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Remove black magic and eliminating negative energies and blockages

Samuel Zohar Yanai

For many years, I have guided and assisted people from all over the world.

With extensive experience in personal and professional guidance and deep knowledge in Kabbalah, remove black magic, spells, voodoo curses, and energetic blockages, and implementing energetic protections, I offer you a multidisciplinary service that will renew your energetic flow, bring stagnancy in your life to an end and allow healthy energetic flow to enter your life. The consultation and treatment process are discreet, take place via WhatsApp or Zoom video and are suitable for anyone in the world – regardless of race, religion, or nationality. For further information, watch the video.

Know this : the spells and negative blockages will not be removed with time ; they will intensify and cause a greater negative state in your life.

So should we start removing spells that will lead to a new and happy life ?

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Personalized Curse Removal Treatment

Shmuel Zohar works with a deep understanding that each case is unique to each patient that has a unique ‘ personal suit  ‘ tailored during each treatment.

This is a professional procedure that is conducted and done in accordance with the ‘ blockage ‘, the energetic structure and the patient’s mental understanding.

The counseling and treatment is of course performed discreetly and tailored specifically to the character of the person being treated , to their lifestyle and to the problem the patient would like to solve.

The Curse Removal purpose is appropriate to a comprehensive cleansing process that brings relief to the patient’s suffering.

Ancient Kabbalistic Knowledge That Improves the Quality of Life

According to Kabbalah , the removal of curses requires knowledge and skill that only an experienced person who specializes in removing black magic has : an expert with the ability to purify the lesions and remove blockages.

It is important to understand thatin order to eliminate the adverse effects , only consult an expert with knowledge in the field of ‘ mysticism ‘ and in the theory of the ‘ Kabbalah ’ in particular.

It is important to understand that in this area of life , it is impossible to stay in the attitude of ” time will do its thing “, and “that everything will pass by itself”.

The forces of dark magic have powers to interfere and strike , and as time goes by without the black magic being treated , the risk of damage is getting higher.

Therefore , one should get rid of them and remove them as soon as possible , and who can do it on the best side is only a skilled and experienced person like Shmuel Zohar Yanay.

Treating the Root of the Problem and Making a Change for the Better

The Spiritual healer Shmuel Zohar Yanay’s success in therapy also stems from his ability to identify the source of the problem and remove it in a maximal way.

That doesn’t mean treating the symptoms , it’s rather about an in – depth treatment , which is focused on the root of the problem.

Because the treatment was done originally and not in its symptom , treatment success is inevitable.

Patients who have struggled with black magic and other forms of negative energy , testify that their lives have surpassed the ‘ path of release ’ and positive intensity , and that they are finally experiencing relief and have begun to move forward in their lives in every sense ( personal , professional , health , mental).

Shmuel Zohar Yanay invests in his patients all the combined tools that he has accumulated over the number of years of his activity, which include:

  • Practical Kabllah

  • Kabbalistic Numerology

  • Astro-Theology

  • The Doctrine of Maimonides

  • Metaphysics

  • Magic

  • Esoterics

And more ……

Multidisciplinary Knowledge Combined With Wholehearted Dedicated Care

Samuel’s multidisciplinary knowledge as a therapist , as a spiritual medium , as a Kabbalist , as a mentor , as a lecturer – led him to formulate an exclusive treatment method based on ‘ spiritual , energetic and physical transformation’.

His treatment method provides a wide range of solutions to various problems , a significant part of which focuses on removing spells and eliminating blockages and negative energies.

Its uniqueness and the secret of his success lies in removing the spell and removing the negative blockages and in bringing its patients to a more relaxed, positive and vital daily function.



In 2011 , I suggested from Shmuel the medium friendship on Facebook , for about a year I wanted to ask Shmuel help , but myremove magic financial situation was worse .

Eventually I could not take it anymore, so I took some courage and I turned to him for advice .

My first conversation with Shmuel was when my mother was in hospital. She was very ill , mental and economic conditions were very bad .

Shmuel asked me over the phone lots of questions .

