∼ Psychic Medium ∼

∼ Psychic Medium ∼

Samuel does not do spells, he removes and eliminates them.

People who come to Shmuel arrive in order to alter and heal their present and their future . The consultancy is personal, discrete and specifically tailored to the person and the problem he/she desires to solve . Shmuel is a Psychic Medium , a lecturer and a mentor possessing vast knowledge, who has researched for 30 years the Kabbala, Kabbalistic numerology, astro-theology, magic and esoterica . Shmuel’s method, a spiritual, energetic and physical transformation, focuses on energetic alteration as well as on the removal and elimination of negative blockings and energies .

o Shmuel Zohar Yanay. Dear medium, in order to withstand the demands of this role, a very special person is required, a kind of a “prophet in his homeland”. Possessing insights and comprehension, with the aim of being on the lookout, and calm enough so as to maintain his own sanity. Possessor of soulfulness, “a gift from above”, who pays attention to all pains and mishaps. Someone who looks into your eyes and perceives, erases and removes every curse. Immediately imagines those who will get scratched, the ones who will be defeated and those who will stumble. He will initiate assistance before we collapse because otherwise we will drown in the depths of eternity. And particularly, once and again, to overcome dishonesty and problems of concentration and acceptance since it isn’t possible otherwise. Since the words “verity” and “readiness” possess significance, to be open to what’s different, to others…enough said. And of course, pray for the health and wholeness of all our soul mates. Do not let in the evil spirits and the like…Let logic always function but without renouncing emotion. Give hope for a future abundant with pleasant light, devoid of anxieties, fears and anger. For a sound and serene flow through the course of life, to reduce the talks and increase the deeds. Elkayam Bat-Sheva, the Directorate of Maadaney Yehiam Ltd.

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