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Have you turned to rabbis, kabbalists, or sorcerers in the past in order to remove black magic and failed to receive assistance and improvement? I know how frustrating this experience can be.

The feeling that the money you worked so hard for has gone to waste, may lead to great despair, especially at a time when so much calamity befalls you. However, this is not the time to give up – but to find the right person, who is committed to your well-being and who brings with him extraordinary tools to allow you to open blockages and improve the quality of your life.

My name is Samuel Zohar Yanai and I invite you to join a process that will return peace and quiet to your life.


What is Black Magic?

Black magic is a negative energetic action that originates from malicious intent during which a person demands a sorcerer to perform black magic aimed at hindering or causing physical damage to another person, his business or his family using a variety of magical means, rituals, rituals, curses, voodoo dolls. Sometimes a picture, personal item, hair, or other item of the person being attacked may be used.


Remove black magic in time to prevent aggravating consequences in the future

Many choose to turn to amulets and charms makers, kabbalists, rabbis and sorcerers who claim that they will be able to effectively remove black magic and provide a solution to those who require it.

Some will tell you to read psalms or baptize, others will create different amulets or conduct one or another ceremony. The despair may be great when it becomes clear to you that not only has there been no improvement in the situation, but it seems to have gotten worse.

This is the nature of black magic – like any other physical or mental condition, when it does not receive an appropriate response, it only intensifies and increases.

Why approaching so called sorceres, palm readers and tarot readers didn’t work?

First, and above all, it is important to clarify that any service required from a sorcerer is a service provided by a negative person who makes a living by harming others. From the moment you chose to work with such a person, you invested your money in a dubious criminal.

1. The spiritual healer has no knowledge of the spiritual world and Kabbalah and is not familiar with Kabbalistic codes and ciphers.

2. A one-time removal will often not be enough to prevent the effects over time.

3. Without applying energy defenses after removal, the spell will simply repeat itself.

4. In most cases, the spiritual healers do not open the energy channels after the magic removal.

Samuel Zohar Yanai strongly opposes the casting of black magic intended to harm a person.

Second, removing black magic by a person who is not trained for it or in methods that are not suitable for your situation will not work effectively. An effective process requires comprehensive knowledge of Kabbalah and the various ciphers of the secret books, and of course – the integrity of the person performing the removal process.

It must also be remembered that removing a spell is not enough – we must also carry out energetic defenses in order to ensure that the repeated attacks stop and open the energy channels that were blocked. There is a factor on the other side that wants the harmful effects to continue, and we must make sure that there will be an appropriate response to this.

Want to learn more about the remove black magic process? Leave details here and I will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer to all your questions.

Remove black magic – what do I offer that is not available anywhere else?

I bring with me a host of tools, abilities and related services designed to provide relief and answer to all aspects of your existence – on a physical, mental, and energetic level alike. Thus, each spell removal process is significantly empowered and strengthened.

The process is suitable for any person regardless of gender, race, religion, and nationality and is carried out for your convenience via Zoom or WhatsApp video calls from anywhere in the world.

These are the services that will be waiting for you

I do not perform a one-time spell removal, but provide you with close personal support. Every thirty days, I will perform a renewed process to remove black magic and cancel it, depending on the process required and its length. Throughout this period, we maintain continuous contact and I accompany you until I verify beyond any doubt that the spell and the energy blockage have been completely lifted.


1. Comprehensive spell removal for all types of negative energies

I don’t just remove a spell for you, but offer relief for any negative energetic influence that has been applied to you, whether it is removing of evil eye, curses, and Leshon Ha’ra. If we only remove the spell and not all the negative energies and blockages caused by you attacker, the results will be only partial. After removing the spell, I also perform energetic protections.


2. Remove black magic stronger than ever by strengthening the body

In addition, I build for you a complete program to strengthen the body that includes vitamins and herbs customized and a proper nutrition plan for physical empowerment. This is an extremely important aspect, because in most cases the body is greatly weakened after a black magic attack. This powerful negative energy affects all areas of life – from business and family to the body. Therefore, I provide you with an answer in all aspects, from advice on how to strengthen the body to mentoring and coaching for the business.