I told him that in my mother’s house did spells .

It was not difficult to identify on the house’s door the pig grease stains and other signs such as needles and fabrics at the entrance door of the house , which has no logical explanation for how they had been their .

My mother always claimed she thought the neighbor did Spells to all kinds of people and suspected her .

As one who believes that all those things couldn’t exist I ignored her believes .

My mother used to go to all sorts of ” Kabbalists” and paid a lot of money .

The result was a complete failure .

Shmuel told me he was going to do to my mother and I a spell that remove the curse from us .

He also told me to do some things , plus Shmuel told me that the person who spells my mother would be hurt , because when you remove spells all negative energies automatically go back to the person who did the spells .

Once Shmuel remove the spells suddenly in about two weeks my mother was released from the hospital .

The neighbor who did the spell got Cardiac Arrest . I was shocked .

I came back to life , and I became professional makeup instructor male and female model.

In the same breath I met an amazing guy and we have been together for about 7 years .

Shmuel is a good man and kindness .

Lots of thank for who you are and that you have been there for me .

Wishing you all the strength to continue doing what you’re best at .

It is no coincidence that God brought us together and put you in my life .

I believe that nothing just happens and I have no doubt that you are a messenger .

Sabina Rafael ♦ An international makeup artist for films and television




Fascinating journey warning :

You are only welcome to do this with an “ open mind ” and respect for mysticism .

The worlds of mysticism , astrology , occultism , and Jewish kabbalah are being followed by millions of people worldwide .

Businessmen , academics , and public figures – including those who attest to themselves as 100% real rather than those whose delusions will ‘ remove magic ‘ – are also fascinated by what fascinates Madonna , including Richard Gere , Kim Kardashian , and triple celebs .

If you ask the Kabbalah black magic removal specialist , Shmuel Zohar Yanay ; the Israeli spiritual counselor , what the secret of the Kabbalah theory in black magic curse removal and its power is , you will need to contact your diary for more than two weeks , just for the ‘ introduction ‘.

But if you want to taste even a fraction of this fascinating spiritual experience of meeting your ‘ high self ‘ – to break black magic from your life, remove dark magic , open up barriers , and switch to clean , fluid life channels – start with this article.

You will get some background here , and following an experience in development , you can decide whether to continue experiencing personally .

” Just because of the wind “

Shmuel Zohar Yanay ; the Spiritual healer didn’t invent it .

The Jewish spirit and the hidden and overt Jewish wisdom have been providing ‘ receipts in the field ‘ for many years , throughout the ages .

This fact crosses cultures and countries and is also agreed upon by absolute atheists .

But Shmuel Zohar Yanay knows how to translate his longstanding expertise in Jewish Kabbalah theory to help others .

It helps people and businesses reach their potential , understand where their barriers lie , how some of their most significant problems can be solved , and how to pave the way for a personal and professional breakthrough , and all this he does , based on his extensive knowledge of practical acceptance , and of course in honest cooperation and mutual trust with his patients .

Shmuel Zohar Yanay’s combined treatment is effective in many areas , including :

Scion of an ancient Kabbalistic Jewish dynasty

Shmuel Zohar Yanay ; the black magic removal specialist is the scion of an ancient lineage of Jewish confidants and healers , whose roots begin in second-temple exile , passing through the period of expulsion from Spain to Istanbul in the late 19th century .

His great -grandfather , Yaakov Yanay z”l, was a confidant , a kabbalist , and a ” popular Person “, whose expertise was in the secrets of the ” Zohar ” , the Jewish Kabbalah and mysticism .

His great-grandfather authored a book during his lifetime that described his unique healing methods and the herbs he used to address several problems : health problems , remove bad energy from home , remove curse spell , remove black magic curse , remove spells and curse .

The book also contains unique methods for removing evil eye black magic , breaking black magic spells , removing voodoo spells , breaking voodoo curses , family curse removal , love spell removal , dark magic removal , and negative energetic blockages .

