Getting rid of black magic

How long has exhaustion been haunting you? Are you feeling your life is blocked in all aspects? Have you contacted kabbalists and found out that you spent the best of your money in vain? The way out of the energetic damage that befell you begins by contacting a person with extensive and deep knowledge of Getting rid of black magic , and Kabbalah who is fully committed to you.

Samuel Zohar Yanai brings with him many years of expertise in getting rid of black magic according to Kabbalah and accompanies you until the process is fully completed.

Getting rid of black magic – how is it useful?

It is important to remember that quick identification and response will significantly improve the results.

As mentioned, we do not engage in fortune-telling, but proactive actions designed to curb the negative effects.

To get rid of black magic, a personalized and accurate response is required.

Therefore, it is important not to postpone it. With each passing day, the spell’s effects intensify and the chances of treating it effectively decrease. I am here for you and will be happy to accompany you on the journey to end the suffering.

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The process of removing energetic blockages and spells requires a lot of concentration and includes seclusion and communion with the spirit world.

Therefore, the entire process required to get rid of black magic is carried out without the presence of the patient and does not require coming to the office.

The process begins with an accurate characterization of the problem with personal and discreet accompaniment and highly adapted to the unique needs and circumstances of the person. The process is suitable for people of all faiths and religions.

Get rid of black magic – How to choose a suitable specialist

Have you ever gone through processes in the past with people who defined themselves as mystics and sorcerers?

You may have gone to a tarot card reader who told you things about your past. Some of them sounded amazingly accurate to you and some – less so. After which, she also described to you the future that awaits you.

During the meeting, she said that powerful spells have been cast upon you and you must remove them so that the future she prophesied for you will come true. Despite the heavy financial expenditure, it seems that the blockages only grew stronger. There are several reasons why this happened.

The tarot reader has no knowledge about black magic or how to get rid of it

To understand the field of witchcraft, one must study Kabbalah and the Gemara and acquire knowledge of the Aramaic language and proficiency in ciphers and Kabbalistic codes. There is nothing between these areas of knowledge and tarot reading and therefore there is no reason such a woman could get rid of black magic.

2. If indeed this woman could predict the future, she can be a very rich woman as a result of this ability. She can predict the lottery numbers for next week’s lottery. Someone whose qualifications are so questionable is not your proper address.

3. A person who claims to predict the future is an unreliable and dishonest person. When choosing a professional, it is important that we choose an expert in his field who does not choose to take advantage of a person in times of need.

Samuel Zohar Yanai strongly opposes the fortunetelling phenomenon and provides a relief to people in distress when the recovery and strengthening of the person in all areas of his life in the present and in the future serve as main goals. Spiritual ethics are key when approaching spell-breaking processes.

It should be clarified that Samuel is strongly opposed to casting spells and performing any negative act against another person.

A person’s soul is a part of the soul of the Creator and therefore – any magical action against a person is an aggressive action against God itself.

Is palm reading a prohibited act?

True prophecy was given only to virtuous individuals throughout history. The most knowledgeable in Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism teachings, used the power of their prophecy for the common good. clairvoyance for a fee and for a private person, serves personal interest. This is a rather shaky foundation for such a delicate process.

In addition, it is important to remember that palm reading is a pseudo-scientific method that claims to discover hidden details about a person by delving into their hand characteristics. This method divides the palm into different areas crossed by the different folds in the palm (the lines). The deeper or stronger the line, the more this indicates the aspect of human life that they represent.

There are several things to consider in this aspect:

1. If hand readers could tell the future, they wouldn’t need your money. They could simply invest in the right stocks. If they cannot foresee any benefit for themselves, what will be their benefit to you?

2. Palm lines change over the years as the body develops and under the influence of health conditions and nutrition. Hence, every future is subject to change, rendering all predictions inaccurate.

3. The Jewish Halacha ruled unequivocally that a Jew is forbidden to turn to ubholy sources (“Do not investigate such matters, for you must remain innocent” – Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh Dea, Siman 179).

In addition, it is forbidden in Kabbalah to use card reading or tarot, coffee, holding a séance, angels incantation, contacting the dead or predicting the future.