There is no area in which I have knowledge or experience that I will not share with you in order to help you improve your situation.


3. Upon completion of the spell removal process, the energetic channels are reopened

At the end of the spell removal process, I perform an opening of the positive energy channels that were blocked as a result of the spell attack on you and, in addition, perform energetic defenses to ensure that the attacks do not happen again.

I remove spells along with any other mystical or energetic act imposed on you – from curses to evil eye and Leshon Ha’ra. This way we can ensure a complete blockage removal. After removing all negative effects, I will perform energetic defenses to prevent repeated attacks.

Remove black magic – what benefit can I get from the process?

If we carry out the process accurately and adapted to you and maintain it properly, the results will be significantly more beneficial. The most important thing is that we do not postpone the process and contact an expert who will assist in removing the black magic.

With each passing day, the spell intensifies and brings with it new negative effects. I am here for you and invite you to act in order to stop the suffering.

For more details on the black magic removal process and to schedule a consultation on WhatsApp or by phone, you can contact us right now and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Strengthening protection against black magic in all areas of life

I offer much more then magic removal and provide comprehensive counseling that will promote resilience and stability in all aspects of your life. This way we reduce the risk for any future negative attacks. Among other things, I provide personalized advice on the use of vitamins and herbs. The body weakens significantly when it is under a spell and this treatment allows it to regain stability.

The negative energy dominates all areas of life – from family relationships to business. Therefore, I also provide you with coaching and business advice and share my professional knowledge and experience throughout the process to give you the best opening conditions.

Black magic and remove black magic – historical background

The world of magic is as old and rich as human history. Humans have used black magic and various energetic means since the dawn of humanity for the purpose of healing, salve, solving problems and difficulties or alternatively, causing harm to others.

It is believed that black magic existed even before the invention of writing on all continents and among all human cultures, which developed from tribes to nations and kingdoms. Different sorcerers took different actions and means to achieve their goals, with varying levels of success.

Initial evidence of black magic was found both in archeological excavations and in ancient manuscripts. Later, archaeologists found solid evidence of black magic rituals in their research and found objects that are still used in some places.


Black magic throughout Jewish \ Hebrew history

Sorcery has been present in Jewish traditions since time immemorial and supposedly began during the time of Abraham our father. However, witchcraft customs continued later on.

References to sorcery appear, among other things, in the apocrypha literature (Bel and the Dragon, Oracula Sibyllina and the Book of Tobiah, for example). These books are not part of the accepted Jewish learning tradition or belief system, but they are of Jewish origin. According to such books, spells are performed indirectly, through dark sorcerers who use the power of ancient and dark giant animals, various demons, and negative spiritual energies. Sometimes the actions are done through various oaths or complex mystical rituals.


The days of the Babylonian exile

References to witchcraft are noted during the days of the Babylonian exile in the fourth to ninth centuries AD and include sorcerers and witches performing harmful spells using demons to harm fertility, livelihood, and health.

These were fought by spell protection bowls (which were initially created by the Mandaean religion, a mixture of Judaism, Christianity, and pagan beliefs) or reading protection texts.

The development of Kabbalah and the rise of Christianity

Spells were perfected with the development of Kabbalah and the rise of Christianity. These were mostly conducted by witches using intoxicating and dangerous plants, various ecstatic rituals and summoning demons and spirits. In fact, witches and sorcerers learned various kabbalistic texts and began to use them for the purposes of physical, mental, and material harm.

Later, witchcraft was performed in Europe among Jewish communities where it was customary to heal people by means of spells and enchantments and through the use of various materials (a locust egg, a fox tooth and the nail of the cross, for example, are permitted by the Maimonides and in the Shulchan Aruch) according to the belief that was strengthened among Ashkenazi Judaism during the 11th to 13th centuries, it was allowed to use these measures against harmful spells.

Spells through amulets, urine and even excrement have been documented in Jewish communities of the Middle East from Morocco to Persia. These spells, which were performed mainly among the lower class, were intended to harm, delay, create conflicts and prevent relationships and livelihood.

The defenses that were applied against these spells included the use of the same tools used by witches and sorcerers that were returned with increased power against the performers. Thus, the spells contained a double power, on the one hand for harmful use and on the other hand for protection and magic removal.