With the help of a variety of unique methods he developed , some following and inspired by his great-grandfather , Shmuel was able to help thousands of people from Israel and around the world to break black magic spells , remove spells , remover negative energy from body , clear negative energy from home .

Today he continues the tradition of his ancestors and offers guidance , help , counseling , and treatment to the general public .

So if you are in search of a remove black magic specialist , do not hesitate .

Who can get help with Kabbalistic tools from the black magic removal specialist Shmuel Zohar Yanay ?

Anyone who needs assistance/relief/improvement in one of the areas of their life ( or more than one area ) for example , people who experience ‘ blockages ‘, personal or business negative energies , people who feel that their luck has not improved on them , people with health problems ( of course not instead of medical care! but as a supportive move ) , parents of adolescents with problems typical to adolescence , business people who are debating some kind of business move , people who are interested in improving their quality of life ,  people with ‘ pressures ‘/ stress problems – older people in the third age who are experiencing a crisis following retirement , people after a difficult breakup , those who experience a complex love story , people who want to break black magic curses , people who want to remove negative energy from home , people who want to remove curses , etc .

Personalized diagnosis , counseling , and treatment from anywhere in the world .

Diagnosis and treatment can be made wherever the patient is since the consultations and diagnosis are conducted via a video call or WhatsApp .

Many patients attest to significant help and relief thanks to treatment in various areas: anxiety , excessive sweating , energetic obstructions , removal of black magic , fertility problems , weight loss , drug withdrawal , erectile dysfunction , alcohol , attention deficit problems , fears , possession , coolness , livelihood , evil eye black magic removal , curse removal , voodoo curse removal , allowing swearing , parity , love , business .

He is capable of removing spells , evil spirits , negative energies , black magic spells , and curses from anyone in the world . He can also clear negative energy , remove love spells , and so much more .

How does this actually happen ?

Shmuel Zohar Yanay’s Kabbalistic treatment method ( and its complementary tools ) is carried out at night against a backdrop of silence , using energetic and spiritual transformation .

The conditions must be free of any distractions so that it can be possible to focus on removing the blockages and eliminating the negative energies of the patient , i.e., remove negative energy .

Thus , it is possible to transfer the positive energy to the patient through which the patient can connect to his ‘ high self ‘, begin a journey to personal change , and improve health and energy ; that is the journey to reach his full potential.

As Maimonides says : ” A healthy soul in a healthy body .”

The unique method also includes specific recommendations for adopting a healthy lifestyle , using herbs, taking vitamins beyond proper nutrition , reviewing psychology books , coaching moves , e.t.c.

The first step is the desire to receive help and openness toward the worlds of mysticism and acceptance .

It is very important to note that the success of the treatment depends on the person’s desire to open up to the things said and done during treatment , and especially – the person’s / patient’s desire to help himself .

Zohar Yanay ; A specialist who is capable of removing negative EnergyWorks with a deep understanding that each case is unique , and therefore , each person has a unique ‘ personal suit ‘ in the treatment process ; this is done per the ‘ blockage ‘, the energetic structure , and the mental understanding of the patient .

Removal of evil eye black magic and black magic spells

When dealing with a case of black magic or the evil eye , it is vital to adapt the healing process to the religion of the affected patient and the culture from which he comes .

It is known that different cultures have developed several methods and ways of energetic healing .

Zohar Yanay’s treatment is , of course , a unique method according to Judaism , following the Holy Books , in which codes of light are encoded – for wisdom , physical and spiritual healing , and energetic and mental healing .

The removal of black magic spells , curses , evil spirits and the evil eye and/or the abolition of Voodoo is a process that is done professionally and requires a great deal of knowledge of Kabbalah , in verses in general and in particular .

By correctly using the guidelines and combinations from reception , it is possible to perform the removal of the black magic spells effectively , using positive energies and pure intention .

A large part of Judaism is based on Kabbalah .

The treasure of Jewish knowledge contains irreplaceable ciphers in the study of the spiritual world and in entering the secrets of understanding the body , mind, and spirit .

The same is true , of course , regarding the study of deep healing processes for the human body and the human soul .