Samuel Zohar Yanai commits to the process of getting rid of black magic only and refrains from any attempt to predict fortunes. It shall also be clarified that it will not be possible to make any use of the wisdom of Kabbalah to cause harm to a person created in the image of God.

Getting rid of black magic requires the right specialist

It is important to understand that not all people who declares themselves as kabbalists has the complex skill to remove a spell. Rabbis, hand readers and a host of other mystics will perform this complex process only when they have acquired the appropriate knowledge. If you have already contacted such a person with no success of getting rid of black magi, there are two possible explanations for this.

1. As in any professional field, getting rid of black magic requires specialization. Even if it is a competent and educated practitioner, the removal of spells requires focused expertise.

2. It is possible that the person you turned also uses the wisdom of kabbalah to cause harm to others, which leads not only to a partial solution, but may often cause a serious negative energetic effect.

My unique process for getting rid of black magic

The process of removing energetic blockages and spells requires a lot of concentration and includes seclusion and communion with the spirit world. Therefore, the entire process required to get rid of black magic is carried out without the presence of the patient and does not require coming to the office.

The process begins with an accurate characterization of the problem with personal and discreet accompaniment and highly adapted to the unique needs and circumstances of the person. The process is suitable for people of all faiths and religions.

Much more than a one-time spell cancellation

Black magic removal is a complex and profound act; therefore, it is rare to rid of black magic in a one-time process.

To ensure that the process is thorough and definite, I perform an additional spell removal every thirty days and continue to maintain close contact with you to ensure that all blockages and negative influences are completely removed.

A comprehensive response to all negative mystical influences

In addition to get rid of black magic I perform a thorough removal of curses, Leshon Ha’ra and evil eye.

After removing all these negative effects, I perform energetic defenses that will ensure that in front of the person who attacked you, will stand a solid wall that will stop the mask of harm.

An empowering assistance to all areas of life

The spell may cause wide-ranging effects in all areas of a person’s life. Often the injury is physical and weakens the body considerably. Also, the injury will affect the bewitched person’s career, livelihood, personal relationships, and family. Therefore, I believe in a multidisciplinary process that will ensure empowerment in all aspects of existence.

Along with nutritional advice and a personalized recommendation of vitamins and herbs, I provide business advice and coaching. All of these are designed to ensure that the entire process to get rid of black magic will receive every boost it can.

Restoring the energetic flow

After the spell cancellation process is successfully completed, we will re-open the energetic channels and allow a renewed and beneficial flow.

The process requires extremely deep concentration and therefore, is done without the presence of a person. Even though it is a process of removing witchcraft according to Kabbalah that has Jewish origins, it can be adapted to members of all religions without any fear. The removal will be tailored to your unique circumstances thoroughly without compromise.

Renewing the flow of positive energy

The positive energetic channels will be reopened after we verify that all the necessary protections have been performed and any blockages have been removed.

For an effective solution, contact a witchcraft removal specialist as soon as possible
When it comes to serious energy injuries, there is no room for procrastination. Every moment we linger allows the spell to intensify. If we persist in the process and remain committed to it, we will see results. I accompany you all the way and am available for any need, with a high commitment to your well-being.

A comprehensive solution until complete removal

It is very difficult to impossible to get rid of harmful spells in a one-time process. To ensure the removal of spells according to the reception in full efficiency, I repeat the process every month and keep in touch with you until we make sure that all the blocks have been removed.

Answer to all negative energies

Along with the removal of spells according to the Kabbalah, curses, curses, the evil eye, slander and any other energetic disturbance that harms you will also be removed. After that, I will perform an energetic defense that will prevent the offending party from repeating the process.

Getting rid of black magic while Strengthening processes for prevention

To get rid of the spell once and for all, it is not enough to remove it, but to ensure that the vessel that housed it remains stable and firm. The spell hurts every good part of your life. With the help of personalized vitamin and herbal counseling, coaching and emotional counseling, we will strengthen the body, mind, livelihood and important relationships for optimal rehabilitation.

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What are magical powers?

Witchcraft (“Magia” in Latin) by definition, is any attempt to control others through hidden powers, words, spells and other initiated actions.

