Spiritual Medium

People who arrive to the spiritual medium Shmuel Zohar Yanay , come with the aim of altering and healing their present and future .

The personal consultation is discrete , and it is specifically tailored to the person and the problem he wants to solve .

Shmuel Zohar is a medium, lecturer and mentor possessing decades of knowledge and research in the Kabbala (Jewish mysticism) , Kabbalistic numerology , astro-theology , the theory of Maimonides , metaphysics , magic and esoterica .

 His method comprises energetic and physical spiritual transformation , which focuses on the removal and nullification of energy blocks and negative energies .

Shmuel does not engage in spells and sorcery but rather in the removal and nullification of black magic .

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Shmuel Zohar Yanay , Dear spiritual Medium , in order to withstand the demands of this role , a very special person is required , a kind of a “prophet in his homeland”.

Possessing insights and comprehension , with the aim of being on the lookout , and calm enough so as to maintain his own sanity .

Possessor of soulfulness , “a gift from above” , who pays attention to all pains and mishaps .

Someone who looks into your eyes and perceives , erases and removes every curse .

Immediately imagines those who will get scratched , the ones who will be defeated and those who will stumble .

He will initiate assistance before we collapse because otherwise we will drown in the depths of eternity .

And particularly , once and again , to overcome dishonesty and problems of concentration and acceptance since it isn’t possible otherwise .

Since the words “verity” and “readiness” possess significance , to be open to what’s different , to others…enough said .

And of course , pray for the health and wholeness of all our soul mates .

Do not let in the evil spirits and the like…Let logic always function but without renouncing emotion .

Give hope for a future abundant with pleasant light , devoid of anxieties , fears and anger .

For a sound and serene flow through the course of life , to reduce the talks and increase the deeds . Elkayam Bat -Sheva , the Directorate of Maadaney Yehiam Ltd.

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