In the framework of healing , capacitors direct energy through phrases , codes , materials , positive intentions , and holy names .

Through them , the healing is created , and/or the negative blockage/energy is released .

Zohar Yanay handles the removal of black magic spells according to kabbalah and Halacha , allowing healing and removal of black magic effectively .

Using this , he can successfully remove extremely powerful black magic and dark magic spells and curses , thereby allowing affected people to start their lives without the effects of black magic or the evil eye .

In Kabbalah , when the body is in balance emotionally , physically , spiritually , and mentally , while the way of thinking and heart – oriented Ness are equal , then the person is healthy in his body , mind , and spirit , a situation that prevents him from being harmed by negative energies and spirits .

It is about removing black magic spells , not through ‘ spells ‘ that do more damage in practice but only in cleaning and purification by constantly recognizing the divine soul that exists in all of us .

What types of negative energies can be removed according to the reception ?

Black magic remove by Shmuel Zohar Yanay , a specialist in black magic removal

This is a unique and effective method because it removes negative blockages in the patient .

This includes : removing black magic spells , eliminating black magic curses , removing strong black magic spells , breaking voodoo spells , eliminating cataracts , removing love spells , clearing negative energy from home , and the evil eye black magic removal.

As a result of removing these barriers , patients can release the negative energy that inhibits them and their homes .

Zohar Yanay’s success in treatment is due to his ability to identify and remove the source of the problem , instead of just treating the symptoms .

It’s imperative to make it clear that he doesn’t impose spells , he removes them !

This enables people who have suffered from blockages and other forms of negative energy to finally gain relief and move forward in their lives .

You’d be surprised , but there’s a collection in this area , too : witchcraft types .

” Many of us will experience a sudden turn for the worse during our lives , in which every aspect of our lives seems to be crumbling at the same time .

Suddenly , we are presented with deep and constant difficulties as a result of seemingly random , apparently unrelated subjects….” When we find ourselves completely immersed in life but numb to our ‘real self‘ , we must become aware of the evil power that has entered our lives .

This power has many names that span hundreds of years and a variety of cultures, but it is called in a very simple and understandable way ; the power of the dark or black magic . “

So , what is actually a ‘ black magic spiritual therapist‘ ?

At its core , it is the compulsion of one person’s will on another .

The spell in its purpose is intended to influence the reality in which we live , using supernatural means .

Moreover , black magic is a negative magical mystical action , which aims to take over the consciousness , body , home , and business of a person , as well as influence him to do things that are not in his mind , to create negative barriers in that person and even neutralize him from his success .

How is a black magic spell performed ?

The spells are carried out by dark magic curses , ritual spells , and more – actions with materials and objects designed to harm a person , his personal life , his health , and his businesses .

Remove a black magic spell according to the receipt

Removing black magic spells according to Kabbalah and Halacha , or removing ‘ witchcraft – woo ‘ requires the knowledge and skill embodied in the black magic removal specialist for the removal of black magic spells , the evil eye , and the elimination of black magic.

A specialist who can remove black magic spells with the ability to effectively purify the ‘ lesions ‘ and remove the negative energies.

To remove the negative energies , cancel the black magic curses and perform the removal of a black magic spell , one should contact only a black magic removal specialist with extensive knowledge of kabbalah and Halacha .

Shmuel Zohar Yanay the medium is a black magic removal specialist in the elimination of black magic , removing strong spells , removing voodoo spells , eliminating black magic curses , removing the black magic evil eye , and more .

Eliminating black magic spells and removing negative energy and blockages is a particularly complex and delicate process , requiring unique depth treatment .

For this reason , Shmuel Zohar Yanay treats and removes black magic spells only after he has made it clear that power is , in fact , a malicious force , external to man, and not a result of internal blockages .

The purpose of the treatment of course is not intended to harm , but to purify and provide relief to the patient .

What are the effects of black magic in our lives ?