All of these actions evoke magical powers – energies generated by people who possess knowledge of the world of magic and proficiency in Kabbalistic ciphers. Those who possess this powerful knowledge can change the energetic nature of objects and people. Of course, witchcraft and black magic, which are intended to cause harm, are forbidden according to Kabbalah.

What are binding spells?

This is undoubtedly one of the most common and sought-after types of spells.

A binding spell, as it is called, is intended to bind a person to a desired thing or person.

Often, it is a “love bond”. That is, forcing the will of one person on another. However, there are others who want to bind themselves to wealth, luck and more.

The binding spell is performed by taking an object from the intended party. Sometimes it is a picture and in other cases a personal item or hair. The object is tied with a special thread, usually linen thread. The sorcerer uses various mantras and oaths from the world of sorcery and performs rituals with the intention of sealing the bond.

For the avoidance of doubt, this is an improper and immoral act that may lead to serious consequences.

Black magic – historical background

The phenomenon of spells (or black magic) has existed in the world since time immemorial.

Evidence of performing black magic rituals and Getting rid of black magic dates back to the days of ancient man, when all of humanity lived in groups and tribes.

Archaeological finds from northern and central Turkey, from Siberia and from various regions in Africa and northern Europe, testify to different methods that were used to impose magic and black magic on people in the tribe.

From that time to present day, the issues surrounding black magic have hardly changed at all: jealousy, unrequited love, obsessive desire, harming a family member and harming neighbors, competitors, co-workers.

Naturally, significant cultural developments in human history such as the development of languages, the invention of writing and the refinement of the ritual tools also led to considerable developments in the field of black magic.

Types of black magic

Black magic is divided into several main types:

Black magic according to voodoo

The literal meaning of the word “voodoo” is “god” or “higher spirit”.

The method was developed in Africa, mainly sub-Saharan, in areas that are now under the control of countries such as Nigeria and Ghana.

Voodoo spread along with the slave trade, beginning in the 17th century.

First to the West Indies (the most prominent of which is the island of Haiti) and from there to the American countries, mainly in the southern region of the USA and particularly in Louisiana.

The influence of black magic in the voodoo approach was mainly in New Orleans, in mixed southern towns where black and white people lived together, but there was extensive activity in the field as well In New York, and in the Harlem district in particular.

The black magic of voodoo includes dance rituals, which are sometimes accompanied by nocturnal sexual orgies.

Also, it is customary to run around a circle, slaughter a male rooster, and sprinkle its blood while fluttering on the main male or female dancer. The purpose of the butchered rooster ceremony is to cause physical harm, usually to a powerful person who inspires fear or awe and causes harm to the community.

Another common use of voodoo’s black magic is communication with the spirits of the dead, in order to call them to perform negative actions against a person, to cause him destruction, physical or mental disturbance, to the brink of death.

The most serious use of this method is through the “voodoo doll”.

This is a complex ritual that can be performed by either a sorcerer or a witch, in which they create a doll usually made of cloth (in the form of a man or a woman) that resembles as much as possible the person they want to harm.

In the doll, stick a pin or several pins. To improve the chances of the results, some try and even succeed in placing the doll under the bewitched person’s bed or inside a wardrobe. The ultimate goal of the voodoo doll is to cause the death of the bewitched person.

Black magic according to the Brujeria

Brujeria is a folk type of witchcraft influenced by Catholic Christianity and spiritualism combining belief in the principles of faith and the Aztec pantheon of gods.

Brujeria probably developed starting in the 17th century and gained momentum in Mexico and Central American countries.

The sorcerers who engage in black magic using this method use various techniques that include “dark” plants (usually, intoxicating plants such as withania or datura), tarot cards, black candles, and ecstatic chanting.

All of these are carried out in a ritual worship whose purpose is to cast a spell on a person, harm him physically or mentally and undermine him. Most of the time, the goal is not necessarily to cause his death, but to harm him.

Black magic according to the Strageria

Strageria is an approach practiced by witches since the 14th-15th century.

In black magic according to the Strageria, the main goal is to cause erotic obsessions to the bewitched or to several people.

The rituals were held by a group of witches in forests or groves and included ecstatic rituals.

