perfected over time.

The crystal ball

According to Gypsy tradition, the crystal ball can predict a person’s future in the short term (months) or long term (sometimes decades). During its use, the witch’s house must be kept dark. The client asked questions and the witch looked at the ball and turned it, explaining what she saw in the ball. The danger of spells using the crystal ball lies in its being an energy blocking object.

Whether the person was informed of a future sickness, or earning great wealth, this act blocks the fortune in all areas. The purpose of such energetic capture was to make the person dependent on the witch and guarantee her a constant income. As a nation that made a great deal of its living from crime, this action was considered normative. According to estimates, most of the witches’ clients are men. Usually, only three questions will be asked, and most witches will not receive the same client more than once a year.

The tarot cards

Gypsy witches will prefer to perform tarot readings in the evenings and even at night, which enables energetic control over the client’s body. Gypsy spells using tarot cards can be extremely destructive.

The power of the tarot cards, like the crystal ball, comes from energetic blockages. Therefore, here too, every prediction, whether positive or negative, is captured. This practice is mainly sought after by women.

the pendulum

This tool is considered less common among the Gypsies. The pendulum, on the one hand, may create a positive, independent dynamic movement, but on the other hand, its effect may be extremely destructive and very elusive. Gypsy women use the pendulum for predictions on love, relationship, and fertility mainly. However, since the pendulum is unpredictable, the gypsy witches are wary of using it, fearing self-harm. Pendulums can be used in all times of day.

Dice and animal bones spells

These are considered easy spells performed by novice gypsy witches. The spell is performed by using bones, mainly of dogs, cats, mice, rabbits, and hares. The spell is performed both day and night and is intended to predict the future in the short term and to answer questions related to livelihood, relationships, and success in life. Most of the clients are young people.

To remove negative influences from your life and set out on a new path and break black magic, make sure you have a professional and sensitive guidance. For years, Samuel Zohar Yanai accompanied many applicants on this journey, with his deep knowledge of the wisdom of Kabbalah and his multidisciplinary skill enabling a comprehensive response in all aspects of life.

On the site, you can read more extensive information about the field of witchcraft. To answer any additional questions and schedule a meeting, leave your details on the website or contact us by phone or WhatsApp.

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