It is possible to identify an ‘ enchanted person ‘ by several signs :

many physical illnesses that appear within a short period , sudden and persistent mental disorders , both in sleep and eating , repeated fainting , a long period of unemployment , and /or sudden layoffs , difficulties in livelihood and economic deprivation , many problems at home , a close person who suddenly walks away , sudden fights that destroy significant bonds , behavioral change of one of the partners , and more .

Spells and negative energies can appear in all areas of life such as relationships , livelihood , personal relationships , health , business , and everything else in life .

A person who is under a spell , usually , will experience terrible fears , disturbing thoughts , serious illnesses , and many disappointments.

Furthermore , the person will likely feel inferior , stressed , anxious , shackled , and alone , which will cause financial misconduct and very difficult physical and mental conduct! The inner feeling that ” nothing goes right in life “ goes with him everywhere , does not let go of him even for a second and increases by the day , and causes irreparable damage to his life and immediate surroundings in particular .

There are numerous types of black magic spells :

A spell that harms the mental and physical health of the person. We have often heard of cases in which a woman’s body has difficulty having children though fertile , is damaged by infertility , and suffers from loss of sexual desire .

In men , the following cases are very similar: the loss of manpower , the lack of finding a match and love , and the inability to live in peace and harmony at home .

This is only a small part of the things that may appear in life as a result of black magic .

Love Spells

There are unique love spells , whose main purpose is to attract a person who is not close to your heart and/or bring back someone who loved you in the past to love you again , without being able to control their emotions .

A black magic love spell will result in the enchanted man or woman thinking endlessly of the person they love .

They will love him obsessively and unusually until love causes them to behave extravagantly , speak aggressively , and take responsibility for actions they have committed .

In extreme cases , the person’s mind changes , he may marry a girl he does not really love or like , leave the house , get excited about his wife and abandon his children .

Many black magic love spells aim to separate a man from a woman .

These spells affect the behavior of the enchanted person in a way that causes him to behave in a violent , forceful, and abusive manner .

Also, the love spell will usually manifest itself on the enchanted person in the form of a lack of attraction or love , contempt for the spouse ( or partner ) , and even hatred to the point of fighting and severing the connection for good .

Returning love ‘ is also a spell

There are unique love spells , whose main purpose is to attract a person who is not close to your heart and/or bring back someone who loved you in the past to love you again , without being able to control their emotions .

A black magic love spell will result in the enchanted man or woman thinking endlessly of the person they love .

They will love him obsessively and unusually until love causes them to behave extravagantly , speak aggressively , and take responsibility for actions they have committed .

In extreme cases , the person’s mind changes , he may marry a girl he does not really love or like , leave the house , get excited about his wife and abandon his children .

Many black magic love spells aim to separate a man from a woman.

These spells affect the behavior of the enchanted person in a way that causes him to behave in a violent , forceful , and abusive manner .

Also, the love spell will usually manifest itself on the enchanted person in the form of a lack of attraction or love , contempt for the spouse ( or partner ) , and even hatred to the point of fighting and severing the connection for good .

Prohibition of witchcraft and ‘ black magic ‘ in reception

Spells , Voodoo curses , and ‘ black magic ‘ are considered forbidden according to kabbalah ;

this is because black magic or Voodoo serves as a way to change physical reality through spiritual tools , mental means , or forbidden spells that must be guarded against .

Any person who wishes to perform alcove spell removal , remove a strong spell , or the black magic evil eye removal should remember that once he goes to a person who performs spells and black magic he preemptively goes to a negative person .

It was established in the Halacha that no Jew may turn to spiritual counselors that are not holy (” Do not search for it, for it will be naive “).

Other areas that are forbidden according to the Kabbalah are: reading cards, reading in coffee, tarot, séance, and angelic swearing.

The wisdom of Kabbalah asserts that there are many positive , pure , and clear ways to achieve a bright and vital life , abundance , and success in every field that one can only dream of .

But any person who tries to speed up the processes in an unethical way that comes from black magic , spells , and impurity will soon find himself lost and unhappy .

According to Kabbalah , the world has survived throughout history because the positive has triumphed over the negative .

Even in dark times , history has shown and proved to us that it is interested in the future .