The black magic of the strageria is intended to erotically bind the bewitched to a woman or women (sometimes to the witches themselves), through dancing at night after midnight and the use of intoxicating plants and spices, stones, and amulets, while reciting the name of the bewitched and binding them mentally and sexually.

There is evidence of witchcraft among Jewish communities from the second century AD. Many of them are upgrades and adjustments to witchcraft practices that were common among the peoples among whom the Jews lived, but sometimes the differences were very fundamental.

Witchcraft in the different denominations

To remove spells and witchcraft according to Kabbalah, a mystic with deep and comprehensive knowledge and strict training is required. For years, Samuel Zohar Yanai has helped many to break the negative cycle and free themselves from the severe energy blockage that befell them.

Witchcraft in Babylonian Judaism

Among Iraqi Jews, witchcraft is very common. The main and most primitive practice was the use of the Sheva bowls.

This practice was adopted from the members of the Mandean religion, a monotheistic religion that developed during the 5th century. who recognized John the Baptist as the prophet of truth and combined Jewish and Islamic elements alongside Christian traditions.

The Mandean swearing bowls carried figures of demons and beside them texts for protection. The bowl was used to capture the breast to prevent it from causing harm such as death in the cradle or injury to the mother (used mainly for women giving birth for the first time). The custom was adopted by Babylonian Jews and is still used today. The texts on the bowls were written in Aramaic by a rabbi or mystic, though only sometimes Rarely by women.

Another well-known custom is the shersiya, or the removal of the evil eye using lead. The custom was apparently adopted from ancient tribes of the Arabian Peninsula during the conquest of Babylon by the Muslims.

During this ceremony, lead pellets are melted over a fire in a metal vessel which is carried over the person’s head while reciting the Tara blessing. The purpose of the process was to remove spells and, in addition, to locate the person who cast it. The magician would see a face in the molten lead and thus would identify the attacker.

Finally, the first-born ceremony, which is more Jewish in essence, is also common. It was developed in the Iraqi Jewish community and is common in many of the eastern communities.

In this process, a mixture of incense materials was created in a combination of stones and tree branches that was incensed in order to protect the person, in slaughter, his family and his livelihood. The incense was spread in all the rooms of the house while reciting protective prayers (except the bathrooms).

Witchcraft traditions in North Africa

The most well-known tradition in this area among Jews is black magic, a very dark and harmful spell.

The black is often meant to preserve the purity of the daughter by closing the luck and preventing infatuations. By combining oaths, incenses, the use of secretions and the weaving of cloths, the spell produced harmful effects.

The origin of witchcraft is Islamic and it is considered very dangerous. It may damage the health of the body and mind and even lead to suicides. Also, there is black meant for revenge. This is done by bewitching objects or giving cursed gifts, or placing cursed amulets in food pots or personal belongings.

A mystical protective object of great importance in North African traditions is the well-known Hamsa. Although originating in the Arabian Peninsula and early Islam, it mainly influenced both the Muslim and Jewish communities of North Africa.

The hamsa is a female palm, made of copper with a colored glass eye in the center (usually blue or green). The hamsa is blessed by its creator or the seller, who was usually a religious person. After that, it is blessed again and then it is hung in the doorway of the entrance to the house, usually above the door frame and in the middle. Different communities used to hang it on the top or bottom of the door. However, without the appropriate blessing, the hamsa may be used as a tool for absorbing energies and will actually absorb negative and destructive energies, therefore using it for witchcraft is dangerous.

Another common medium for spells in this area is the blue. This ancient processed material is made from a mineral ground with olive oil and olive pits.

Its original use was for makeup that emphasizes and beautifies a woman’s eyes. However, it was also used as a spell to protect hands and women from the evil eye, malice and jealousy. Although it originates from the mountains of Iran and Iraq, the kahal has gained popularity in North Africa and, like the hamsa, it too can absorb a distinct negative energy without wise use.

Get rid of black magic with an expert committed to you

This is your opportunity to enter into a process designed to release the negative energies standing in your way.

For years, Samuel Zohar Yanai applied a variety of unique methods to help those who turn to him to free themselves from black magic processes of all kinds and allow them to continue and move forward in their lives.

In a personalized process that affects all areas of life, Samuel will accompany you until you are able to get rid of black magic that befell you.
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