The strengthening of Kabbalah since the 15th century caused the use of witchcraft to intensify in Judaism.

These were used, among other things, by the false messiahs Shabtai Zvi and Yaakov Frank who actually used spiritual energies of witchcraft (including the hypnotist) in order to convince people to join them.

Both Shabtai Zvi and Yaakov Frank used a variety of blatant ecstatic techniques. In the case of Jacob Frank, these were manifested in perverted anal rituals and orgies.

There are speculations that witchcraft was also performed in the Land of Israel and Syria (where there was a large Jewish community) during the time of Rabbi Chaim Vital, the Holy Ari’s student and successor. These spells were intended to harm great spiritual teachers through the false use of dream solutions, amulets, and various spells.

Shamanism – one of the oldest methods in the world

Shamanism is a very common and ancient magical approach. It was developed in North America, Northern Asia, and Northern Europe about 10,000 years ago.

The shaman (who is actually a sorcerer in every aspect) would treat the person, curses, blockages, and health problems through rituals that often included the use of drums, wooden rattles, dancing around the person, singing, chanting spells and oaths and shaking the body ecstatically. The purpose of these actions was to put the person and the shaman into a state of trance.

Later, the shaman would use different types of crystals (salts, minerals, and rocks). These crystals, which were not processed, along with oysters and roots of plants and trees, were considered to be the abode of guiding spirits that ward off evil and the use of these objects summoned them. In special cases, the shaman would enter through a trance the reincarnation of an animal (usually a wolf, bear, fox, or deer) and through the trance free the person’s consciousness from the factor that harmed him or harmed him.

Alchemy – magic from the wisdom of the East

Another common method in black magic is alchemy. Although the roots of alchemy are newer, they also have a long history, and we know of its first uses as early as the fourth century BC in Babylon and Assyria.

The first alchemist known in history is Miriam the Jew.

A Jewish-Egyptian woman from the 3rd century AD. Among other things, she is credited with the development of various laboratory tools, in which she performed very advanced experiments for her time. The purpose of the experiments was, among other things, to find the legendary items – the philosopher’s stone and the potion of life.

Through all kinds of practical experiments that included distilling, boiling and mixing materials, the alchemists sought, on one hand, to produce magic potions that would enhance the physical and spiritual abilities of humans, and on the other hand, to discover a secret recipe for the production of gold and the discovery of new metals.

Over the years, the alchemists began to use their own secret language, in order to encrypt their professional secrets and keep them hidden from everyone else.

Among other things, they used the secret terms “The Green Lion”, “The Silver Lady”, “The Black Crow’s Head” and more. Alchemy reached its peak at the end of the Middle Ages in Europe in the 15th century.

Alchemy was also used for a variety of black magic purposes, especially among witches who worked in Germany.


Black magic in modern times

The magic of modern times became evidentk in 1884, with the founding of the “Golden Dawn Order”.

The order was founded by three scholars: Dr. Woodman, Dr. W. Scott and a man named S. L. Mathers. Everyone was interested and influenced by various shows of the study of black magic and the world of mysticism.

The three read and studied ancient manuscripts of a secret society called the Rosicrucian Society that dealt with the mystical black magic connection between Kabbalah, ancient Egyptian paganism and the independent research carried out by the three.

The activity in the order included various magical rituals and at the same time, study, and practical use of processes such as recognition and search on senses (including telepathy), use of tarot cards for black magic, telekinesis, and fortune telling. These practices were done, among other things, by looking at objects, pictures, and paintings, using amulets, and applying astral energies.

The activity of the order continues to this day all over the world and some of its members still engage in black magic and other spiritual processes.

Samuel Zohar Yanai brings with him rich knowledge from all the worlds of black magic for generations and has collected the most effective and beneficial practices for removing spells and energy blockages and opening the energy channels. Now, you have the opportunity to go through a process accompanied by Shmuel that will allow you to free yourself from the negative energies.

Using a variety of unique methods, Shmuel Zohar Yanai has for many years been privileged to advise and assist many people in Israel and around the world. On the website you will find extensive knowledge about all areas of the world of black magic, spirit, and mysticism, removing black magic and negative energy blocks, spells and more.

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